Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

SICK OF IT ALL - "NONSTOP" (NYHC Legends with their 25th anniversary album on "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS" in 2011 on CD plus DVD)

("Century Meida Records"; CD plus DVD):
So, this is it, all or both in one, finally the last of the 2011 releases that I need to review up here and also this is my absolutely favorite and unrivaled no. # 1 ranked album of 2011 and finally its review is coming up here. 2011 was a pretty if not very strong year when it's about albums that had been released, especially Hardcore and also all in beweteen such sytles like Crust, Grind, Sludge, Metal/Death Core and (more extreme) Metal in general really came off big again and managed to get back heavily in my focus (okay, Hardcore was always, is and will remain in the centre point of my focus, that's clear), and anyhow looking back at it at least musically it was a really good year. And this one here is the total top job done in 2011 and this by no one else than the almighty SICK OF IT ALL from the NY, legends of the HC. Hm, crappy writing, maybe, but I think you get what's behind of it;-). SICK OF IT ALL are fucking back, the kings of kings!!! In 2011 SOIA were around for 25 years and so they decided to celebrate this fact a little bit and this they've done with this very album here and for this 19 classics had been chosen by them (plus an great intro and an also damn great outro featuring the Rap/Hip Hop legend KRS-ONE - look for example here: and enjoy it, that was when Rap/Hip Hop was great and no trendy fancy hipster bullshit crap, period) and were complely re-recorded and SOIA really managed to make them totally even by far better, something not many bands know how to score with. SOIA cultivated this bunch of their old classics with a brandnew sharp and harsh, yet even far more anthemic edge and even all  songs cover a wide disatnce in/of the existence of SOIA (from their early beginnings up to "BUILT TO LAST") this very album here comes as a album standing for its own without any holes or lacks or breaks in it, a complete album of its own, just 100% thru and thru a soon to be classic SOIA and NYHC and HC in general album made out of old made new hymns and anthems of this titans. Driven forward by sharp and hard, heavy but yet catchy, melodic and hymnal guitar work, outstanding charismatic dry and mean and hard shouted lead vocals, a massive and bulky bully like bass, brutal stomping drumming, without too much crappy stereotypical Metal stuff and no bullshit Beatdown shit stuff in it, great influenced by Oi!/Streetpunk and Punkrock, and all pretty varying and damn rich on variations, done by skilled veteran musicians and delivered through great songwriting. Awesome!!! Some song titles for you? Okay, how sound "INJUSTICE SYSTEM", "SANCTUARY", "SCRATCH THE SURFCAE", "US VS. THEM", "JUST LOOK AROUND", "WORLD FULL OF HATE", "PUSHED TOO FAR", "G.I. JOE HEADSTOMP", "BUSTED", "MY LIFE", "RELENTLESS", and "BUILT TO LAST", just to name some, for you? Great, I know!!! On top of it we get a powerful and crsipy, yet warm and earthy production sound, a brilliant artwork, outstanding lyrics and a great band documentary DVD on top of it all. (But the DVD comes only as a part of the limited edition, just that you know about it here and now.) The complete package and surely 100% if not 150% pure platinum. My album of the year of 2011, I think you know the deal: You need to have it!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

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