Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

FRONTLINE SOLDIERS - "OATH OF LOYALTY" (Long forgotten amazing American Oi! from NYC on 7'' vinyl finally released via "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" by the end of 2011)

("United Riot Records"; 7'' EP):
This is one hell of a mighty vinyl single release. The FRONTLINE SOLDIERS used to be a great classic American Oi! band from the NYC formed at the beginning of the 2000's year when a lot or most of the big old bands of the 1990's went separate ways. Few bands back then popped up to fill the void and make their own thing, but the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS were one of those few bands. Unfortunately they did not lasted too long and also they never released that much. A few songs or so on a compilation back then, I guess the comp was/is the "STREETS OF AMERICA" or something like this titled one, and then they recorded only some few songs more before they broke up, but this songs weren't released until this one here came out some time around at the end of 2011 by the great (!!!) NYC based record label "UNITED RIOT RECORDS". Okay, if you want to know more about the history of the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS then read for example the history retrospection printed on the inside inlay of this release. The bandmembers were pretty young back then (at least to judge by the bandphotos) and through and through Skinheads. They had close ties to the likes of OXBLOOD, FIRST STRIKE, the TEMPLARS, as well as FED UP! and STEP2FAR. FRONTLINE SOLDIERS played a pretty much Hardcore influenced NYC born and bred style of roughnecked, gladiatorial, militant, hard as nails, sharp hitting, battle scarred, aggressive and brutal and heavy stomping American Oi! music. Dominated by harsh and brutal, angry and heavy played, bonedry and rough'n'tough guitars, a roaring and aggressive bass work, tight and militaristic harsh and precise stomping drums, and hard and angry pissed off aggressive shouted charismatic lead vocals. This is thru and thru true and authentic NYC Oi!, and even it's not changing the formula or something like this (and keep in mind this something like over and decade old already), this is damn fresh, just fucking great and all done in a pretty own way by this way too shortlived roughnecked band, that was/is to be located in a loose way somewhere between the almighty OXBLOOD, FIRST STRIKE, FED UP! and WARZONE, with a very own edge to it. Great and even more!!! On top of it militant, patriotic and battle scarred great American Skinhead lyrics, a truly mighty and just great artwork (''Muna'' rules okay) and a dirty, dry, earthy, yet heavy production sound and the 7'' comes on beautiful camouflage vinyl. A phenomenal release, long, long overdue to be released and we should all thank and hail the mighty "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" for getting the job finally done. Not only one of the best American Oi! releases of 2011, also one of the very best top ten releases of 2011 in general. I highly recommend this brilliant piece of the ''younger'' American Oi! history to everyone with a good music taste out there. Amazing!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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