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"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 34

"Oi! THE PRINT" Fanzine Issue No. # 34
("One & only austrian drinking class fanzine")
Price: 2,50 Euro
(plus CD)
(Released in the summer of 2011and it is still the current newest issue of the zine and some copies of it are maybe still floating around here and there and so check some mailorders to get it if you should maybe still don't have it at home.)
Okay, here it is, the still current and newest issue of what is the by far best printed fanzine around these days. And I hope that Bomml (the guy who's doing and running the "Oi! THE PRINT" now since so many glorious years already) will keep it going. Like you see, this issue was already released back then by the summer of 2011 and there's still no new issue in sight or even already out or to be announced to come out soon and also the homepage and the facebook site of the "Oi! THE PRINT" is showing no new activities and Bomml had written me that due to private circumstances he have had no time to get a new issue settled together and that he's not quite sure if a new issue will ever see the light of the day one far or soon day. So, yes, damn it, I hope that Bomml will keep it going on!!! I think that there are still some certain copies of this issue should be floating around and so also I by myself just bought it at the beginning of this year and it was since the last issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" that I once reviewed up here the first issue that I bought again. Like I've already mentioned one or two times before: 2011 was a terrible year and latest by the middle of it it went all incredible fast and deep down the drain. But fuck it, now it's 2012 and things are getting better finally again. So, okay, last month or so I figured it out from where to get also the precursor issue to this one and bought it as well. Also of this issue no. # 33 a review will come up in the I think so more or less near future of this blog, just that it may not confuse you if you see it then and think about the not correct posting row, if you get what I mean. Now enough of the general information small talk and straight into this very issue here. Bomml and his two sidekmicks Hinkel (the VOLXSTURM guy) and Melanie settled again a damn great issue together, packed up full with great interviews and/or band(hi)storys with the Soul youngsters from Spain of AL SUPERSONIC & THE TEENAGERS (very sympathic band and the interview made me damn cuious about them), the MARTEN'S ARMY (good and detailed interview, and maybe at least some guys a.k.a. stupid fucks over here in Germany will stop witch-hunting this band), the almighty COCK SPARRER (awesome band as well as interview with them), TOXPACK (good band with a great interview as well for sure and it's pretty cool and damn okay that they distance themselves pretty straight and clear from this German Rock crap, but why the fuck they then participate in this terrible compilation album with the title "NEW GERMAN ROCK" that was released one or two months ago in 2012 now a days... sell out affairs or what...), the new overly hyped Oi! Oi! Oi! darlings from out of the U.S. named THE OLD FIRM CASUALS (but with the interview Bomml did a great job as usual, even I still don't get this fucking hype that's made around and because of this band from the pro to the contra side of things), SLEDGEBACK (interesting interview with this multi-cultural Streetpunk band from the States), with THE JONS (the band of some sons of the guys in COCK SPARRER, nice interview but the band itself isn't something for me, but that's also not the matter), OPERATION SEMTEX (bullshit band, nothing left to say about it/them), JOHNNY WOLGA (good interview with an for me uninteresting band). Then we also get a great introduction of the amazing "Oi! THE BOAT RECORDS" label, a tribute to the almighty legendary DORIAN YATES (Skinhead, Bodybuilder, Legend!!!), some pornographic short story stuff, the usual psycho killer story (this time linked with a movie review of the film "ANGST" which is to be translated with "FEAR" if you want to translate it literally), and the great record collector column (this time starring the BOVVER BOYS) and the aöways pretty cool tattoo column (this time with Lars Frederiksen/THE OLD FIRM CASUALS and Roger Miret/AGNOSTIC FRONT), great introduction words and a big bunch of reviews of records and zines and such stuff on top of it to make it all round. You see, a big if not also great package of great music and other topics that you really should have to read if you still don't have it. It's all written completly in german and in damn great grapping and funny tonguing, coming in a first class black and white lay out (with a coloured front and back cover), not too much promotion nonsense (instead only some very few promotional stuff), a damn great compilation CD and if you are interested in several forms of Oi!, (Street-) Punk(rock), and other forms of short haired as well as mohawked music and if you then miss this piece of music fanzine literature then you miss something incredible great and damn necessary, point and fact. Awesome zine, period!!! Get it!!! Cheers & Oi!

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