Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

INSTINCT HATE - "VIVENDO O CAOS" (Old School crusty and noisy Grindcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil)

("D.I.Y."; Demo):
Got this 2012 Demo by a friend as a bootleg CD-R without any too many informations about this band, INSTINCT HATE, from Sao Paolo, Brazil. For all what I figured out the artwork seems to be more or less the original/correct one and the tracklist is complete. Don't ask me from where you may can get the original demo release (maybe just write to the band if you want one) and on which format it was released by the band, but if you want it promptly then check the brilliant "CRUST DEMOS" blog at from where you can get an official and by the band authorized and provided MP3-Download of this their "VIVENDO O CAOS" Demo of 2012 (for all what I know). This band plays a totally raw and rough, noisy and crusty, mean and nasty, aggressive and furious through and through Old School styled Grindcore inferno mixed up with some infernal Old Tyme Death Metal impressions, some good doses of mad raging Thrash Metal and Crustcore influenced Punk. Sick and twisted mad thrashing guitars, chaotic blasting drums, sawing bass and obscure shouted gruff and grim but also sadly expression- and emotionless lead vocals, there they really need to improve a lot. All the other stuff works pretty good already. INSTINCT HATE aren't changing the formula that was created by TERRORIZER or EXTREME NOISE TERROR and why should they if they do a good job and that's what they have done here. Nothing new or too creative after all, and hell knows nothing fancy for the trendy but who cares, this is a good demo album by a band that showcases some really good potential and so hopefully more than just this six songs in six minutes will follow some soon day. Artwork is great (I like it!), the raw and dirty production sound is pure gold and about the lyrics I have not a single clou to say what ever about because it's simply not really my language. Good Old School Grindcore by a young band that should be interesting and being checked out by you if Grindcore is up on your list. Check them out. Cheers to Brazil!!! (7 of 10 points)


  1. Thanks for the review, Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Hey man, no problem!!! Good stuff, looking forward for some more grinding doses of you!!! Cheers!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy