Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue No. # 78

"PLASTIC BOMB" Fanzine Issue Number # 78
(Price: 3,50 Euro):
This is not the newest and so as well not the current issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", instead of this it is the direct precursor issue release of the current one, I know it, but after I will also do a review of the current one in the near and I think that of this very issue here there should be still some copies floating around somewhere and this was after some if not many years the first issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB" that I bought and read I will do a review of it anyhow here and now for you. I haven't read this very zine before this one issue here for a long, long while simply because I was fed up with their "We know the truth and own the only key to wisdom and we know how history goes and what is good for you all out there, so with us or against us!!!" AFA PC attitude and I also found less and less for me interesting content in the zine as well. So, okay, but then I discovered this very issue here and beside the brilliant and just great cover artwork of this issue I discovered interesting bands and so my attention was caught and so without a second thought I said fuck off or something like this to my "Should I buy or should I go?" thoughts and bought it. Back home it took me by storm. Okay, the above described attitude is still pretty annoying but not as much as back then, but maybe it's just me getting old, I'm not sure but anyhbow, that's also not so important after all. And anyhow, who cares, I mean, come on, seriously... ;-) We get a big bunch of all in all more or less pretty good columns, a nice pro and contra debate on band reunions, tales from the crypt, more or less well done politically charged AFA lifestyle and open political articles on social topics and government issues, a big bunh of records, zines, concerts and stuff like this, truckloads of scene news (with stupid RANCID bashing because their support of the armed forces - must be great to live in a simple cliché world of black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, but it must suck that then life and reality turn out to be something total different... but that's thankfully not my problem...), a introduction of an east-european vegan leftwinged AFA hostel via an interview, and then we get loads of detailed and interesting, very good done interviews. Even some bands totally aren't my bottle of beer I've read 'em all with much fun and interest, and that says a lot, because honestly you simply can't ask for more from an interview. We get an amazing NAPALM DEATH interview, a damn good WOLF x DOWN interview, the great CITIZENS PATROL answered good questions in a proper way, with the legendary "old" MOLOTOW SODA and the great "young" ABFUKK old and new damn good German Punk (yes, that's a true rarity, especially in days like ours) is featured in here, the semi-legendary but really good SCREAM delivered a good and pretty nice interview as well, the Old School Hardcore Punk hopefulls HYSTERESE know to convince with a strong interview, then also good to better interviews and introductions with respectively about NONSTOP STEREO and also the two necomer bands LIBERTY MADNESS and DIVINE SPARK come around the corner as well. All good to great done shit, thumbs up way high for this.  I think I should have missed out on nothing, so that's pretty much it, and all comes in a very nice cool and chaogtic lay out, all written in german and more or less in entertaining and grapping ood tonguing. What shall I say more, I highly recommend this issue of the "PLASTIC BOMB" to you, read it, enjoy it!!! The review of the current issue will follow soon, at least I do guess currently so. Cheers!!! (http://www.plastic-bomb.de/)

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