Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

EM 2012: Forever England

Hey folks!!! After I was always (and still I am) a very big England fan and this also when it's about soccer/football (and this as a german) I'm currently pretty excited to see the ''Three Lions" marching on straight into the quarter finals of the EM tournament of 2012, at least that's how it currently looks like after Wayne Rooney scored and put England into the lead against the Ukraine. The match goes on but for now just let us celebrate it a little bit with this very post here. You get, to celebrate it in a proper way and manner, a larger than life anthem of one of the best bands ever in general and one of the best bands ever from England in particular and don't wonder that now comes not a typical Oi! or Streetpunk or Punkrock or what ever band you now may have already expected, nah, I prefer something different. And the band and the song and the live version that is played of it are nothing else and nothing less than phenomenal. Here we go, and yes, forever England baby!!!


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