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("Elite Film AG"; DVD /2DVD):
Okay, alreay released (at least here in Germoney and this on DVD) back then in 2008 (but otherwise I think even already in 2007) I was back then incredible curious about this one for a lot of many reasons and I bought it pretty recently back in the days and this even as the limited (?) version with a second ''The Extras'' Bonus DVD and I wanted finally to do a review of it already some time around 2010 (when I started this blog and when I decided to do reviews of movies up here as well as all the other stuff I do and that you can find up here) but latest in 2011 (like it seemed to turned out to be) but then 2011 fucking happened and so it's just now and today coming up and also the first movie review up here for a year or so. In the meantime a big bunch of more or less new movies piled up here waiting to be reviewed and so more is in the pipeline to come in the future. Anyhow, back from the music of the future to the topic of today, the review of "FOOTSOLDIER" or "THE RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER", one hell of an awesome and a surely almighty movie and one of my personal all-time favorite movies ever, period. Okay, even I think that most of you out there today maybe already know all about this movie I'm trying to keep it more or less at least a little bit short this time, but like you all may already get this does have nothing to do with my personal opinion about this movie and how great I think it is, just that you know it.
This movie is the filmed life time story of Carlton Leach, and it's a very unsparing and honest, drastically narration of his life story from the 1970's to the 1990's and the infamous ''Essex murders'', and this movie tells the lifestory in or of this period. From the mid of the 1970's on Carlton Leach and his mates of the legendary "ICF" (the "INTER CITY FIRM"), a well-known and feared and respected Hooligan firm of "West Ham United", are ruling the Hooligan and Football Thug scenery in the UK. Due to his violent activity he is soon making his way up high through the ranks of the firm and becomes very well known and high reputated due to this. The imagery and the plot and its displaying are damn realistic, ultra violent and fucking bloody but also without creating martyrs or so (in contrast to other famous Hooligan movies of the last decade) just showing what's the score and this scenes also show how nearly psychopatic it all became back then what should also cause Carlton Leach to quit with Hooliganism. Also this part shows what negative effects this lifestyle used to hav on the private life of Carlton Leah back then. Already while still being a Hooligan he started to work as a bouncer to make some money out of his business: Violence!!!
After this he became big in the business of being a Bouncer, not fucking around with anyone and kicking every scumbag who's out to cause what kind of trouble heavy into the ass and stomp this scum deep down into the ground. Due to his reliability he made himself a name very quick and while during this phase now finally his first marriage went down the drain he started pumping iron and built himself a new crew or firm of guys out of his gym or respectively as well as out of his former Hooligan firm and started to make some good rounds of money out of it all. He and his crew were also recruited for special offers like cashing in money, punishing thiefs and doing the event security. When doing the event security at the first Rave parties at the end of the 1980's he got in contact with the then famous designer drugs of that secenery and while gotten married for the second time he also jumped into the businnes of dealing drugs. Violence was business and crime a way of life, you might can say. Also in this time he became best friends with Tony Tucker who gets him in contact with steroid and harder drugs as well as helping him to organize his crew and business to work far more efficient and effective. It all works out pretty good, beside some private trouble, until some of his crew started working on their own bill for and with the turkish mafia and smuggling and dealing with heroin. Abig deal fails and a lot heroin of the turks got stolen and then things went black... culminating in the torture of the mentioned guys and the suicide of his best friends. Tony Tucker then saves Carlton Leach from going out on revenge on the turks and to swallow down his hate and anger and pain.
After this the focus las more and more on Tony Tucker and the then from prison returned Pat Tate, and while it seems like Carlton Leach is cutting slowly his criminal business involvement down Tucker and Pate becoming the leaders of the crew and the business affairs and some of the biggest drug dealers and criminal thugs and murderers of their time, as well as by theirselves heavy drug addicts. They more and more totally loose ground and Carlton more and more doubts what they are doing and this is also the reason why he refuses to join their ranks in what should have become their biggest deal and resulted in the brutal murder of Tucker and Tate. After this Carlton quits with the world of the organized crime and this is when this movie ends.
This is a short description of the plot andthe protagonists of this movie, the pictures and the filming are great and create a intense atmosphere, and this movie is a drastic and damn honest piece of cinema. and it's incredible intense and brutal, coming also through and through with great music, great acting and dialogues. Anyhow, even I think this review somehow truly is too short I don't know what I should write more, just you get it, and if you ask me, this is one of the very, very best movies ever made. Awesome!!! Cheers & Oi!
(10 of 10 points --- maybe Ishould rate it even better with 10+ of 10 points or so)
(Somehow Blogger refuses to carry out my command to upload a video snippet of this very movie here, we will see if thi maybe changes again and then I will also upload it later, sorry for now.)

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