Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

PREUSSAK - "WE WALKED IN LINE" (***Video*** plus some general informations for you)

Hey folks, I know I'm pretty lazy this month and this even while a lot of stuff is waiting here to come finally up. But currently I have a lot of stuff to do at work and while a lot of examinations of my pupils are waiting to be controlled by me this needs to come first and also we should not forget that I am a passionate football/soccer fan and you all should know what's currently taking place in the east of europe and what's currently coming as well as the working schedule duties first before new postings up here. I'm a little bit sorry because of this, truly, but I think we all need to get used to it these days, haha;-). Hopfully sometime around this now up coming next week or the then following next one this will change and more will be coming up again even this month (next month things will be heated up again), finally coming up again. Untill then now just a video clip is coming, and this time finally something different again, heavy ''technoid'' EBM musick by the german project of the name of PREUSSAK (a side project of VON THRONSTAHL) and this via their amazing cover of the infamous JOY DIVISION classic "WE WALKED IN LINE". Something different, something controversial (or however you may like to call it), but something great, anyhow, anyway. If you like to then enjoy it, if not then choose a post dealing with more guitar dominated music or something else up here and enjoy this one. But maybe give this stuff here a try? I mean, it won't hurt ya somehow, so why not, right? Good night and soon (or so) more again!!!


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