Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

DISMASTER - "NO GODS BUT DISMASTERS" (Crustcore from Finnlnad on Tape in 2012 via "VLAD TAPES" as well as viaan D.I.Y. MP3-Download + Download Link)

Whoaa, what a bomb!!! This is awesome D-Beat fueled Crustcore from Finnland with healthy doses of damn aggressive and very noisy interpreted MOTÖRHEAD influences in it and a very brutal approach, a morbid and sinister atmosphere and a dangerous feeling to it roaring down from the scandinavian lands in Europe (exactly from Finnland) to crash down every only somehow possible resistance. A very intense as well as sick Hardcore feeling also comes up due to the outshining and outstanding dry and throaty, brutal and aggressive shouted very charismatic lead vocals. The guitars are massive and furious unleashed forward storming, the D-Beat styled drumming is tight and hard as fuck, the bass saws every remeains of every possible resistance in nice little pieces and the amazing vocals give it all its very own crown. Great!!! Fast pace yet clever and grapping done arrangements and intersting and intese songwriting all the time, and, yes, also good musicians here at work and if you are in love with for example a legendary and awesome band like DISGUST then DISMASTER will be exactly your deal. Own identity, fresh ideas, incredible intensity and mighty bloody brutal songs non stop on this one. If you're into Crustcore you need t have it!!! The artwork of the tape is great (I own the tape version, yes, but there's also these days a free MP3-Download by the band itself released, the link will close this review as usual in such cases), the harsh hammering production sounds fit perfect to the musick an the lyrics are also great shit. The tape is officially sold out but give your best in trying your luck to maybe still find it being still sold somewhere, even today, because maybe you can still find some here and there. With only seven songs in something about just ten minutes it's just by far way too short on running time, that's it. Anyhow: I demand more, point and fact!!! Great!!! Cheers to Finnland!!! (9 of 10 points)

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