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"Oi! THE PRINT" Fanzine Issue No. # 33 (''One & only austrian drinking class zine!!!'')

Fanzine Issue No. # 33
(''One and only austrian drinking class zine!!!'')
Price: 2,50 Euro
(+ a great free compilation CD)
Okay, this is not the latest and so also not the still newest and current issue of this mighty fanzine from Austria run by Bomml. I've already reviewed the newest current issue of this zine last month and after this issue was also already released last summer I already then made clear that I desperately hope that Bomml will start working at a new "Oi! THE PRINT" zine issue finally again and you should also know by now that this very issue of the zine here is also quite a bit old already, spring 2011 or something like this it was published. But anyhow, after I just bought it this year in May (you know, fucked up 2011, if you now ask why) I will review it anyway and I also think that there should still be some copies of it floating around waiting to be finally sold one day laying in the stocks of some mailorder services, so you see, despite the pretty old age of this zine there are still enough reasons to review it up here anyway. On the cover there are MAJOR ACCIDENT live on stage to see and so you will find them also featured with a long and detailed interview on the pages of this issue and it's a great and brilliant interview that Bomml had done with this british Oi!/Streetpunk legends and more than worth the time to read through it all. Brilliant!!! Then also a double interview with Geralf of GLEICHLAUFSCHWANKUNG and "SAALE POWER RECORDS" as well as MI SAN DAO from China kicks off this whole issue, especially - beside the mentioned MI SAN DAO - about Oi! and Skinheads and Punks and Punkrock and Streetpunk in China and Asia,and it's very interesting and a grapping read. After this follows a phenomenal good done article special about Skinheads in Brazil in general and in Sao Paulo in particular, and that's really a fucking outshining good, interesting and incredible grapping read, thanks for this little big gem in here. Then a little retrospetion combined with a "What's currently now going on with the guys?" article about WARFARE respectively WARFARE 223 is featured, and that's very cool. This band was one of the best Skinhead and Oi! and later Oi!-ish melodic Hardcore bands from Germany of the last decade but so also maybe of all time of this styles of music and subculture done here in Germany as well, lyrically as well as musically and I also done a review of their final "FIERCE INTENTIONS" album released under the banner of WARFARE quite some time ago up here on this very blog, and it's really sad that this band because of pretty logical and justified reasons (especially what they say about the common total bullshit stupid Skinhead and Oi! scenery over here in Germany I can underline for more than 150%) went seperate ways back then, and I will make sure to check out the follow up bands of this band pretty soon in one way or another. Then a nice tour diary of VOLXSTURM comes, a nice and funny read for sure. Nothing special or so, but at least something funny, that's it. Then the next highlight comes off strong and big and pretty fascinating: Doug Dagger of THE GENERATORS and Kevin Cole of the TURBO A.C.'S, two ''Ex-Skinheads'' tell us about their short cropped days of youth in the early time and first golden era in American Oi! respectively U.S. Oi! and that's for sure just again a damn fucking bloody phenomenal read, like two grapping biographical road movies through the Skinhead days of the two sympathic guys, and it's bloody pure fucking damn platinum, thumbs up and cheers for it. Next ones are a pretty cool interview with the also pretty cool german Punkrockers in SUPERNICHTS and also JENNY WOO and her husband introduce us to their vinyl corner in the next part of the record collectors special series of "Oi! THE RINT FANZINE". Good stuff, both. Ater this we find the also above mentioned great MAJOR ACCIDENT with their also truly great interview. Nothing left to say about it, beside again thumbs up. Great!!! After this again the next little highlight is crashing right in, a special article about WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART and his decadent life he used to live. Great!!! Haha, this guy was pretty much through and through 100% Underground Rock & Roll Rebellion in its earliest form, haha;-)!!! Once again: Great!!! Then the as usual very good article about the very strong compilation CD and the bands featured on it comes next. Good stuff and a nice service for us the readers. Then a strong and interesting interview with AGENT BULLDOG from Sverige follows, but it's sad that they don't really say anything about them playing with fucked up WP/NS bands back then, simply not really answering to the questions dealing with this topic... But anyhow a great band and a damn good interview as well and truly for sure. Then the next outshining highlight comes with a long article about the fabtastic dog race of the almighty AMERICAN STAFFORD TERRIERS - AMSTAFFS - and the "PERKELE KENNEL" run by the "NO BOLLOX JUST Oi!" fanzine masterminds and this is a very good and strong affair, thanks for this one. More than great!!! THEN PERKELE are coming, and again this once great band is making themselves to a more and more ridiculous farce affair by their own hands respectively words. After they refused to call their music Oi! anymore and rearranging their Skinhead background today they even declare that ULTIMA THULE would have always been a through and through WP/NS band and had never been an influence for PERKELE and that they would have never been at concerts of this band. But I can remember very good older interviews with them in other zines where they displayed this all through and with their very own words very different... but the ''new breed'' will buy it them off anyhow... even they still make strong music this band becomes even more to nothing but a ridiculous farce, period. Bullshit talking nutjobs from Sweden, that's all. Can't believe what "COWARDS" this band used to turn into, it's really "SAD TO SEE" and where the hell is their "HEART FULL OF PRIDE" and if they still wave "THE YELLOW AND THE BLUE" after they stopped playing "WORKING CLASS REBEL ROCK & ROLL" and forgot btheir "STORIES FROM THE PAST" while the "VOICE OF ANGER" made silent... to say it with the words of some of their very own songs. But I guess so they sell pretty much better than even before and that matters most these days... Forget about it, forget about them, next up is another big highlight, a "DE GUADE OIDE ZEIT" titled special report about early Punk, New Wave and other Underground Music in the early 1980's in Austria in general and in Vienna in particular, and this article is really a great done work again, thumbs way up high for it, point and fact. Then a nice band introduction of SMART ATTITUDE follows as well as the tattoo special gets continued and this time with Ricky from VOGELFREI. Nice stuff, both. Beside this all we get nice introduction words, truckloads of reviews of albums and zines, nice Skingirl and Skinhead pictures by BRITTA OELSCHLÄGER (or something like this), and some promotion sides, and finished is a brilliant packed up full with truckloads of highlights issue of the very best zine hopefully still around these days. All is written in German and in great tonguing and also Bomml's sidekicks, Hinkel from VOLXSTURM and Melanie, done as usual damn good jobs. All coming wrapped in colored pages and beside this coming in professional yet very passionated black and white layouted pages, and on top of it also with a great free compilation CD. What shall I write here and now more, just try everything to still get this issue whileyou maybe still can and enjoy the ride, a great reading journey, period. I desperately hope finally for a new one to finally come out hopefully some soon day!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!

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