Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

OVERKILL - "6 SONGS" (U.S. East Coast mad thrashing Metal back in 2012 on "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" and via "ROCK HARD MAGAZINE")

("Nuclear Blast Records" + "Rock Hard Magazine"; CD):
This is a free promo CD that came as a free garnish of one of the last issues of the greman Heavy Metal magazine of the name of "ROCK HARD" and it is an appetizer for the new OVERKILL album "THE ELECTRIC AGE" that was released recently this year via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" (and it seems like today all well reputated Metal bands are part of this label anyhow). Their new album I currently still don't have but at least this one here and so I now do the review of it anyhow anyway. After it's already pretty late and I am fucking tired I will keep this pretty short, just that you know about it and don't wonder about it anyway anyhow, not at least because OVERKILL always were one of the few Metal bands I more or less listened and still listen to pretty regulary for now twenty years or so on and they never became unattractive to me, surely a great band, period. Two new songs of the "THE ELECTRIC AGE" album we find here delivered to us for free, namely "ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE" and "WISH YOU WERE DEAD". Two damn fast and angry, brutal and heavy, yet also damn multi-layered and also outstanding grooving and high skilled evil and pissed off Thrash Metal killer songs in that typical OVERKILL style dominated by bonedry and sheer aggressive and pure brutal diverse and well-versed guitar work showcasing that unique and characteristic thrashing as well as rocking guitar riffing approach that is so typical for OVERKILL, that totally love/hate outstanding great lead vocals, a massive wall of bass and drum(s), and clever arranged and skilled grapping songwriting, carried out by really truly damn high skilled musicians; short and precise: Great!!! Then are coming four old or older but now live re-recorded songs, namely "GIVE A LITTLE", "BRING ME THE NIGHT", "DEATH RIDER" and "THE BEAST WITHIN", and that's just great shit that also brings a lot of good memories of OVERKILL live on stage infront of me back to my mind. Lyrics are good and that typical OVERKILL stuff, the artwork is really shining and the production as well as the recording sound is a pure bomb. Mission accomplished, this promo really makes curious about "THE ELECTRIC AGE". Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

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