Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

DEADLY REIGN - "NO END IN SIGHT" (Crustcore Assault from Houston, Texas/U.S.A. released via ''CORRUPTION RECORDINGS'' back in 2011)

("Corruption Recordings"; CD):
Whoa, another more or less still pretty new Crustcore gem released via the to me pretty new and unknown label of the name of "CORRUPTION RECORDINGS" back then in 2011. DEADLY REIGN are a monster of a Crustcore band from Houston, Texas/U.S.A. and had been before I listened to this album damn fucking unknown to me. This band is damn cool shit and I'm fucking lucky that I own this great piece of new and fresh breath in the world of Crust. They aren't changing the formula or anything like this but they really have something special in what and how they deliver their shit, it's damn great, maybe we should or could call it the mysterious X-Factor a lot if not most other bands totally fail in earning it. Ths is raging and blasting out apocalyptic and gladiatorial D-Beat fueled pure Crustcore mayhem pretty much Old School styled with slight hints of MOTÖRHEAD in it and without any Metal flirtings or ultra speedy Grindcore impressions, ''jst'' thru and thru Crust, comparable to DISGUST and their masterpiece "A WORLD OF NO BEAUTY" from far back then in the 1990's. But it's all done very fresh and with an own character. Roaring and sawing, shredding and hacking fast paced guitar playing from the riffing to the militant leads and the sick solos all mostly nearly over the top, a slaying and heavy distorted sick buzzing bass, ultra tight and über precise D-Beat and Speedpunk styled drum work, and sheer violent forceful dustdry and massive brutal shouted throaty grim and gruff lead vocals, dark and aggressive atmosphere, grapping songwriting and well-versed skilled musicians at work. Great!!! All in all nine songs in nineteen minutes, and that's just the only problem because it's just too short for  full length full price album, anyway, and all is crowned by strong lyrics, a great artwork and a powerful production sound. Don't think twice if you like your musick crusty and extreme and militant, just get it. (9 of 10 points)

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