Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012


("Indie Recordings"; CD):
This is probably one of the biggest hype bands in the last years of today's Metal and Hard Rock music scenery, KVELERTAK from Norway. Over the last two years or so and especially in 2011 it was nearly impossible to get by without getting in contact with this band that should, so goes the legend, hold some HAGGIS guys in their ranks, don't know if that's true or not, but anyhow, with HAGGIS this band has nothing in common anyway. So, okay, I refused to join the hype and so I just bought it recently this year some months ago and also for only 2,50 Euro. Even I think anyone interested in it already knows this band but I want to say my stuff about it anyhow as well, but I'll keep it short. In short: Good stuff, for sure, but don't ask me why everyone is making such noise because of and around this band: They blend basically Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, 1970's Prog Heavy Rock and some Blues with brutal yet quite melodic Death/Black Metal and surely they remind me somehow quite a bit at ENTOMBED and what they started in the 1990's and should become known as Death'n'Roll, even KVELERTAK are for sure in no way a ripp off and developing the Death'n'Roll stuff also quite a big bit forward and make out of it their pretty own thing. All marked by heavy and massive, strong grooving guitars, stunning rhythm work and brutal angry vocals. Good stuff for sure, even in my book nothing too special anyhow, so you see, as usual, don't believe the hype. But if you like a good dose of hard music that's heavy rockin' and groovy rollin' then check them out anyway if you should still don't know them by now. The artwork and the production sound are brilliant, but after they sing in their own language - remember Norway - I have not a single clou of what they are singing about. Let us see what more will come by them in the future. (8 of 10 points)

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