Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012


("Impact Records"; CD):
First of all shame on me that I just get it done to get the review of this awesome album now that late up after it was already released by the beginning of the last year. Shame on me!!! I wish I could erase large parts of 2011 at least forever out of my memories... anyhow... this here was and is way up high, very high on the top ten list of my personal favorite albums of 2011. THE TRADITIONALS are long running roughnecked and silverbacked veterans of the U.S. American Oi! scene and they never ever disappointed me. And this counts also for this album by them!!! A new singer on board and what hell of a great mighty lead vocalist!!! Amazing!!! Seems like he's pushing them to new heights and putting a shining polished mighty stomping boot in the Steel Town brewed American Oi! of THE TRADITIONALS. I always loved this band and their music as well as their lyrics/message and their certain style. Sharp played and bone-dry forward pushing heavy and hard sawing yet pretty diverse and multi-layered and more than ''just'' well-versed guitar playing, outstanding charismatic and very forceful and mighty throaty shouted lead vocals, fat and broad sing a long back up chants, harsh pulsating bass playing and damn tight and massive stomping pounding thunderous drumming. They remind me of the outshining THE ANTI-HEROS as well as the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, hm, but don't mistake anything here and now, THE TRADITIONALS do their own thing and aren't copying anything or anyone, point and fact. Great songwriting and damn skilled musicians here at work. Two covers we get as well, with the two classics of "VIOLENCE" by THE OPPRESSED and "BORSTAL BRAKOUT" by the SHAM 69. Maybe not very creative at all, but done in a brilliant way by THE TRADITIONALS and so it is all very good and fine with me after all. Great lyrics from political and critical topics to personal themes and Skinhead Way of Life issues on top of it all. Best songs in the bunsh are for me "AT THE BOTTOM", "HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?", "SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER", "C.I.A.", "ADULT IN A YOUTH CULT", "NOT GONNA CHANGE" and "MEMORIES". The artwork is really a great one, the dry and earthy production sound rules and the limited edition used to come with a very cool band logo patch. A outstanding album by a outshining amazing band. Get it if you still don't have it. Awesome and incredible damn great American Oi! that you need to have, period. Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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