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DROPKICK MURPHYS - "GOING OUT IN STYLE" (Irish Folk Punkrock & Roll from Boston, M.A. on "COOKING VINYL" in 2011)

("Cooking Vinyl" / "Born & Bred Records"; CD):
Hm, don't ask me why a band that's one of my all time favorites and to that I listen to since 1997 or so is just today and with this pretty late in the three years of the existence of this very blog of mine here becoming a part of my working schedule up here. (And also don't ask me why the review also of this one again is just coming up that late again.) Anyway, I always loved the DROPKICK MURPHYS and I still love them, even this whole Irish Punkrock or Celtic Punkrock or Folk Punkrock or how the fuck you ever may like to call it is beside the DROPKICK MURPHYS (as well as the STREET DOGS) normally isn't really my cup of irish coffee especially after the quality standards within this genre drastically went down the drain over the last decade or so when it all became such a big hype and trend. But the DROPKICK MURPHYS (and so again also the STREET DOGS even in my book they can't really keep up with the ''original'' in the long run but that's just a matter of my personal taste and maybe also not that important at the end of the day) always stood tall above it all, and so they still do it today. When I started to listen to them, the DROPKICK MURPHYS, their linking chain or connection to Skinhead and Oi! was far more present then today and so not at least the DROPKICK MURPHYS brought me to American Oi! music. But that's a different story. With the last fifteen years that passed by in between 1997 and now today, 2012, a lot used to change, so myself as well as the DROPKICK MURPHYS. Today the Oi! and Streetpunk background is more some sort of an historical reminiscence or something like this and is also if you want so more or less ''only'' still to be found in the traditional strongly labour based working class and patriotic background as well as the gladiatorial blue collar over-all approach, hm, and over the last latest three albums (including this one, starting with "THE WARRIOR'S CODE" and going on over "THE MEANEST OF TIMES" to this very one here and now) also the factor of ''Punk'' in the Punkrock moved back and a little bit behind the factor of the "Rock" in the Punkrock of the Irish/Celtic/Folk Punkock of the DROPKICK MURPHYS. So, even this now may sound like a total clichè, you somehow maybe can say that this very one here, "GOING OUT IN STYLE", is a very grown-up album by a grown-up band, and even this now is leaving a foul taste in you it is at least here in this very case meant through and through positive. Especially after the evolution of the DROPKICK MURPHYS was always an organic and naturally well-grown one and they haven't change theirselves just to fit into a new crowd, if you may get what I want to say. And so no screaming Punk guitars jump in your face while you are listening to it, don't expect all in all too much of stuff like this from this very album one here. But don't understand here and now anything wrong, lame or boring or anything like this is here absolutely nothing. It's simply basically just more Rock & Roll or Rock than Punk and with this there's not a single problem, at least not with me. Forcful yet very emotional, damn varying and diverse and incredible strong and good done guitar playing, a very intense and massive stunning yet very soulful and especially very passionated rhythm section (especially the drumming is showing tons of Irish Folk influences), hell a lot of traditional classical Irish Folk instruments, broad and fat full back up crew chants and shouts, and all is crowned by the larger than life incredible charismatic double voiced lead vocals. All and everything is grounded on very skilled musicianship of every paticipating muisican on this one, and based on interesting and clever arrangements and grapping and diverse songwriting, as well as powerful rhythm structures and nicely varying changes of the pace of the songs. It's all done very fresh and energetic and dynamic and damn forceful as well as fucking passionated and full of emotions. It's amazing!!! Strongly (still that, even it's by all means more Rock than Punk or more punkROCK then PUNKrock, if you now understand this writing) Punkrock inspired Irish Folk Rock & Roll , and with guests like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN himself you should all know about the deal here pretty well and you all should also know that you simply can't go wrong with this one. (And fans especially of the ''folky'' stuff of ''THE BOSS'' should also love this very one here.) Lyrically this is a very interesting and fucking good concept album, and still enlighted patriotism and thought-through as well as throught-ful authentic and sympathic left winged political positions go hand in hand in the lyrics and message of the DROPKICK MURPHYS, and that's also just great. Good linernotes to the great lyrics and the grapping concept we get as well. The artwork got a great look and the earthy and crispy warm production sound fits perfect to the soulful music. Thumbs up!!! Today "GOING OUT IN STYLE" is also already re-released as a collectors edition with a great live bonus CD and a amazing new artwork, my girlfriend owns it and it's just outstanding great. This album is another one that's way up high on my top ten album list of 2011. Also live they were again outshining when my girlfriend and I saw them live in Hannover this January. If you still don't have it then better just finally get it, otherwise you would miss something great and even more. Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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