Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

PALE CREATION - "TWILIGHT HAUNT" (Holy Terror Hardcore from Cleveland Ohio; a classic from 1999 rereleased via "A389 RECORDS" and this finally on vinyl in 2011)

("A389 Records"; LP):
This was a great suprise by the end of 2011, to see this gem, PALE CREATION's classic "TWILIGHT HAUNT" from 1999 (back then released by no other than "EAST COAST EMPIRE RECORDS" on CD only) being finally rereleased by the strong going "A389 RECORDS" label and this for the first time ever on vinyl and so it comes as a LP. This was and still is Holy Terror styled Hardcore in a great and pretty unique way. Back then it took a while but then this band and album blew me away. For sure you will find influenes of the founding fathers of this specific genre named Holy Terror Hardcore, which means that INTEGRITY as well as RINGWORM also left their mark on the art of this titans from Cleveland, Ohio/U.S.A. but they really made it their very, very own, so they took Holy Terror Hardcore and so then they took it with them and this one or two steps forward ahead. Metallic, shredding, crispy and massive stunning, very atmospheric, dark, sinister, melancholic yet pretty apocalyptic Hardcore, sick and heavily distorted and strongly distorting. Atmospheric and incredible strong and damn fucking diverse, massive and psychotic phenomenal guitar work, a brilliant and varying rhythm section at work, and for sure fucking damn charismatic totally sick and twisted, suffering yet brutal throaty shouted and screamed lead vocals full of passion and emotions, all melted together with a very dark and sinister somehow Gothic like spirit (old THE SISTERS OF MERCY style) to melt it all together, and all carried out by great and grapping and intersting songwriting full of suprising twists and turns, very demanding and challenging music and awesome and amazing great Hardcore that will be completly too much to only somehow possible understand for your typical Beatdown kid wanna be Hardcore mongo out there, and this all played by very skilled musicians and gifted songwriters. I won't loose any words more about how great PALE CREATION and their "TWILIGHT HAUNT" were and still are, just go and try to still get it. Intelligent and damn great lyrics on top of it, nice artwork, over the top vinyl (because it's vinyl, haha) and a stunning brilliant production sound. This was, is and will remain awesome and amazing, one of the best shit you ever could and can and will be able to get. HOLY TERROR HARDCORE, pure gold!!! (10 of 10 points)

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