Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

SICK OF IT ALL - "NONSTOP" (NYHC Legends with their 25th anniversary album on "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS" in 2011 on CD plus DVD)

("Century Meida Records"; CD plus DVD):
So, this is it, all or both in one, finally the last of the 2011 releases that I need to review up here and also this is my absolutely favorite and unrivaled no. # 1 ranked album of 2011 and finally its review is coming up here. 2011 was a pretty if not very strong year when it's about albums that had been released, especially Hardcore and also all in beweteen such sytles like Crust, Grind, Sludge, Metal/Death Core and (more extreme) Metal in general really came off big again and managed to get back heavily in my focus (okay, Hardcore was always, is and will remain in the centre point of my focus, that's clear), and anyhow looking back at it at least musically it was a really good year. And this one here is the total top job done in 2011 and this by no one else than the almighty SICK OF IT ALL from the NY, legends of the HC. Hm, crappy writing, maybe, but I think you get what's behind of it;-). SICK OF IT ALL are fucking back, the kings of kings!!! In 2011 SOIA were around for 25 years and so they decided to celebrate this fact a little bit and this they've done with this very album here and for this 19 classics had been chosen by them (plus an great intro and an also damn great outro featuring the Rap/Hip Hop legend KRS-ONE - look for example here: and enjoy it, that was when Rap/Hip Hop was great and no trendy fancy hipster bullshit crap, period) and were complely re-recorded and SOIA really managed to make them totally even by far better, something not many bands know how to score with. SOIA cultivated this bunch of their old classics with a brandnew sharp and harsh, yet even far more anthemic edge and even all  songs cover a wide disatnce in/of the existence of SOIA (from their early beginnings up to "BUILT TO LAST") this very album here comes as a album standing for its own without any holes or lacks or breaks in it, a complete album of its own, just 100% thru and thru a soon to be classic SOIA and NYHC and HC in general album made out of old made new hymns and anthems of this titans. Driven forward by sharp and hard, heavy but yet catchy, melodic and hymnal guitar work, outstanding charismatic dry and mean and hard shouted lead vocals, a massive and bulky bully like bass, brutal stomping drumming, without too much crappy stereotypical Metal stuff and no bullshit Beatdown shit stuff in it, great influenced by Oi!/Streetpunk and Punkrock, and all pretty varying and damn rich on variations, done by skilled veteran musicians and delivered through great songwriting. Awesome!!! Some song titles for you? Okay, how sound "INJUSTICE SYSTEM", "SANCTUARY", "SCRATCH THE SURFCAE", "US VS. THEM", "JUST LOOK AROUND", "WORLD FULL OF HATE", "PUSHED TOO FAR", "G.I. JOE HEADSTOMP", "BUSTED", "MY LIFE", "RELENTLESS", and "BUILT TO LAST", just to name some, for you? Great, I know!!! On top of it we get a powerful and crsipy, yet warm and earthy production sound, a brilliant artwork, outstanding lyrics and a great band documentary DVD on top of it all. (But the DVD comes only as a part of the limited edition, just that you know about it here and now.) The complete package and surely 100% if not 150% pure platinum. My album of the year of 2011, I think you know the deal: You need to have it!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS - "UNITE AGAINST CANCER" (Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Hardcore and German Rock sampler/compilation on "LOVE-TO-HATE RECORDS" from Germany)

("Love-To-Hate Records"; CD):
First of all I really don't know when this compilation was released and also the label is beside this CD totally unknow to me. I bought it this march of the damn great THE SKATOONS and PLATZVERWEIS gig in Goslar City for 5,00 Euros or so and for all what I see the benefit that comes around is going totally in the hands of the german cancer hep foundation (or however we shall may call it). Anyhow a good thing. On this CD a lot of german Oi! and Streetpunk bands participate, as well as some good Hardcore and Punkrock and also some utter garbage German Rock crap is to be found on this very comp CD here. The quality is pretty mixed through and while some band totally rule other bands should have never been allowed to leave their rehearsal room to record and release something, very typical compilation affair, light and shadows, day and night are really close here... First class bands like VOLXSTURM (long running great German Oi!) and the GUMBLES (high quality Streetpunk, no doubt about it) as well as really topp bands like OLD NO. 7 (suprisingly good Oi!-ish Hardcore), SHOTGUN SHELL (Streetpunk fueled Hardcore eruptions), LAMMKOTZE (traditional German Oi!), PLATZVERWEIS (really strong going german Punkrock band) and partially also at least a little bit 110 PROZENT (shockingly okay to good German Rock) stay side by side with highly overrated acts like the boring Streetpunk band BARROOM HEROES, the today totally unnecessary former German Oi! veterans of the VERLORENE JUNGS, the terrible and totally overrated soccer/football hailing Streetpunks in EMSCHERKURVE 77 and the utter garbage crappy German Rock nutjobs of 4 AUSSER RAND UND BAND. Also lyric-wise light and shadows standing closely side by side. But like you may see, the moments of light and day are more in the end than the moments of shadows and night. So surely it's okay with and for me. A pretty good artwork is coming with it as well, and the production sound is more or less a through and through okay to good affair. The low price and the noble cause then speak for themselves at the end of the day. If you like to listen to Oi!, Streetpunk, Hardcore, Punkrock and some German Rock and you see this compilation then buy it and take it with you. Solid to good stuff for a low price with a righteous background, so it's all okay if not better, period. So, yes, that's it, nothing great or so but like i've written, if you see it just get it anyhow, and more I don't have to say right now. (7 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

JUNGLE TIGERS - "JUNGLE TIGERS 2005/2006" (Rockabilly from Germany as well as from Malaga, Spain; D.I.Y. release with the complete collections of recordings from 2005 and 2006)

("D.I.Y."; CD-R):
This is a nice little D.I.Y. demo recording and collection of the whole recorded works of this very band (in the years of 2005 and also 2006), the JUNGLE TIGERS. This band is already for quite a while active and existing now a days. This band came a long way and over the time of their existence they settled also down somewhere in Malaga, Spain where they regrouped themselves and started it new (for all what I remember), today for all what I know they are back in Germany and so the band is again to be located where they primarly used to come from before they moved down to Spain. I saw this band last autumn live in BS (= Braunschweig or Brunswick) and the concert was great, and no, not only because of the savage party and totally drunken madness my friends Johanna, Eva and Ossi and I used to have but also and first and foremost because of the fact that the JUNGLE TIGERS really celebrated a great live set and the crowd in the "Gearbox" in BS (= Braunschweig or Brunswick, again) really went totally nuts with singing, drinking and dancing all over the place. Amazing evening!!! There in my desperately drunken condition I used to talk to the guys in the band, and even I totally know nothing about it anymore (shame on me, I know) I still know that the guys were damn sympathic and really great and that they gave me this CD-R for free and thankfully I took it with me. So, yes, if you maybe read this, then finally again thanks guys!!! And what shall I say, this is great Rockabilly music, pretty traditional and old school but with a whole lot of fresh notes in it so that it all stays away from becoming some boring dull retro affair thing, and that's always good, so thumbs up for this for sure. Melodic and damn rockin' and even more rollin' guitar playing, a outstanding bass (no stand up bass bullshit, a real E-Bass ruling the scene, that's damn great of the JUNGLE TIGERS), nicely rumbling drumming, outshining and charismatic vocals, and great saxophone and harmonica playing as well. And in a through and through positive sense this album is really breathing the spirit of 1950's and 1960's Rockabilly and Rock & Roll music (as far as I can say this with being born in 1981) with a lot of Swing, Boogie and old school Rhythm'n'Blues in it. We get 17 songs in total, five more or less ''cover songs'', one of it "ACTION" as well as the awesome "KING KEROSIN" and the smooth "QUIT TEASIN' MY BABY" plus the feelingly "WAITIN' FOR SOMEONE LIE YOU" and the other one is then finally the great "ROLLIN' DOWN TO MEMPHIS", the songs cover a wide distance coming from emotional ballads going to cool dancing compatible swinging and rockin' Hot Rod rollers, and if it would not have been for some weaker songs on it they would have gotten also a better rating up here by me but also so as well this is a damn good album and you really need to check out hymns like "KING KEROSIN", "ROLLIN' DOWN TO MEMPHIS", "TIGER TWIST", "ROCKABILLY BOOGIE", "WILDEST CAT IN TOWN", "MY LITTLE SISTER'S GOTTA MOTORBIKE", "BOPPIN' HIGH SCHOOL BABY", "WILDEST CAT IN TOWN", "JUNGLE ROCK", "QUIT TEASIN' ME BABY", "APEMAN BOOGIE", and "TENNESSEE ROCK & ROLL", yeahr, and your feet will start automatically with excessive dancing. I don't know about any prices for this one or if there are still copies of it floating around, but maybe just write to the band and ask them about the currently mentioned subjects. They also wanted to record new songs that were planned to be released as a 7'' again by the band and this via the label "SLEAZY RECORDS" (based in Malaga, Spain, you see the connection) but I lost them somehow in the fucked up rough-and-tumble 2011 was somehow out of sight. I think I should finally get them back in sight again as soon as possible. The topics they sing about are the traditional Rockabilly stuff (even the lyrics in a printed form aren't part of this CD-R package), the artwork is just a photocopied paper sheet with the cover picture you can see above and with the tracklist, and the pencil written CD-R is wrapped in this paper sheet that's then plugged into a plastic sleeve, so no real artwork existing anyhow, but okay, then the production sound is very earthy and old school and so fits perfect to the music of the JUNGLE TIGERS. So, yes, all in all I can only honestly reccomend this band and album to you. Damn good stuff, nah, even better which means honestly really great stuff for sure. So check them and et it. Cheers!!! (9 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

EARTH CRISIS - "NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT" (Pioneers of militant and metallic Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore on "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS" in 2011)

("Century Media Records"; CD):
Another 2011 record that I simply failed to review so far, and after this my pile of albums of 2011 to review finally is nearly completly worked through and so there's just one album left. Okay, anyhow, back to this one here. The still current EARTH CRISIS (a band that always was very important for me) album and the second one after their great comeback some few years ago. Their comeback album was already a bomb, but what they've done here is even better. Don't give a fuck about all the negative reviews this one got back then, this is an amazing album, point and fact. (Okay, why should ya give a fuck about other reviews but hail this one here done by me, I can hear you think, but trust your good old boy Manslaughter Andy in this case, haha;-)!!!) Raw, brutal, militant and über-hard and ultra-heavy metallic Bulldozer like rolling Straight Edge Hardcore with a vegan edge to it, all done more than just well-versed and fucking multi-layered as hell and the songwriting is just great, the material is very strenouos and demanding, pretty complex stuff that really needs and wants to be discovered by you, great rhythm and pace and structure work, great, all done by damn skilled musicians. A album that you won't get in total by some few superficial listening sessions, a album which greatness you have to earn by intense listening and a album that's worth every second of listening to it again and again. Monster guitar work, a violent rhythm section and incredible intense and charismatic raw and brutal throaty screamed and shouted lead vocals. Great!!! On top of it a fantastic artwork, a great production sound and first class lyrics. A album that's also part of my top ten albums of 2011, just that you know it. Okay, even this review here is a very short one I think all is said with it, just one thing left to point out: An amazing album; so just damn fucking get it as soon as possible, if you still don't have it. Hardcore!!! Fist!!! (10 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

STOMPER 98 - "ANTISOCIAL" (***Video***)

Hey guys, now just a little 'Videos' posting for you. A little video clip (at least we will call it so) to a still pretty new song by still one of the very best still active german Oi! bands, the mighty STOMPER 98. From left to right and from the ''keep it true and exclusively closed for the shaven heads'' Oi! and Skinhead elitist scene hipsters to the ''all and everyone is welcomed in our peacefully united subcultural world'' self proclaimed oh so open minded sell out nutjobs, nah, forget this crap, also forget the hype everyone is making around and because of this band, fuck it, either you like the music or not, and that should be the bottom line and not this bullshit cheap talk affairs. And I really like the music very very much. Stop to talk the talk, instead of it rather walk the walk. Fuckin' damn good band and their song here, "ANTISOCIAL" (no, not a SKREWDRIVER cover song) rocks okay, yeahr!!! Enjoy it and then sleep well and good night!!! Cheers & Oi!


WARTHREAT - "RAW PUNK AND CHAOS NOISE" (Perth, Australia: Noise fueled crusty D-Beat Inferno on Tape as well as via an MP3-Download + Download Link)

("Doombringer Records" / "Live Fast, Die Drunk Records" / "Delusion Of Terror"; Tape & "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
I've already done a review of the precursor release of this sympathic band roaring their D-Beat Crust Inferno out from Perth, Australia and when I stumbled upon their new release while I was surfing through the web and on the tides of the amazing "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( I was pretty curious about it not at least because their mentioned erlier release was some pretty good shit. This stuff here is their tour tape from their South East Asia tour in spring 2012 and it is or was released in cooperation via the above mentioned labels and some distros may still have it in store. After we live in a globalized world where strict limitations of releases from bands and labels from one end of the world can be very hard to get at the other end of the world as well as in between if anyhow possible the band also decided to put it out and up this by the band itself via an authorized and provided officially MP3-Download link on the already above mentioned "CRUST DEMOS" blog from where you can get it if you are interested in it and the download link I will give you at the closing line of this very review here. When reviewing their precursor release I've critized that it was maybe a little bit too rough and raw, and what did they used to do? They rejected my direct order and delivered us here a even far more raw and rough noise inferno. How could they, haha;-)?!? This tape is giving you in around eight to nine minutes exactly what the title says: RAW PUNK & CHAOS NOISE, period!!! This is fast punky and crusty D-Beat full of distortions and reverbs, pounding and rumbling drums, distorted buzzing and sawing bass, reverb-distorted shredding loud, noisy and nasty guitars and sick and twisted throaty screamed and shouted lead vocals directly straight out of the abyss of hades. Also for total underground D-Beat, Crustcore and even Grindcore this is more than raw, from the music to the production/recording sound, and so maybe already ''just'' Noise Core or so. Everyone expecting good production values, anyone expecting proggy avantgarde music, you all better stay far, far away from WARTHREAT, they are nothing for you. But, what shall I say, I like it, really, they convinced me with this again, even this whole Noise Core, to say it this way, stuff isn't normally my bottle of whiskey, but this is an energetic awkward honest middlefinger to a sick and twisted distorted world and so exactly what this world deserves, and this is also what the good and also pretty dedicated lyrics and also the damn great artwork tell us. We get four original WARTHREAT songs, two brandnew ones and two already known ones, and a great cover of "CONQUEST" of DISCLOSE to end this inferno and DISCLOSE fans will be anyhow happy and left satisfied by WARTHREAT. If you like RAW PUNK & CHAOS NOISE then this will be exactly yours. (8 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 34

"Oi! THE PRINT" Fanzine Issue No. # 34
("One & only austrian drinking class fanzine")
Price: 2,50 Euro
(plus CD)
(Released in the summer of 2011and it is still the current newest issue of the zine and some copies of it are maybe still floating around here and there and so check some mailorders to get it if you should maybe still don't have it at home.)
Okay, here it is, the still current and newest issue of what is the by far best printed fanzine around these days. And I hope that Bomml (the guy who's doing and running the "Oi! THE PRINT" now since so many glorious years already) will keep it going. Like you see, this issue was already released back then by the summer of 2011 and there's still no new issue in sight or even already out or to be announced to come out soon and also the homepage and the facebook site of the "Oi! THE PRINT" is showing no new activities and Bomml had written me that due to private circumstances he have had no time to get a new issue settled together and that he's not quite sure if a new issue will ever see the light of the day one far or soon day. So, yes, damn it, I hope that Bomml will keep it going on!!! I think that there are still some certain copies of this issue should be floating around and so also I by myself just bought it at the beginning of this year and it was since the last issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" that I once reviewed up here the first issue that I bought again. Like I've already mentioned one or two times before: 2011 was a terrible year and latest by the middle of it it went all incredible fast and deep down the drain. But fuck it, now it's 2012 and things are getting better finally again. So, okay, last month or so I figured it out from where to get also the precursor issue to this one and bought it as well. Also of this issue no. # 33 a review will come up in the I think so more or less near future of this blog, just that it may not confuse you if you see it then and think about the not correct posting row, if you get what I mean. Now enough of the general information small talk and straight into this very issue here. Bomml and his two sidekmicks Hinkel (the VOLXSTURM guy) and Melanie settled again a damn great issue together, packed up full with great interviews and/or band(hi)storys with the Soul youngsters from Spain of AL SUPERSONIC & THE TEENAGERS (very sympathic band and the interview made me damn cuious about them), the MARTEN'S ARMY (good and detailed interview, and maybe at least some guys a.k.a. stupid fucks over here in Germany will stop witch-hunting this band), the almighty COCK SPARRER (awesome band as well as interview with them), TOXPACK (good band with a great interview as well for sure and it's pretty cool and damn okay that they distance themselves pretty straight and clear from this German Rock crap, but why the fuck they then participate in this terrible compilation album with the title "NEW GERMAN ROCK" that was released one or two months ago in 2012 now a days... sell out affairs or what...), the new overly hyped Oi! Oi! Oi! darlings from out of the U.S. named THE OLD FIRM CASUALS (but with the interview Bomml did a great job as usual, even I still don't get this fucking hype that's made around and because of this band from the pro to the contra side of things), SLEDGEBACK (interesting interview with this multi-cultural Streetpunk band from the States), with THE JONS (the band of some sons of the guys in COCK SPARRER, nice interview but the band itself isn't something for me, but that's also not the matter), OPERATION SEMTEX (bullshit band, nothing left to say about it/them), JOHNNY WOLGA (good interview with an for me uninteresting band). Then we also get a great introduction of the amazing "Oi! THE BOAT RECORDS" label, a tribute to the almighty legendary DORIAN YATES (Skinhead, Bodybuilder, Legend!!!), some pornographic short story stuff, the usual psycho killer story (this time linked with a movie review of the film "ANGST" which is to be translated with "FEAR" if you want to translate it literally), and the great record collector column (this time starring the BOVVER BOYS) and the aöways pretty cool tattoo column (this time with Lars Frederiksen/THE OLD FIRM CASUALS and Roger Miret/AGNOSTIC FRONT), great introduction words and a big bunch of reviews of records and zines and such stuff on top of it to make it all round. You see, a big if not also great package of great music and other topics that you really should have to read if you still don't have it. It's all written completly in german and in damn great grapping and funny tonguing, coming in a first class black and white lay out (with a coloured front and back cover), not too much promotion nonsense (instead only some very few promotional stuff), a damn great compilation CD and if you are interested in several forms of Oi!, (Street-) Punk(rock), and other forms of short haired as well as mohawked music and if you then miss this piece of music fanzine literature then you miss something incredible great and damn necessary, point and fact. Awesome zine, period!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi!

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

EM 2012: Forever England

Hey folks!!! After I was always (and still I am) a very big England fan and this also when it's about soccer/football (and this as a german) I'm currently pretty excited to see the ''Three Lions" marching on straight into the quarter finals of the EM tournament of 2012, at least that's how it currently looks like after Wayne Rooney scored and put England into the lead against the Ukraine. The match goes on but for now just let us celebrate it a little bit with this very post here. You get, to celebrate it in a proper way and manner, a larger than life anthem of one of the best bands ever in general and one of the best bands ever from England in particular and don't wonder that now comes not a typical Oi! or Streetpunk or Punkrock or what ever band you now may have already expected, nah, I prefer something different. And the band and the song and the live version that is played of it are nothing else and nothing less than phenomenal. Here we go, and yes, forever England baby!!!



("Longshot Music" & "Contra Records"; 7''):
Okay, it's really about time to take some time of and put some work and effort finally in this here again. Starting this off with a record review of this very fine 7'' vinyl here; it was released at the beginning of 2012 and I bought it back then recently. Now thinking about it I come to the conclusion that I should really take care of putting stuff up far more quick up here because: WTF, a half year used to pass me by before I review this little gem up here? Damn it! Okay, anyhow, back to the topic. This is a four way split that features four leading American Oi! or U.S. Oi! bands of today, namely NOi!SE, RAZORS IN THE NIGHT, THE BROADSIDERS and the before this 7'' to me totally unknown SYDNEY DUCKS. And, okay, it came out by the beginning of this year, like I've said I bought it recently, and it was clear to me that this is already a top ten album of 2012, period. And also it showed and still shows that the U.S. American Oi! scene still offers the most and the best quality in leading Oi! Oi! Oi! music worldwide, period. Skilled, ''special'' and ''gifted'' thru and thru. The a side of this record kicks off with the almighty NOi!SE from Seattle and their anthem "IDLE ACTION". Lyrically a strong slasher against self-proclaimed pro working class and against exploitation activists that know nothing about the Working Class lifestyle and Blue Collar mentality from left to right. Musically they play their typical very stand-alone and unique catchy and anthemic and sing a long friendly melodic yet very hard and energetic Oi! style between Melodic Westcoast Punk, fresh Punkrock and good ''old'' American Oi! tunes, all done very fresh and on an incredible high level of the standard of the quality of the music. What a brilliant band. They are followed up by no one else than the massive and bulky monster from Boston, MA called RAZORS IN THE NIGHT. Did they blend American Oi! with bully fresh yet nicely pretty old schoolish NY and Boston Hardcore already before then they surely reach new heights with their here featured anthem "FRUSTRATION", a furious raging unleashed storm of Oi! fueled Hardcore without any Metal stuff in it, but marked by heavy storming guitars, sawing buzz and storming drums, charismatic vocals and beefy back ups and by great changes of pace, rhythm and structure, damn it, amazing, and pretty demanding stuff. Awesome!!! Also great lyrics, hailing the Skinhead Way of Life and living a self-contained life and showing the stiff middle finger to the rest. Thumbs up!!! Then it's time to turn the sides and side b is kicking off with my total favorites, with no one else than the masterpiece band of the name of THE BROADSIDERS from Dallas, Texas. Heavily by the multi-layered and strongly diverse high skilled guitar work and the outstanding charismatic lead vocals and the mighty refrains marked American Oi! mixed with Southern Rock, some Country, Blues and Rock & Roll from Dallas, Texas/U.S.A. and their song "THE GOOD MEN DO" again is pure platinum, point and fact. Great songwriting, intense, grapping, interesting and nicely supriseful, also amazing musicianship and great lyrics on top of it. THE BROADSIDERS are a phenomenal band and this they do proove also here. Amazing!!! Then comes the final band and the biggest suprise fo me, the SYDNEY DUCKS from somewhere near San Francisco or so (the bandname goes back to a ''nickname'' that was given at the U.S. Westcoast and first and foremost around San Francisco to immigrants from Australia) with their larger than life anhem "BRANNAN'S FALL", dealing with a certain chapter in the history of America and the U.S.A. and being a little bit cynical and pretty critical on religion and such stuff. The music is great; Garage, Mod and Punk induced American U.S. Oi! marked by great and damn significant melodic yet pretty stoic heavy working guitars, a brilliant sawing and buzzing bass, pounding drums and almighty lead vocals, great catchy songwriting on top of it, anthemic as fuck. Four brilliant bands and songs on this one and the SYDNEY DUCKS turned out to be my personal favorites on this one, what a great and amazing suprise. Phenomenal!!! The artwork of this 7'' got a great look and is also featured here as a nice big poster (hanging already over my stereo, yeahr, tht's right), the production sound is through and through pure gold and the mighty 7'' comes in cool blue vinyl. Through and through great lyrics also on top of it, delivered by every band. This is a phenomenal piece of music, nothing left to say but: Get it!!! Buy it!!! This is your duty, point and fact. And trust me when I say, that this is and will be one of the top ten albums released in 2012. Awesome!!! And btw, this 7'' is also a very good proof that American/U.S. Oi! has by far more to offer than the overly hyped bullshit OLD FIRM CASUALS, your favorite U.S. Oi! casting band of today. Don't look there if you are looking for great and fresh and mighty American/U.S. Oi! of today, look better at different places and maybe you should start here. Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
A little appetizer is now coming in for you, enjoy it...:


Montag, 18. Juni 2012

REBEL SON - "REDNECK PIECE OF WHITE TRASH" (Live on stage!!!) (***Video***)

Okay, just a little 'Videos' posting today (at least I currently don't think so that more will be coming this night) just to breath some more life again into the rotten lungs of this very blog and it's a live song of a great band that I thankfully discovered for me over the last two or three years, the mighty REBEL SON and they are playing their anthem "REDNECK PIECE OF WHITE TRASH" and this live on stage (if I did choose the correct video, haha;-)...) and you get from this roughnecks exactly what you now may already expect: Rockabilly, Country, Honky Tonk and Blues inflenced Rock & Roll from the Confederacy full of Blue Collar attitude and the Working Class lifestyle, sympathic and authentic Redneck Rock & Roll at its very best. I love this band, great music, great lyrics, cool message, yeahr, so now maybe just you enjoy it. Cheers!!!


Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

PREUSSAK - "WE WALKED IN LINE" (***Video*** plus some general informations for you)

Hey folks, I know I'm pretty lazy this month and this even while a lot of stuff is waiting here to come finally up. But currently I have a lot of stuff to do at work and while a lot of examinations of my pupils are waiting to be controlled by me this needs to come first and also we should not forget that I am a passionate football/soccer fan and you all should know what's currently taking place in the east of europe and what's currently coming as well as the working schedule duties first before new postings up here. I'm a little bit sorry because of this, truly, but I think we all need to get used to it these days, haha;-). Hopfully sometime around this now up coming next week or the then following next one this will change and more will be coming up again even this month (next month things will be heated up again), finally coming up again. Untill then now just a video clip is coming, and this time finally something different again, heavy ''technoid'' EBM musick by the german project of the name of PREUSSAK (a side project of VON THRONSTAHL) and this via their amazing cover of the infamous JOY DIVISION classic "WE WALKED IN LINE". Something different, something controversial (or however you may like to call it), but something great, anyhow, anyway. If you like to then enjoy it, if not then choose a post dealing with more guitar dominated music or something else up here and enjoy this one. But maybe give this stuff here a try? I mean, it won't hurt ya somehow, so why not, right? Good night and soon (or so) more again!!!


Freitag, 8. Juni 2012


("Elite Film AG"; DVD /2DVD):
Okay, alreay released (at least here in Germoney and this on DVD) back then in 2008 (but otherwise I think even already in 2007) I was back then incredible curious about this one for a lot of many reasons and I bought it pretty recently back in the days and this even as the limited (?) version with a second ''The Extras'' Bonus DVD and I wanted finally to do a review of it already some time around 2010 (when I started this blog and when I decided to do reviews of movies up here as well as all the other stuff I do and that you can find up here) but latest in 2011 (like it seemed to turned out to be) but then 2011 fucking happened and so it's just now and today coming up and also the first movie review up here for a year or so. In the meantime a big bunch of more or less new movies piled up here waiting to be reviewed and so more is in the pipeline to come in the future. Anyhow, back from the music of the future to the topic of today, the review of "FOOTSOLDIER" or "THE RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER", one hell of an awesome and a surely almighty movie and one of my personal all-time favorite movies ever, period. Okay, even I think that most of you out there today maybe already know all about this movie I'm trying to keep it more or less at least a little bit short this time, but like you all may already get this does have nothing to do with my personal opinion about this movie and how great I think it is, just that you know it.
This movie is the filmed life time story of Carlton Leach, and it's a very unsparing and honest, drastically narration of his life story from the 1970's to the 1990's and the infamous ''Essex murders'', and this movie tells the lifestory in or of this period. From the mid of the 1970's on Carlton Leach and his mates of the legendary "ICF" (the "INTER CITY FIRM"), a well-known and feared and respected Hooligan firm of "West Ham United", are ruling the Hooligan and Football Thug scenery in the UK. Due to his violent activity he is soon making his way up high through the ranks of the firm and becomes very well known and high reputated due to this. The imagery and the plot and its displaying are damn realistic, ultra violent and fucking bloody but also without creating martyrs or so (in contrast to other famous Hooligan movies of the last decade) just showing what's the score and this scenes also show how nearly psychopatic it all became back then what should also cause Carlton Leach to quit with Hooliganism. Also this part shows what negative effects this lifestyle used to hav on the private life of Carlton Leah back then. Already while still being a Hooligan he started to work as a bouncer to make some money out of his business: Violence!!!
After this he became big in the business of being a Bouncer, not fucking around with anyone and kicking every scumbag who's out to cause what kind of trouble heavy into the ass and stomp this scum deep down into the ground. Due to his reliability he made himself a name very quick and while during this phase now finally his first marriage went down the drain he started pumping iron and built himself a new crew or firm of guys out of his gym or respectively as well as out of his former Hooligan firm and started to make some good rounds of money out of it all. He and his crew were also recruited for special offers like cashing in money, punishing thiefs and doing the event security. When doing the event security at the first Rave parties at the end of the 1980's he got in contact with the then famous designer drugs of that secenery and while gotten married for the second time he also jumped into the businnes of dealing drugs. Violence was business and crime a way of life, you might can say. Also in this time he became best friends with Tony Tucker who gets him in contact with steroid and harder drugs as well as helping him to organize his crew and business to work far more efficient and effective. It all works out pretty good, beside some private trouble, until some of his crew started working on their own bill for and with the turkish mafia and smuggling and dealing with heroin. Abig deal fails and a lot heroin of the turks got stolen and then things went black... culminating in the torture of the mentioned guys and the suicide of his best friends. Tony Tucker then saves Carlton Leach from going out on revenge on the turks and to swallow down his hate and anger and pain.
After this the focus las more and more on Tony Tucker and the then from prison returned Pat Tate, and while it seems like Carlton Leach is cutting slowly his criminal business involvement down Tucker and Pate becoming the leaders of the crew and the business affairs and some of the biggest drug dealers and criminal thugs and murderers of their time, as well as by theirselves heavy drug addicts. They more and more totally loose ground and Carlton more and more doubts what they are doing and this is also the reason why he refuses to join their ranks in what should have become their biggest deal and resulted in the brutal murder of Tucker and Tate. After this Carlton quits with the world of the organized crime and this is when this movie ends.
This is a short description of the plot andthe protagonists of this movie, the pictures and the filming are great and create a intense atmosphere, and this movie is a drastic and damn honest piece of cinema. and it's incredible intense and brutal, coming also through and through with great music, great acting and dialogues. Anyhow, even I think this review somehow truly is too short I don't know what I should write more, just you get it, and if you ask me, this is one of the very, very best movies ever made. Awesome!!! Cheers & Oi!
(10 of 10 points --- maybe Ishould rate it even better with 10+ of 10 points or so)
(Somehow Blogger refuses to carry out my command to upload a video snippet of this very movie here, we will see if thi maybe changes again and then I will also upload it later, sorry for now.)