Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "HITS OF THE '50s" (Old School Rock & Roll and Rockabilly on "DEMON MUSIC" in 2012)

V.A. - "HITS OF THE '50s"
("Demon Music Group Limited"; CD):
I think you all know such compilation albums packed up full with what who ever compiling this albums thinks are the greatest hits of one certain decade, sometimes coming as big CD box sets, sometimes just as an solely CD album, and back in the days of for example the golden 1990's especially sold via promotion broadcasts on the TV, often at least at first sight for more or less good fair prices. This is a compilation CD pretty much of this kind that I discovered one or two maybe even already three months ago in the stocks of a local discounter for the very low price of only 1,99 Euro and after she saw that I was like "Yeahr, cool shit!!!" my girlfriend made it to a funny happy gift for me and since then this is one of the CD's that's very often the soundtrack to our roadtrips and other stuffs, because this is just a truly great compilation CD album. Like the title goes and tells the story this CD is packed up full with hits of the music of the glorious 1950's and that's - exactly - old school old tyme Rock & Roll and Rockabilly (or how you may like to name it) back out of the days when this kind of music was fresh and rebellious and authentic and just born, to say it that way, and just great, and it's totally filled with hits of this style and time that are all in all nicely compiled together. So we get for example THE CHAMPS with "TEQUILA", BILL HALEY & THE COMETS with "(WE'RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK", the almighty EDDIE COCHRAN with his immortal anthem "SUMMERTIME BLUES", the legendary LITTLE RICHARD with his larger than life hymn "TUTTI FRUTTI", "DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?" by BOBBY FREEMAN, "AT THE HOP" by DANNY AND THE JUNIORS, the mighty CHUCK BERRY with "SCHOOL DAYS", the beautiful "BLUEBERRY HILL" by the unforgotten FATS DOMINO, RITCHIE VALENS with his incredible great hit "LA BAMBA" and many more. Fourteen songs in all, from energetic rocking tracks to emotional ballads we get it all and everything in between, the complete package. The lyrics are great stuff, all in all hot music for times with cool drinks and even far hotter chicas. The production or recording sound is great, overworked but not made to some steril clean up to date mainstream crap, and the artwork is pretty cool even you should not expect anything too complete if you get what I want to say with this words. I highly recommend this compilation to you, so if you see it, then don't think twice but just buy it if you are at least only a little bit into let us call it Roots Rock music, traditional Rock & Roll and very early Rockabilly stuff. First class stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)

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