Freitag, 18. Mai 2012


Hey folks, last post for now. This time some short ''Videos'' posting for you, a song and clip of the angry slasher "FORGIVENESS TO TYRANTS by the german metallic Hardcore silverbacks of PLANKS, for all what I know an older song of them, but anyhow a damn great one. I reviewed their for what I know latest album of 2010 (I guess, need to check it to know it precisely but right now I'm simply just too lazy go and see after it) back then over an year ago at the beginning of 2011 or something so like this, anyway, and this album was and still is some outshining shit that everyone who still don't owns it really finally should go and get it, point and fact, and this better damn quick than late, period. So, yes, that's it for this day respetively night, so just enjoy it and then sleep well and good night, more new stuff and shitloads of reviews and also again other material sooner or later again up here. Good night!!!


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