Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

STIGMA - "NOVA DOZA MRZNJE" (Crustcore from Zagreb, Croatia; self released on CD back then in 2010)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
Already released back then in 2010 but I just got it more or less pretty recently, thanks to a friend of mine. I hope I saw/see and got/get it right, that this CD is self-released by the band. STIGMA were founded in 2007 and released already two demos before this CD from 2010 and for all what I know they are still around and also still pretty active. STIGMA (or this here meant STIGMA) are from Zagreb, Croatia and play fucking heavy and damn brutal and hard Crustcore with loads of D-Beat fueled Hardcore in it, with no grinding savage assaults in it and with also at least mostly no Metal and also for sure not really any kind of MOTÖRHEAD influences in it, pure mean, angry, sick and pissed off, harsh and aggressive Crustcore music and beside the lack of the pretty often in Crustcore to be recognized Grindcore and Metal and MOTÖRHEAD influences/impressions you will also for fuck's sake find definitely no fancy trendy bullshit crap in the music and art and work of STIGMA. Sinister and apocalyptic atmosphere, created by stoic pushing heavy sawing and distorted shredding massive brickwall guitar riffing, stunning beating and punishing sick bass shredding constantly, massive and thunderous stomping and storming drum work, extreme throaty grunted and shouted brutal vocals comparable to EXTREME NOISE TERROR and mostly fast and heavy up tempo but also yet nicely varying changes of pace and structure of the single tracks, pretty good songwriting delivered by for sure good musicians. A great cover version of the DISCHARGE classic titled "FIGHT BACK" we get as well, and then the 15 songs in 24 minutes are already through. Combine DISCHARGE and DOOM with EXTEME NOISE TERROR (the crusty side of them) and you should know pretty good where to tart when you want to discover STIGMA. Lyrics in english and in the croatian language and at least the english (to more I can't say anything) ones are some good critical and cynical apocalyptic stuff even though some pretty Crust cliché stuff, the production sound is a bomb and the artwork is great even though yet also pretty cliché. Not changing the formula here, but who cares, STIGMA deliver really good Old School Crustcore that you should check out if you're into this stuff. Could also be interesting for some extreme Underground Metal maniacs that are at least a little open minded to other kinds of brutal musick. (8 of 10 points)


  1. cheers! nice review mate. only one correction: the pic above is the draft logo, done in hurry for the time pre-releasing this album on a cd. as we released it officialy this year, our mate Stiv (Visions of War) had draw a new logo and we finally finished the whole artwork (booklet etc).

    the new logo (and album cover) is here -

    ..and the link for downloading the 'Nova Doza Mržnje' is here (lyrics and artwork included)

    cd order is possible via e-mail: stigma.zghc@gmail.com (the price is 3€ as this is DIY record)
    cheers from Zagreb, Croatia

    Vučko, Stigma

    1. download link (forgot to copy-paste it the first time) -

  2. Hey Vucko, thanks very much for the informations and the kind words you've found!!! Really waiting for some new stuff of you!!! Cheers man!!!
    - Manslaughter Andy