Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

WARTHREAT - "RAW PUNK AND CHAOS NOISE" (Perth, Australia: Noise fueled crusty D-Beat Inferno on Tape as well as via an MP3-Download + Download Link)

("Doombringer Records" / "Live Fast, Die Drunk Records" / "Delusion Of Terror"; Tape & "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
I've already done a review of the precursor release of this sympathic band roaring their D-Beat Crust Inferno out from Perth, Australia and when I stumbled upon their new release while I was surfing through the web and on the tides of the amazing "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( I was pretty curious about it not at least because their mentioned erlier release was some pretty good shit. This stuff here is their tour tape from their South East Asia tour in spring 2012 and it is or was released in cooperation via the above mentioned labels and some distros may still have it in store. After we live in a globalized world where strict limitations of releases from bands and labels from one end of the world can be very hard to get at the other end of the world as well as in between if anyhow possible the band also decided to put it out and up this by the band itself via an authorized and provided officially MP3-Download link on the already above mentioned "CRUST DEMOS" blog from where you can get it if you are interested in it and the download link I will give you at the closing line of this very review here. When reviewing their precursor release I've critized that it was maybe a little bit too rough and raw, and what did they used to do? They rejected my direct order and delivered us here a even far more raw and rough noise inferno. How could they, haha;-)?!? This tape is giving you in around eight to nine minutes exactly what the title says: RAW PUNK & CHAOS NOISE, period!!! This is fast punky and crusty D-Beat full of distortions and reverbs, pounding and rumbling drums, distorted buzzing and sawing bass, reverb-distorted shredding loud, noisy and nasty guitars and sick and twisted throaty screamed and shouted lead vocals directly straight out of the abyss of hades. Also for total underground D-Beat, Crustcore and even Grindcore this is more than raw, from the music to the production/recording sound, and so maybe already ''just'' Noise Core or so. Everyone expecting good production values, anyone expecting proggy avantgarde music, you all better stay far, far away from WARTHREAT, they are nothing for you. But, what shall I say, I like it, really, they convinced me with this again, even this whole Noise Core, to say it this way, stuff isn't normally my bottle of whiskey, but this is an energetic awkward honest middlefinger to a sick and twisted distorted world and so exactly what this world deserves, and this is also what the good and also pretty dedicated lyrics and also the damn great artwork tell us. We get four original WARTHREAT songs, two brandnew ones and two already known ones, and a great cover of "CONQUEST" of DISCLOSE to end this inferno and DISCLOSE fans will be anyhow happy and left satisfied by WARTHREAT. If you like RAW PUNK & CHAOS NOISE then this will be exactly yours. (8 of 10 points)

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