Montag, 14. Mai 2012

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "THE PROMISE (THE LOST SESSIONS: DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN)" (The lost songs of ''THE BOSS'' finally released on a double CD back then at the end of 2010)

("Sony Music Entertainment" / "Columbia"; 2CD):
This is a historical and just a great release by no one else than the immortal almighty BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN a.k.a. ''THE BOSS'' released at the end of the year 2010 but back then I just got aware of it at the very beginning of 2011, totally curious about it but due to a mixture out of the fucked up mess 2011 turned into and the at first very high price of something like 20,00 to 25,00 Euros it took me quite a while until I finally bought it back then in the October of 2011 and it took again quite some time more until now finally comes the review of it up here. Lazy bastard I am... Anyhow, I am a total nearly ''nerdy'' fan and some sort of an addict of the music and the lyrical work of ''THE BOSS'' and I am really damn happy to own this great album. Two CD's in a absolutely beautiful packaging and packed up completly full with all in all twenty-one BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN anthems from the years of 1977 to 1978 planned to be released back then but never did became so and then in 2009 the idea came up to change this sad fact of Rock & Roll music history and in 2010 then this change finally happened. The songs are what you all should know from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and his works in the mid to late 1970's and this songs were meant to bereleased between the "BORN TO RUN" album and the "DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN" masterpiece. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN changed after "BORN TO RUN" the direction of his music and should start to create what he is still today more than only well-respected and best-known for, true and real honest pure American Working Class Rock & Roll that tells the big stories of the hard working day to day everyday life in authentic ''art-samples'' of reality, if you maybe/hopefully know what I want to say with these words. Rich and thoughtful and grapping arrangements, larger than life chorus lines, melodies that will make your head turn around non stop, charisma, an authentic and sympathic attitude, rich meaning, great message and pure emotions and passion set into Rock & Roll music with a raw 1970's early Punkrock edge to it. Rebellious and heavy, hard and just real, yet full of great emotions and true passion, sweet melodies and dynamic arrangements and all absolutely free of any disturbing and annoying clichés. Great!!! Awesome songwriting, amazing musicianship and above all this larger than life charismatic lead vocals, all damn brilliant and phenomenal. The lyrics are brilliant stuff like above already mentioned, the artwork is amazing as also already mentioned above, really damn fucking great liner-notes we get also as well on top of it all, and the production/recording sound is just pure platinum. Amazing!!! Don't think twice, better just get this album promptly if you still don't have it and when you are about to do it then don't forget to buy the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN album titled "WRECKING BALL" as well. (A masterpiece of an album and the review of it will also see the light of the day up here one more or less soon day, trust me.) Awesome!!! If I just would have owned it already back then in 2010 it would have been way up high in my top ten ranking list. And to everyone who know thinks this album and music wouldn't be brutal and harsh and aggessive enough to serve the need of live up to the fullfillment of oh so hard and tough subcultural underground scene and music clichés: You ar damn sad and poor jokes who I only can feel pity for. Anyway, get this album, get it as soon as possible and best directly now, period. Cheers!!! (10 of 10 points)


  1. The Light in Darkness, limited edition book focusing on the 1978 Darkness on The Edge of Town album and tour:

  2. @ Anonymous: Thanks very much for the infos!!! Cheers!!!
    @ Unterste Schublade: Zeugt von bestem Geschmack!!! :D
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