Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE - "SONGS OF ILL HOPE AND DESPERATION" (The extreme of the extreme on "PROSTHETIC RECORDS", already released back in 2010)

("Prosthetic Records"; CD):
Here we have something damn extreme, the "SONGS OF ILL HOPE AND DESPERATION" full length album by the grinding madmen in CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE from Denver, Colorado/U.S.A. released already back then in 2010 via the well-known and highly reputated extreme music label of the name of "PROSTHETIC RECORDS". I discovered this album some months ago this very year in the stocks of the local record store for a very low and cheap price of just 2,50 Euro and remembered reading some interesting and promising reviews back then in the days concerning this very album here and so I refused to think twice and instead of doing so I just bought it recently. This band is pretty much one of the very most extreme bands I've listened to for a long, long while now. Brutal, heavy, hard? Of course. Fast? Oh yes, and this most of the time like a formula one racing car. But most of the time and first and foremost incredible extreme, point and fact. From the speed over the heavyness to the brutality over the rhythm work and the song architecture to the whole and over all approach of the songwriting as a whole and ending with the damn high skills of the involved musicians, period. They label themselves as Grindcore and this is something I can totally agree on even they do it all by far more diverse and really damn rich on variations. Taking what you might can call modern Grindcore like for example YOG and maybe very few NASUM as the foundament and enriching it all heavily with sick Sludge Core remniscences, sinister Crustcore and D-Beat influences, some few Doom Metal and Stoner Rock impressions, a sick and twisted ''jazzy'' but not ''mathy'' over all approach of the whole song material, melted together with psychotic Black Metal influences and distorted Death Metal marks, and cultivated by very few hysteric Hardcore notes, all done very organic with a lot of heart and soul and not like soulless ''in the studio lab'' constructed up to date ''Tech Death'' affair. The songs hit you down to the ground like a rusty spear in your head, spiking and infectiong your brain with a paranoid and schizophrenic sick psychotic virus taking all hope from you and leaving you broken and mindsick down on the ground but wanting to look and get up finally again somehow. You see, no music for the sunny days and happy moments in life, but stressful and demanding, challenging music for the moments when life hits you with a old dirty rusty sledgehammer hard and heavy down to the ground and you need to get up on your feet somehow again soon before the next hit hits you finally again. The lyrics are also a very psychotic and sick and twisted affair and exactly what you now may alreday expect to get from songs and lyrics with titles like for example and just to name some "I WALKED AWAY FROM THE HUMAN RACE", "THEY SMEARED SHIT ON THEIR SKIN SO THEY COULD BLEND IN AT NIGHT", "REMOVE THE LIGHT", "SHAT OUT MY BONES", "RECESSION", "PISS", or "BOUQUET OF SELF PITY", and it's really a fucking damn strong lyrical work, really apocalyptic stuff. And this brings us to the artwork of this album, apocalyptic and sick and sinister art - and I really mean art - that really caught my attention right from the very start. And the production sound is just a great dirty yet heavy affair. This is a truly and really damn good and surely interesting and fucking grapping as well as damn demanding album that you should have to know about if you are into really extreme music that gives a shit about stereotypical music clichés and such common values like hope and empathy, warmness and humaneness. Check it out, should be worth every second of doing so, trust me upon this. I hope for more to come!!! (9 of 10 points)

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