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"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue No. # 79 - Summer 2012; 3,50 Euro

Fanzine Issue No. # 79
(Summer 2012)
(Price: 3,50 Euro)
Yesterday announced, and already today here it comes, the review of the current issue of the long running german Punk Fanzine "PLASTIC BOMB". After the direct precursor issue totally convinced me (read the review of it, posted yesterday) I decided also to go and buy this issue, and with choosing the great German Punk legends of TOXOPLASMA for the slot of the title story and then delivering also a that damn great interview with them like the one featured here is just pure gold to start with right from the beginning. Great, and thumbs up!!! Btw, the cover motive of this issue is nothing else then the primarly planned cover for the new TOXOPLASMA album, just that you know it. Beside this in general the detailed and passionated long interviews really totally rule and are one sort of a characteristic pretty unique trademark of the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", and that's always a great thing. So my next highlight is the shining interview with the mighty AMEBIX and also the one with legendary and just great 7 SECONDS. Beside this also all the other interviews really rock and rule and are a huge pleasure to read through completly, and it doesn't matter if they are done with the today massively overhyped SLIME, a crap band like ALARMSTUFE GERD, or with the great gutter Punks of PESTFEST, or if it is the ''Mafia-themed'' interview with TALCO, or one with the punkrocking hipsters in THE BRIEFS, the football/soccer Punks of EMSCHERKURVE 77, with BABYLOVE AND THE VAN DANGOS, they all are great stuff, beside this all we get also a brilliant pro contra debate on German Punk (great!!!), a big load of varying and diverse done reviews on records, fanzines, books, concerts, vacation travels, soccer matches, and such stuff, good and interesting articles on politics, scene stuff and on a lot of AFA activities, a cool THE ITALIAN STALLION photography special, the totally ruling tales from the crypt (lol), cool columns, the as usual interesting and pretty great "GLOBAL PUNK" and "STANLEY HEAD'S SKA ECKE" specials get continued, humoristic thoughts an daily happenings, and then also big doses of news and concert dates and tour routes as well as some "PLATIC BOMB LABEL & MAILORDER" promotion. It's all done - again - really great, seems like the "PLASTIC BOMB" and I come together again, haha;-), all coming in a very cool chaotic Punk lay out, in great tongued german writing, and also coming again with a free promotion compilation CD (but as uual you can take this comp and put it direct in the chum bucket) and also this time this annoying AFA PC bullshit just comes in good consumable portions without blowing anything off, and that's also good to great. And yes, at the end of the day I really and truly ''somehow'' still prefer this bullshit AFA nutjobs before this mentally and intellectual and morally dead stupid WP/NS assholes. What shall I say more, a great read, again highly recommended by me to you.

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