Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

british workers being tossed aside, Gordon Brown nowhere for you to hide, so tell us again what you told us before, british jobs for british workers

Puh, after running my 'foot-race' today I'm back home and I can tell ya, it was a hard but also a nice 'ride', maybe I'm just a little bit tired already, hm, but who cares, the next run for the glory and the fame (... ;-) ...) will come again. So I decided to put up the final posting for this current month (or the first posting of the new month, haha;-)...), and it's another (new) review of a (new) record, and which this is you'll be able to read above, it's the debut record of SKINFULL called "DRINKING CLASS HEROES" released by the belgian "Pure Impact Records" label not so long ago. SKINFULL are a young and strong going english or british Oi! band that started some years ago under the name THE AIDS and played already back then live gigs together with CONDEMNED 84, so you'll see, it can't be a band that bad. Ah, but good that they've decided that their primarly bandname somehow kinda sucked, haha;-). Now to this review here: Yeahr, that's a record I was really looking forward to, to finally listen to it. And they didn't dissapoint me. Hard as nails, tough and damn angry typical british brickwall Oi! Oi! music the traditional way brewed. Dry and hard guitar riffing, a very deep and powerful bass work, bonecracking drumming, forceful crew back ups, and very deep and throaty, angry and harsh vocals. All very militant and offending, biting and rowdyish, martial and inconvenient, proud and unbroken, so you can describe the mostly mid paced music pretty well, hard hitting and massive forward rolling like a freighttrain making it's way on the rails of an insane world. Brickwall Oi!?!? Yes, it's right!!! Bulldozer Oi!?!? Yeahr, even more right!!! You like CONDEMNED 84 and other bands of this kind?!? Perfect!!! Get this record and support this great young band!!! Also great lyrics, very outspoken and political, and if you love it or if the AFA fags love or even understand them, ha, nah, I tell ya, these young roughnecks here don't give a fucking cheap damn about it, they're here to tell the truth, tell their side of the more and more fucked up story, not wanting or needing to make any friends!!! That's how it's meant to me!!! Respect, guys!!! Patriotic, pissed off, damn angry, Working Class, and giving the ruling class and it's policy and bought politicians some strong kicks in the ass!!! Damn right!!! Damn good!!! My personal favorites, musically and lyrically, are "LOVE IT LEAVE IT" (that's pretty much right at all!!!) and "(FUCK THE) E.U. LAW" (yeahr, that's so damn right, and keep your national sovereignity, not selling out to the fuckin' crap European Banana Union, take a stand, fight the fight before all is lost... would be great if here in Germany all the stupid fucks would think pretty much the same, and of course, not only 'FUCK THE E.U. LAW' but 'FUCK THE E.U.'!!!), and also they give us some very good Hooligan, Skinhead, Bootboy, Oi! Way of Life lyrics, as well as stories about drinking and fighting and also of rage on the road, also top job!!! Ah, and "SUICIDE BOMBER", great, damn good lyrics!!! Great artwork and a perfectly to the music fitting dry and dirty production sound. All you need, and if they vary a little bit the songwriting (for example when it comes to the pace of the songs) and the drum playing more the next time, to keep up the attention really over the whole distance, then we will get a real bomb from them, for sure!!! Really good debut record that you should not miss if ya just have a faible for really good and pure hard british Oi! music. Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
And here you now get a nice little clip of SKINFULL and you'll be able to listen to their anthem "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT", so just enjoy it and then support this guys!!! Time will tell, maybe there will be also coming an interview with them here on this very blog, I'm really thinking about it, and damn it, to support this guys is more than just justified!!! Great band!!! Ah, and you also get such a little clip to their damn true and so great track "(FUCK THE) E.U. LAW", and damn it, these guys are telling the truth without giving a damn about anything, that's what I call the real deal, that's what I call Oi!, and damn it, that's what I love!!! Like I said: Great band!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!



Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

... god is with us, with whom else? ...

KRAWALLBRÜDER - "DAS 11. GEBOT" ("K.B. Records"; CD):
One of the pretty much discussed records of the last year over here in Germany. For one it was something like the album of the year of 2009, for other it was nothing else than 'just another' good record but nothing 'special' or even some kind of a dissapointment 'cause the Skinhead background and the Oi! roots are becoming more and more drifting away... And for some other stupid fucks the record is more worth than just a discussion, because for this bunch of jackasses the KRAWALLBRÜDER are something like the worst White Power NS Boneheads you just can meet, and they're working to infiltrate the Oi! and Punkrock subculture with ideas from the radical and extreme political right...I spare me further comments 'cause this talking and writing on the internet is nothing than a big, big piece of crap, defamation was and is and will always be also nothing else than crap, and yeahr, to the guys who are propagating this garbage (for example the cowards that are running the "Oire Szene" blog) I just have to say: That's the problem when you have too much time and too less brain and character, so fuck off and get a real life!!! Oh, and maybe this whole problems are 'caused by the fact that this can happen if your parents are also brother and sister!!! So just fuck off!!! So, okay, now finally to this record here: I've written before that I am not and never was and never will be such a big fan of German Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll, it's just not my really may favorite kind of music. (And maybe that's the reason why I just got this record now in the summer of 2010.) But some bands I use to listen to, and I like to listen to them, and that's also the case with the KRAWALLBRÜDER from out of the federal state called Saarland here in the banana republic of Germany. This record here is pretty much what you could expect after the precursor release "IN DUBIO PRO REO". Of course, this isn't Skinhead or Oi! anymore anyhow, but also "IN DUBIO PRO REO" wasn't this at all. Some Skinhead and Oi! roots are still to be recognized here and there, but after all it is very, very well-versed and really hard German Rock music with some strong Metal elements and influences to it, just listen to the guitar riffing and the drum playing. What's really impressive is how the guys have developed when it comes to songwriting and the abilities of playing their instrument, just compare for example their "DIE FÄUSTE HOCH" record with this one here, very, very impressive!!! Especially the guitar playing and the drumming is really damn good, respect, respect!!! If you're a fan of the BÖHSE ONKELZ, of FREI.WILD and also TROOPERS, or of bands like KÄRBHOLZ, BERSERKER, and DROP OUT CHAOS, then also this piece of music here should be yours. But, one thing, the KRAWALLBRÜDER bring a lot of more guts to the table, if you know what I mean, and that's giving them and their music a pretty unique character. Good stuff!!! So give it a try, if you like above mentioned bands and music and if you still don't call this record your own. On top of it we do get a bunch of good, yet not 'too special' lyrics, a very good production sound and an awesome artwork. Nothing left to say, if you also like to listen to German Rock and Metal coming with some few Skinhead roots instead of "real" (whatever this "real" may mean...) Oi! and Streetpunk, hm, then this should be one of your favorite bands and records. (8 of 10 points)
Now you get a 'video' (okay, okay, let us call it a 'video', it's just the song playing while a picture is shown, but yes, let us call it a 'video'...) of the KRAWALLBRÜDER and of their song "GOTT MIT UNS" (that you'll also find on the above reviewed record). It's a good song, so even if the sound of this 'video' isn't the best one, but a good song stays a good song after all. So just enjoy it!!! Here it comes for you:


Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

... i'm a stranger to the new world, i'm a stranger to myself... but i'll never let you down again...

Here it is, finally, the full length a lot of guys- incuding me- used to wait for. Since some years Australia is going damn fucking strong when it comes to Bootboy music, just to name MOUTHGUARD (check also the interview with them here on this very blog), BULLDOG SPIRIT, SLICK 46, THE CORPS, PLAN OF ATTACK, *R*U*S*T*, THUG, and this guys here, the great MARCHING ORDERS. After several 7", 10", sampler appearances and split releases they finally give us here their full length bomb called "DAYS GONE BY". And what shall I say, I was expecting much, my expectations couldn't be much higher... and MARCHING ORDERS couldn't done more to justify them completly and totally. Hard hitting, very sharp played, traditional not retro Oi! Oi! music of the premium class. Pushing, hard, yet very melodic (great leads) and relaxed (in a good way, for sure) rockin' guitar playing, powerful and beautiful present popping bass work, the drums are given the songs an irresistible Skinhead Rock & Roll beat, cool sing a long parts and crew shouts, and damn charismatic melodic and smart vocals with an awesome and fuckin' cool broad accent. Just great, traditional brewed Oi! music with some very nice Pub spirit to it, given a fuck about your oh so loved clichès, and yeahr, given a fuck about being retro, that's really fresh and new music, so fuck all the old fat english men who still think they would be playing the only legal version of Oi! Oi! music even in 2010. Instead give this Down Under Roughnecks a good round and you'll see and hear what traditional british bred Oi! in 2010 could be if you just allow him to be it, fuckin' great music!!! Full of energy, passion, devotion, dynamic, and real and authentic attitude, and that's making it all so goddamn sympathic on top of it all, no artificial crap and no bullshit what-so-ever, just pure and great music that you shouldn't miss. The pure impact!!! Point and fact!!! Ah, and with the phenomenal "YEARS PASS ME BY" we do also get close to the end of this great record also something really unique. You always asked yourself how U.S. Westcoast Melodic Punk would sound played by an traditional Oi! band?!? Yeahr, listen here, it sounds great!!! (Even if you don't had asked yourself this question, what may could be, take a good listen to the song, it rulez!!!) This is a record that you really 'NEED!' to call your own if you're in anyway involved in Skinhead music at all!!! Ah, the record came out as good old holy vinyl coming in an awesome and just beautiful big package of artwork (hm, 'big package of artwork'... hm, I think you know what I mean... or at least I do hope so, haha;-)...), and the CD vesion you do get for free on top of this 'mega package'. And yes, the artwork just looks great, especially the cover. Also the dirty and organic production sound is just pure solid gold, thumbs up!!! On top pf it all we do also gt a big bunch of just great lyrics that are covering also some good and different topics and dealing with several issues, again: Thumbs up!!! Just a complete package!!! Guys, get this record!!! Now!!! It's an order!!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
It's been quite a while now since I've posted for you the last video clip to watch, just because I was a little bit fed up with 'mistakes-messages' making the whole upload process here to a farce and just eaten my time away... but oky, I've tried it once again and this time it had worked out like it should (or at least I do think currently right so;-)...), and so now you'll get a nice video of the great MARCHING ORDERS playing their 'old' classic "NIHILISTIC", and yeahr, it's just great!!! So enjoy it!!! Here it comes:


Oi! Oi! Oi! Espana

GLORY BOYS - "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE" ("Dim Records"; CD): Also a band that I've totally missed before. For what I know they've released a MLP called "GLORY NIGHTS" (or so...) before, also on "Dim Records". So here'e now their currently more or less brandnew full length record called "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", again released by "Dim Records" and by now I think that there should be also the LP version of this record out, hm, and I pretty much think limited and on clored vinyl and so, just to let you know this. The GLORY BOYS are a three piece Skinhead outfit roaring out of the spanish city Valencia. Spain had always had a good load of good and better Skinhead music and bands to offer to us, and the GLORY BOYS are currently the leading force of the new breed of the spanish Skinhead force, at least if you ask me. Like I've said, this is the first record of them that I get to hear, and I was pretty excited about it 'cause what I've known from them from their MySpace site really convinced me a lot. And with this record they didn't led me down, that's for sure. Very hard and very ahead driving guitar playing, bonecracking and dustdry riffing and brilliant leads and melody lines, a with a huge load of power the music onward pumping bass playing, forceful and thundering drumming, powerful crew back ups and sing a long to parts, and charismatic and very brute vokillz, this are the cornerstones of the GLORY BOYS music, damn fuckin' hard, yet also pretty melodic, and pushed forward by some very cool rhythm structure work. You really get one anthem followed by another one. It's all very old school style, but without being retro in any way, so it's a really very good thing at all. I think they are playing a very stand-alone style of Oi! Oi! music, hm, but if you like what CONDEMNED 84 and maybe also RETALIATOR had been putting out, then use this as some pretty good starting points if you want to become better known to the GLORY BOYS and their dustdry Old School Skinhead Oi! music. Damn good stuff!!! Could just offer somtimes a little bit more variations when it comes to the lead singing as well as the drum playing. We also get a lot of very, very good lyrics, very gladiatorial, entrenched, and unbroken, so like the music the lyrics really justify the record title, thumbs up!!! Also we then get a very cool artwork, as well as a really good dirty and hard production sound. That's a very, very good record that you really should know and check out, very good stuff, for sure!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(PS: Don't know why the hell the band is titled as R.A.C. or even White Power NS Rock here in Germany by a lot of stupid fucks, I really can't understand or get it, so just fuck it up and don't give a shit about it!!! You have to know that also the german Skinhead Oi! band VOLXSTURM got defamed and attacked 'cause they had been playing live shows with the GLORY BOYS in Spain this year on their Spain Tour. But good to see, that also VOLXSTURM finally decided to give fuck about it. Don't let them wash your brain!!! By the way, you are also able to find and read a very good interview with the GLORY BOYS by clicking on the link, just so you know about it.)

Best Of... Ultima Thule on 'Olifant Records'

ULTIMA THULE - "THE BEST OF..." ("Olifant Records"; CD):
Okay, decide for yourself if you really need a(nother) Best of record of ULTIMA THULE (beside the anniversary stuff and so on...), but here's a more or less new Best of CD of the swedish Vikings released by the label "Olifant Records" based across the border in Poland. And so this is the special Poland edition or polish edition of this Best of. I don't really know what's so exclusive 'polish' about it at all, maybe the three (as usual good) Bonus tracks "SVERIGE, SVERIGE FOSTERLAND", "DU GAMLA, DU FRIA", and "BROTT OCH STRAFF", but don't ask me anything more. I can't tell ya if the (just great) artwork is exclusively here to see, but how-ever. Now to this record here: We do get around 23 songs in nearly 80 minutes of playing time, and that's what you can call 'value for money', or at least I guess so. A lot of hits are here settled together, first and foremost the legendary two great tracks "SKINHEAD" (damn, I wouldn't have thought that the lyrics would so precise be describing me some day... and I tell ya this song really brings lovely memories to my mind) and "STOLT OCH STARK" (it also really brings a lot of good memories to my mind), beside that we do also get "RAGNAROK", "VARSANG", "BLONDA SEVNSKA VIKINGAR", "SVEA ARV SVEALAND", "WITCH HUNT", "EN FOR ALLA", and "BALDERS HIRD", just to name you my personal favorites. I think you can always question the song compilation of a Best of record of a band like ULTIMA THULE, but I do also think that who ever done this compilation here had done a pretty good job at all. So decide for yourself if you feel the need to get this Best of or not, but it could be a good completion of your ULTIMA THULE collection or a nice and well-profund starting point if you finally want to get something to know about ULTIMA THULE (but if that's the case it would mean that you missed them right to this very day, and damn it, how could you do this, how could it happen...). We get also a pure beauty of an 'the Vikings are comming' artwork (looks great, fantastic job!!!), linernotes, a big bunch of photos, and all songs are coming to you dressed in a very good production sound. Ah, what music do we get to hear here?!? Vikingrock!!! (Oh come on, it's ULTIMA THULE, what did ya expect?!?) Very melodic and majestic-hymnal guitar leads and melody lines, clever guitar solos, meldoic and clear vocals, a very well-present bass and tight and pushing drumming, all very melodic, yet powerful, folky, nordish, and pretty unique, so like I've said: Vikingrock!!! Good stuff, and truly of course really justified, even if maybe not that necessary at all... (8 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

... ultima thule, that's where the ravens sing...

ULTIMA THULE - "KORPKVÄDET" ("Ultima Thule Records"; CD):
And here's already the next Vikingrock record that's waiting to be reviewed. And damn it, but this time it gets prominently, 'cause here we have the inventors, the forefathers and creators, the kings of Vikingrock. I can't tell ya currently how many years it's now been since a last proper record of ULTIMA THULE came out and hit the lights. Beside a huge load of best of and anniversary records the guys of ULTIMA THULE were more active with their Psychobilly band HOT ROD FRANKIE over the last past years, but now they are back on map under their very own banner called ULTIMA THULE. What do you think do we get here to listen to? Right, 'traditional' Vikingrock how it once was meant to be played by the guys who came up with this sound. But it's not just 'a new record of an old style of sound', no, they also pretty much developed over all the years, and this development first and foremost you'll recognize because of the bigger load of more heavyness they've put into their music, but they've done this without becoming some kind of swedish Metal band or something like that, so thumbs up and don't worry at all about it 'cause you'll like it, for sure!!! Hard pounding and very well-versed drumming, a very good present and the songs marking bass playing, heavy and forceful pushing guitar work, and the typical hymnal and melodic clean vocals singing this swedish wisdom for and to us. Hard pounding rhythms and excessive stomping very organic grooves, all good forward hard rockin' onward to Walhalla, and all ennobled by majestic leads, melody lines, and very smart guitar solo work. Sometimes I would just wish that they would change the pace of the songs quite a bit more, 'cause that would be also a proper device to break up the sometimes very inflexible rhythm structure of the songs, and it could maybe also help to configure the mood of the different songs much more exciting and different, 'cause this whole somehow 'melancholic' mood gets a little bit 'grueling' over the complete distance of this record. But okay, ULTIMA THULE had founded this music so they might know best how it's should be played at all... We do get heavy rockin' smasher, folky anthems, and beautiful ballads ("JORDEN LUKTAR GOTT" is just awesome and breath-taking, I really love it), and if you like Vikingrock in general- and especially ULTIMA THULE (how could ya not?)- you'll get here a really good record that you should not miss, even if I would have somehow expected even a bit more... but my expectations are my problem or fault, so don't understand anything wrong, 'cause this is really a pretty damn good record that everyone who's at least a little bit of a Vikingrock fan should truly call his or her own. Good stuff!!! We do get all lyrics in swedish (so don't ask me anything... but I think the typical patriotic and mythologic ULTIMA THULE mixture...), a pretty good artwork, and a a really good, hard, warm, and clear sound. Good job!!! By now you're also able to get it on vinyl via the german label "Dim Records", I think colored and limited so you better be quick before the LP version's sold out too fast. Good stuff, and if I need a fresh dose of Vikingrock that's even more than truly really good stuff then I listen to NJORD, haha;-). Good stuff!!! For sure!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

The Wikings are coming down from the North again, this time they bring Vikingarock with them!!!

NJORD - "MOT HIMLEN" ("Vikingarock Productions"; CD):
Once again a little premier here on this very blog, 'cause it's the first review of a Vikingrock record that I do here. Okay, maybe it's also nothing that special, but I wanted to be sure that you know about it anyhow, haha;-). NJORD are a more or less 'young' Vikingrock band coming out of the cold of Sweden that's really earned themselves a damn huge support at least over here in Germany over the last two or three years. And this record, it's their full length debut for what I know, was praised nearly everywhere. What's my opinion to it? Was this 'hype' justified? One word: Yes!!! Great young and fresh Vikingrock, but let us get one thing straight and clear right here at this point, they are definitely not a copy of ULTIMA THULE and beside the fact that both bands are playing Vikingrock (and so you'll find a 'common sense' that both bands sare in music, not at least 'cause ULTIMA THULE pretty much defined this style) I really think that NJORD are playing a version of their own of the music that's called Vikingrock (or Vikingarock). It's young and fresh, forceful and it pushes forward. The music's driven ahead by very tight and cracking drums that really make the music smash through you ears straight into your whole head, the very present and banging and well-versed and damn heavy bass playing is really just gold, the guitar work is really just like a tempest that's coming over you no matter if it are the angelical leads and melody lines or solos, or if it are the hard and heavy banging riffs (just listen to "LANDSFADER" and "GJALLARHORNET", pure gold) that will make your fist reach to the sky and screaming out your proud denial to this farce this so called 'post-modern' world has degenerated to, and above all we do get very powerful yet clear and very melodic lead vocals all sung in swedish (what else, come on, I mean it's Vikingrock;-)...), that's how the music's coming together that NJORD are hammering out. And they also offering usvery good songwriting, changing pace as mood as attitude of the different ongs very clever so that all the songs are floating well together into one big thing that this record here surely is. I think it's a pretty unique kind of Vikingrock, somewhere between traditional Vikingrock and something that you might call some very day the new school of this genre, who knows, and I mean that they also know smart and clever and well-thought to work with some good Metal influences, especially when it comes to the guitar riffing, and also they know how to work with some special grooves and rhythms that are not your usual Vikingrock menu. If you want to know what I mean, then just listen to the song "DEN NYA LÄRAN", it will make you hold your breath and then you will know what I've meant with this lines. Great!!! Also they integrate some very, very folky parts into their songs (just listen for example to the opening part of "VIKINGABLOT", to know what I mean), and that's also very, very good!!! Even a ballad like "OM VI FÖR LANDET MASTE SLASS" is not annoying but nothing than grapping and great!!! So you're searching for damn good, stand-alone, and fresh and young and enthusiastic as well as passionat Vikingrock?!? Perfect, then get this great record of NJORD and you will find exactly what you're searching for, if not even more!!! To the lyrics: I really could say that much just because I really don't understand one single word, maybe (!) beside some 'common places' like 'Vikinga', 'Vikingablot', 'Blot', 'Stolt', and 'Ragnarök'. But thanx to Carsten, the captain of the mighty "ZWERGPIRAT", that with his great zine he made NJORD well known to me and for also given me and all the other readers (that don't speak swedish) some valuable informations 'bout their lyrics, and so I can tell ya all something about the issues NJORD are dealing with in their lyrics. They're singing about Swedens history and glory, about the Vikings, against Christianity and pro Paganism, about Patriotism and against fuckin' politicians selling out their own nation and culture, northern mythology, they are demanding a stop of the military dismantling of Sweden, and many good stuff more, so you see all you might expect from a Vikingrock and also maybe even a bit more. Also we do get a nice artwork (but the cover looks more like a fuckin' stupid MANOWAR cover, haha, hopefully there will coming something better the next time, haha;-)...), and it all comes in a really just great production sound. If the title track would not be such a let-down (at least for me) they would get the best rating possible, but even so it's nothing but just a great record, point and fact!!! You should call it your own, anyway, and if you're not into Vikingrock this band and record might be a pretty good current starting point for ya all. Great stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)


This isn't the current release of them anymore, I know it, since when this record in 2008 (?) came out a bunch of CD- as well as 7" vinyl singles and split releases saw the light of the day, but this is still their current full length record for what I know, so you see, there's still some justification to review it here... even if not, I mean, come on;-)... It's the first record that I call my own of them. What shall I say, I mean, you know it, it's the old story of far much too many bands and also good bands out there so that you just can't be aware of every single one of them. And by the way, yes, I know about the history of some of the members of this band, but here you'll find no what-so-ever White Power or NS crap, and for what was told me that's not only here on this record the case. So spare your words, time, and energy, if you don't feel comfortable with it than you just don't have to buy it, point and fact. So now to this record, the TATTOOED MOTHERFUCKERS are really a pretty damn good band. They play a delicious mixture out of some hard hitting british brickwall Oi!, a big bunch of what I use to call dutch Street-/Thugrock'n'Roll (DISCIPLINE, HARDSELL, etc.), as well as a huge load of good old Hardcore sound. Call it Thugcore or Hooligan Hardcore, or how-ever you might want to call it. I really like it, especially the brilliant done guitar work, very, very hard and brutal, without any clichès played, yet damn melodic, just listen to the great leads and melody lines. Damn good!!! Also the very hard and charismatic vocals really know to convince me, good job!!! The harsh bass playing and the devastating drum work also hit the nail on it's head. Really a good job, even if they really could have forgotten about some crappy songs like for example "TMF OK". On top of it we do get a bunch of very cool lyrics, violent, drunken, A.C.A.B., and through and through Hooligan as fuck. Fits perfectly to the music and the attitude of it!!! Then we do also get a fuckin' great looking artwork, as well as nice dirty and heavy production sound. We also get a cover of the IRON CROSS classic "CRUCIFIED", which is pretty well done by TMF. At all we get fourteen songs, and you should really take good listens to "VIOLENCE REIGNS SUPREME", "BROKEN", "LAW MAKER", "CRUCIFIED", "THE LAST MAN STANDING", "SITTING AT THE BAR", and the incredible great "VOID IN TIME" with that fantastic THE CURE like guitar lead. The rest of the songs is also solid and good, at least the majority of them. So yes, at least you should really give it a good round and a fair try. Good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

"Where we are the air is burning!"

Oh, oh, oh, now a lot of folks will be running amok because of me reviewing this record of this band here. What shall I say, take it like it is. I've never listened to that much German Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll music, I just never liked it really that much and I'll never become such a big fan of it at all, and also ENDSTUFE had never been one of my favorite ones. When it comes to politics, nah, sure they had done some 'strange', 'weird', and maybe even 'stupid' songs and lyrics, and also they used to and still use to play concerts together with bands that use(d) to be at least White Power... but I'm just not into this band and it's history enough, and when I read that ENDSTUFE shall be a 'Hammerskin' band, nah, it really makes me wonder quite a bit... To say it that way, I hope you understand what I mean... To question something is always good, but defamation is always crap. ENDSTUFE have some really good records and songs settled together, for example their part of the "ALLZEIT BEREIT!" split record with VOLKSGEMURMEL or the classics "DER CLOU" and "GLATZENPARTY", also you should listen to some of their lyrics more intense 'cause it could be that you find some suprises that make it all to a more two- than onesided affair, and of course, to be right wing does not mean to be automatically White Power and/or NS, maybe you'll get it one day finally by yourself. So now, after this 'enough words' for the introduction, straight on to this record. It's, for what I know, the second live record of them (after their terrible "Live in Mallorca" record from 1998), and it's one of the newest releases by "Pure Impact Records". It contains at all twelve live tracks, recorded at two different concerts. No maybe 'evil' songs on this one, so calm down your PC mood, haha;-). Twelve times we get the typical German Skinhead Rock that ENDSTUFE use to play for much over twenty years now. Inciting guitar playing, heavy bass work, rumbling drums, and grim vocals, singing (here on this live recording) mostly about drinking, having fun, celebrating parties, some violence, being a Skinhead, and comradeship. It's still not my favorite band or genre of Skinhead/Bootboy music, but if you how-ever like the band and if you also have no problems with live recordings in general, then make sure that you're gonna test this release. It comes in a very good artwork, hm, and in a production/recording sound that's okay, but could be better done 'cause it's much too silent after all, at least if you ask me. My personal favorite is the great and larger than life anthem "ERINNERUNGEN" ("MEMORIES") (I really love this song), and then also "WIR KRIEGEN EUCH ALLE" ("WE'LL GET YOU ALL"), "GLATZENPARTY" ("SKINHEAD PARTY TIME"), "LASS DICH NICHT UNTERKRIEGEN" ("DON'T LET THEM GRIND YOU DOWN"), "FÜR EUCH" ("FOR YOU ALL"), and "DIE WELT GEHÖRTE UNS" ("THE WORLD WAS OURS"). What's ticking me off is the fact that often some of the songs are played appallingly un-tight. Guys, since when are you around now? Decide for yourself, I won't become a fan after it, just not that much my music, but to all the PC jackasses out there: If you have a problem with the band, then just don't buy the record, so simple can things sometimes be, at least if you're not thinking that you are the hub of the world. By the way, and get a real life then you'll have some real problems to solve!!! Ah, but guys, the ENDTSUFE version of THE EXPLOITED classick "SEX & VIOLENCE" really sucks!!! Better forget about it in the future, haha;-). To this record: Solid and better job!!! (7 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010


BOOT PARTY - "HEADSTOMP" ("Step 1 Music"; CD):
Guys, I tell ya, it's hard for me this days... My chica amante is still out of town for the next days (and this does suck really, and hell, damn it, not the good way of sucking...), I'm in one of my last two summer vacation weeks and nearly all of the friends of mine must work, or if not then their chicas amante aren't out of town and so they have no time to spend with a fuckin' Bootboy like me, I'm running this saturday a little marathon so I just can't do that much sport this days like I usually use to do, so you see, it's fuckin' hard for me these days... but what shall I do else, so I'm just trying to enjoy the time as much as anyhow and anyway possibel. So I just came back home some time ago from a friend of mine where we already used to listen to some new and old records and talked a lot of stuff (read: Shit;-)...), yeahr, and back home realizing that the T.V.'s still just broadcasting bullshit I started listening to some more good old records and now after one bottle of (very delicious, maybe even good, we will know about that tomorrow, haha;-)...) vine, currently starting to be 'a little bit' half cut, haha;-) (and probably with the currently opened second bottle I'll be 'full cut', haha;-)...), I thought to myself: "Damn, this record you've to give the respect it deserves from you!" (By the way, 'cause of the fact that I have more or less a lot of free time this days and also 'cause the fact the weather isn't really summer anymore I am that pretty much active here on this blog right now in the last days, haha;-)...) And, ha, where if not here I should do it, haha;-)!!! (To review this record, damn, what else...) The record of which I was talking 'bout was the "HEADSTOMP" named full length release of BOOT PARTY. But, first of all, this are not the great californian American Oi! band BOOT PARTY of the same name, nah, this BOOT PARTY- but also damn great!!!- here were from fuckin' South Carolina, they released this record here back in 1996 and this on "Step 1 Music". And, to set things straight, this BOOT PARTY here from South Carolina weren't really comparable with the BOOT PARTY from California (you know, they released the "BRICKS TO CONCRETE" masterpiece back in the days... if you didn't know it, shame on you, but then you know it now... pussy;-)...), no matter in any way ever. This BOOT PARTY were and still are everywhere called American Oi!, that's right, but for a 1990's American Oi! band they weren't that typical. You really need to like or even love Old School Hardcore and also some good old high speed played Punkrock if you really want to become addicted to this band and record. (Just like me!) BOOT PARTY played a mostly very fast, really damn good hard, and damn 'giving a fuck about you, you, you, us, and everything and everyone else' mixture out of good old American Oi!, fast paced Old School American Hardcore, and sick and twisted old style Punkrock, spitting in the face of every trend. Great!!! Don't expect 'that much progressive' playing of or writing of the songs at all, but just pure energy, aggression as well as 'thirst for life', and damn much enthusiasm, yeahr, and you'll be served more than well with the "HEADSTOMP" from this BOOT PARTY here. If that's the case with you, yeahr, then damn it, then you'll really find a lot of pure gold here on this record. By the way, 22 songs in nearly 37 minutes, that's what we get here. My personal favorites are "DEMON IMPLANT", "YOU'LL NEED A MOP", "UNEMPLOYED", "BOSS MAN", "ART IS DEAD", "MAKE MY DAY", "VOYER", "MAFIA MEN", "DON'T WEAR FLESH", "UNITED NATIONS", and "M-16". From the mentioned titles you do see, lyrically they do cover a pretty wide distance, what's always a good thing, at least if you ask me. Then we do also get a very cool artwork, and also a very good suiting production sound. To me this is solid gold, and if you find your personal musical likings being described in this review, then damn, just get this record!!! And this better yesterday than today!!! You still get this record pretty well nearly everywhere, even at Amazon, so there aren't any excuses why you still don't call it your own. Great stuff for me!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(Ah, just for the record, this one was released back in 1996, yehp, and so you can also this one call a review of a 'classical' release, I guees...)

New Jersey American Oi! Legends

SQUIGGY - "LIVE ON WFMU 5/21/98" ("Squigtone Records"; CD):
Next one of the announced 'classical' releases. It's the live record of one of New Jersey's finest, the great SQUIGGY. I won't tell ya now not that much about them, 'cause they will also join sonner or later the ranks of the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog. SQUIGGY had been formed in back in 1995, and had been defunct back in 2001. But they're back since the end of 2009, and the rumors go that they are about one or two new records still this year and this all on their own new record label named "Working Class Records". Let us hope and look forward to it!!! They released a big bunch of 7" singles and split records back in the days, and in 1999 their masterpiece full length "SONGS ABOUT HATE, ANGER AND THE AMERICAN WAY" finally came out. This here is their only live recording and it's from 1998 (the show) and was released back also in 1999 on the then own label of the band, called "Squigtone Records". This record normally gets not that a high rating when you look for it in fanzines, webzines, blogs, or where the hell ever else. But I think that this is a really damn good recording and also really a that damn good record, even if I'm usually also not that big fan of live records anyhow. SQUIGGY were always counted to the row of the legendary American Oi! bands of the 1990's, and that for some good reasons, but they also played a very strong style of their own. Pretty much influenced by early 1980's Hardcore Punk from England (THE EXPLOITED, THE VARUKERS, etc.) and 1980's early or old school American Oi!, all melted together by some strong bitter and pissed harsh Old School Hardcore noise, all brought together in the then present days and sound of the glorious 1990's. Fast and very aggressive guitar work, an atomizing rhythm section, and some of the damn most aggressive, bitter, angry, and pissed off vokillz I've ever heard no matter which genre you do take. Not a sunshine band at all, but the real deal, well grounded and edged, hard work and even harder struggles. Great!!! And that's what you also get from the lyrics of this great band!!! Totally non PC, showing the finger and giving the boot to both political wings, Working Class and militant and proud of it, higly political, violent, militant, rebellious, critical of society as well as the scene, and all 150% authentic, that's how I like it!!! And that's also what you get here!!! A big bunch of great SQUIGGY anthems, like "MIDDLE CLASS REBELLION", "DOUBLE STANDARD", "YOUR ATTITUDE", "ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT", "PULL THE TRIGGER", "SQUATTER PUNK", "GET OUT", and their great version of the 'ROMPER STOMPER' classic "PULLING ON THE BOOTS". Great stuff!!! This live set that they've recorded here back in the days was actually not a proper live show of them, but an live set they've played on a radio network show. So maybe we could discuss it, if it is a 'real' live record or not, but that's not that important at all, or at least I do think so. The sound is pretty good, and also the artwork of this record looks pretty good. So, decide for yourself if you could imagine that a nice little live album like this could please your gusto, but if you do think so this could be a pretty good starting point for ya if ya still not knowing this great band (and SQUIGGY is a band that you really need to know, point and fact), or it could be a very nice completion of your SQUIGGY collection. Anyhow, get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

... we know where we stand and we won't budge a bit, we know the path we choose is right, hard as nails sharp as a knife...

RUN LIKE HELL - "GIVE 'EM HELL" ("Coretex Records"; CD):
Next one of the, hm, let us call it: 'classical' releases I announced to review some days ago. RUN LIKE HELL are a band from New York, formed by former members of bands like AWKWARD THOUGHT, THE MALADJUSTED, POSITRON, BOMBS AWAY, and SWISH. Formed by three tough guys (Skinhead, Hardcore Hooligan, Bootboy) and one beautiful Punk Chica. They formed at the end of the 1990's, released also an EP in 2001 on "Dead City Records", and then in 2005 their full length here called "GIVE 'EM HELL", thrown out on the subcultural musick market by the guys of "Coretex Records" based in the german capital city of Berlin. The songs of their 2001 EP are also to be found on this full length CD, that contains all in all tewlve tracks. So don't be suprised if you read that the songs on this record had been recorded over the long period from 1998 to 2003. RUN LIKE HELL were also on the official soundtrack of the 2009 Mickey Rourke movie masterpiece "The Wrestler", so maybe we can still hope that there will be finally coming something new from them some day. Okay, I think that this record and band are often overlooked or just not known by a lot of folks out there, so I just thought to myself that this needs to be changed and so this review here came finally to happen. So simple can things sometimes be, you see, haha;-). RUN LIKE HELL once were described as Streetrock, I think also by themselves. Hm, I don't know, nah, but really suiting them is this genre description not really. Of course they were a really hard rockin' Streetmusic band, blending some 'catchyness' of the Streetpunk with some good rockin' notes. But more than some good rockin' and forward pushing Streetpunk they used to play here a bonecracking mixture out of very hard American Oi! the N.Y.C. Bootboy way and brutal and very hard New York City Old School Hardcore, a very force- and powerful combination cultivated and blended with a load of great catchy Sing-A-Long Streetpunk parts. They change the pace very quick and clever, from fast paced and very much Hardcore like up tempo parts to groovy and heavy roarin' Oi! parts, melted together by some catchy Streetpunk 'chanting parts'. Marked by very hard and very well-versed guitar work, that's also not lacking great leads and melody lines, a very present and just great bass playing, forceful crew back-ups, gaudy drum playing, and very rough and just 100% charismatic vocals. Ah, and "MISFIRED" also is cultivated by a piano. Maybe comparable with MURDERER'S ROW, but much more serious and smart, and with much better lyrics. The lyrics that they've written are truly a damn great job. Dealing with several issues like the downfalling society, the pride as well as the strife (that comes with it) of being Working Class, against false unity bullshit, the Bootboy Way of Life, against the cowardly sick and perverted faceless mass, against child molesters/murderers, and much more very good and interesting issues, and all done just fucking damn good. Also we do get a very good, dirty and hard production sound, as well as a great artwork. My personal favorites are "IN THE TOSS", "HONEST MAN", "TIRED", "GUERILLA WARFARE", and "MISFIRED". And if there's a suckin' song anyhow on it, then it would be at all maybe just "WE WON'T TOLERATE IT ANYMORE", but that's easily to stow away at the end of this record. After all you should do yourself the hugh favor and get this record as long and from where you still can. Great stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)


"OX FANZINE" Issue No. # 90
(Juni/Juli 2010 - June/July 2010)
(Fee: 4,90 Euro)
The still current issue of the german "OX FANZINE". Okay, we could discuss it if it's still a fanzine or not for a pretty long while now already a magazine, but that's not that important to me at all. Like all the the big and still so called fanzines from Germany also the "OX FANZINE" is quite a (bigger) bit politically correct and morally instructing, what's always pretty much annoying to me. But okay, how-ever, if they all think they own the solely key to true wisdom, then let them think so, if it's that what makes them sleep calm and save at night. But I always liked to read the "OX FANZINE" pretty much, in contrast to- for example- the terrible "PLASTIC BOMB" 'fanzine'. Okay, as usual the zine is so packed full with interviews, columns, reviews (records, books, comics, fanzines, movies, concerts, audio books), regional and political bulletins, short stories (the great story of 'Peter Pank', now-a-days called "Peter Pank and Hardcore", by Klaus N. Frick), news, punkrocking sporting specials, news, concert dates, vegetarian and vegan recipes (very delicious stuff, as usual, and just to let you know this), and comics. You really get a huge load of the mentioned content to read, if you just like to. Musically it's very, very wide spread and open, from Punkrock (of the different styles and kinds) over Streetpunk and Oi! (but still and always a little bit ridiculous stupid and defaming when it comes to this two genres... you know, it's this whole politically correct "With us or against us!" AFA mentality crap...) to Hardcore, from Rock & Roll over Rock and Hardrock to Metal, and also a lot of stuff more. Okay, my personal favorites are "PÖBEL & GESOCKS", "THE OTHER", "Oi POLLOi", "HEAVEN SHALL BURN", "KINGDOM OF SORROW", "COMMON ENEMY", "SARAH BLACKWOOD", "GIMP FIST" "AGAINST ME!", "DEADLINE", "RED SPARROWS", "CHUCK RAGAN", and "THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM". And there's even more that could be discovered by you, if you like to. As usual the "OX FANZINE" is coming completly written in german by a big bunch of mostly good gifted writers (good gifted when it comes to writing;-)...), coming to you in a very proffesional black/white but also sometimes partial colored layout, all in very good print quality. So, it's always more or less worth a read, so maybe you give it a try, especially if you're also interested in, hm, let us call it some more "Mainstream Music". It also comes with a free CD on top of it all, but nah, you really don't have to listen to this CD. The next issue shall be also coming out soon. You should be able to get it at every newsstand, kiosk, station bookshop, and some of the bigger Punkrock mailorders.

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

'Get pissed, talk shit, dance like an idiot?'

"PUNKROCK!" fanzine issue No. # 12
(Summer 2010)
(Price: 3,00 Euro)
Here it is the current and newest issue of the german "PUNKROCK!" printfanzine. As usual it is a really very good fanzine (to when it comes to how it's done), with a lot of very interesting content that fills the beautiful black/white pages of this nice little but blulky zine. Good writing, good tonguing, often good and interesting done interviews, regional bulletins, very grapping and sometimes even truly fantastic columns, very detailed and informative reviews of records, fanzines, concerts, and books, good done (hi-)stories, a big bunch of fresh news. All what you might expect from a printfanzine of your choice to catch, get and hold your inerest. No doubt about it. No problems with it. But what still totally sucks is this stupid "With us or against us!" attitude, this whole thinking that the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and their interviewed buddies do own the only key to the right wisdom, and this whole defaming of and this whole hustle against, this ridiculous witchhunt on everybody and anyone that isn't with the "PUNKROCK!" crew and their buddies on the same agenda, this whole crap is really so damn annoying that I can't find the words to describe it. First example: They give us a summary of an conversation with Sebi of STOMPER 98 (keep in mind, a summary, not an interview, a printed form of this conversation, no, just a summary, so you just get everything from out of the perspective of the writing guy... no comment, this is nearly yellow press standard...) and then a short interview with Phil of THE TEMPLARS as well as STOMPER 98. Phil is given very good and also very well prudent and very well thought out answers, proving them wrong when it comes to defaming him, THE TEMPLARS and STOMPER 98 as anyhow right wing, radical or even extremist, at all (keep in mind that here in Germany THE TEMPLARS get defamed as being NS, fascists, racists, etc. by the AFA faggot jackasses). And what's the outcome? Still STOMPER 98 and THE TEMPLARS, Sebi and Phil aren't not one of the 'good guys', still they are 'shady persons' at the end of this three little pages, only because they not jump on the AFA train, only because they not fit into the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and friends site of this whole "With us or against us!" attitude bullshit thing. This is goddamn stupid and ridiculous arrogant and intolerant, but hey, let them still preach about tolerance, respect, and acceptance for people that are other than you and your people are... What a farce this all is, I don't have to point that out to you, right!!!???!!! Second example: Then they do an interview with the german blog "Oire Szene", the guys that are completly anonymous running this blog had given themselves the factory order to reveal any kind of infiltration of the Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Hardcore, and Psychobilly scene by the radical and extreme political right. What maybe sounds like a good idea is nothing but a defaming, ridiculous, through and through politically correct "With us or against us!" fascistic bullshit mentality, declaring everyone that's not on their agenda to be at least racist, sexist, if not White Power and NS. This all got not questioned by the "PUNKROCK!" guys, no, they just are at least a little bit distracted by some too annoying aspects of how the "Oire Szene" does work, but the founding principles and the self-declared "anti-fascist" attitude (*lol*) of this anonymous rushing cowards are rated more than just good and justified. It's a so damn incredible farce, and that's also counting for the conspiracy theory thinking of this "Oire Szene" jackasses (behind every corner the evil Nazis are waiting to infiltrate every scene and every (sub-) system... oh, come on...), and yes, again I simply don't find the fitting words to describe it. Third example: The "PUNKROCK!" guys as well as the "Oire Szene" blog are creating, building up the some bogeymen, like defaming for example labels like "KB Records", "Bandworm Records", "United Kids Records", and "Randale Records" as being right wing, radical if not extreme, being part of this whole conspiracy thing, and a band like the KRAWALLBRÜDER are from the standpoint of this guys something like the most evil NS Boneheads out there you just can meet. Again I simply can't find the right words to describe how stupid and ridiculous this all is. And yes, it just sucks!!! Guys, go out and search the places where the true Neo-Nazis use to hang around, take action, but stop this incredible fucked up crap!!! Okay, is there anything left to say?!? You also get interviews with bands like RIOT BRIGADE (PC Anarcho Punk, and this guys seem also to call the key to ultimate wisdom their own... strange world, when the self proclaimed open minded and tolerant and intelligent behave like arrogant and stupid elitists...), STRIKE ANYWHERE (crap band, good interview), ABFUKK (loud and dirty Hardcore Punk, and very good interview, but where's the third K gone, haha;-)...), a very good done so called 'Acoustic Punk Special' (still wondering what new genre names will also come up in the future...), good interviews with JOHNNY WOLGA and the LOCATORS, a annoying and unintersting story of LAIBACH, and a pure and 100% promotion interview with the new german Punk label "AGGRESSIVE PUNK PRODUKTIONEN" from Germany. What you also still find I've written all above, so just read there. Okay, that's all, like I've said a good fanzine, when it comes to the level on where it's done, but it's getting more and more nothing but a farce because of the mentioned reasons, this whole fucked up "With us or against us!" attitude or mentality crap!!! Decide for yourself if you think you have to call it your own or not... As usual, black/white pages with nice grey contrasts and pictures in very good quality, all wrapped by colored front- and backcover. Ah, and it was really very nice to see 'Tank Girl' finally again!!!


RED, WHITE & BLUE - "BOOTS OF PRIDE" ("Rock O Rama Records"; MCD/CD):
First more or less 'classical' record that I've announced to review some days ago, and now here we do go with the review of this record!!! RED, WHITE & BLUE were an outstanding and just great American Oi! band from New Jersey that existed from around 1995 formed out of the ashes of the old American Oi! Punk band of the name 2404 and the band SPIRIT OF 88, an American Hardcore band of that time and not the NS faggots from Germany, released a demo called the "SKINHEAD CREW DEMO" in 1995, their fantastic and incredible good and over the top debut record "PATRIOTIC GLORY" in 1998, this MCD here back in 1999, and their final 7" single "DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY" in 2000, before deciding to call it a day and broke up. (Hm, I think in 1997 they've also released a demo called "PROUD TO BE WORKING CLASS".) The rumors go that it had been because of ongroing heating tensions because of different political standpoints in the band between the bandmembers. After RED, WHITE & BLUE some of the bandmembers went on to form ROAD TO RUIN and the LABOR DAY SAINTS. They released their records mostly on "Pure Impact Records" from Belgium and on "Dim Records" from Germany. But that shall be enough to introduce them on the short way to you, and more I don't want to say/write more right now, because some day in the future RED, WHITE & BLUE will be also featured in the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog, you can be sure about it!!! So, now to this record here. It was released by the german label "Rock O Rama Records", what once became and still is a damn stupid farce of an NS faggot jackass label, so you maybe get a pretty good impression of what's meant with heating tensions because of becoming too different when it comes to politics. So this MCD is basically a collection of some of their old demo songs settled together with a better, remixed as well as remastered sound. We get all together seven songs, one intro track called "Oi! THE INTRO", a cover of the precursor band 2404 called "YOU CAN'T GET US DOWN", and five originally RED, WHITE & BLUE tracks called "Oi! SKINHEAD", "STREETS", "WAY OF LIFE", "BOOTS OF PRIDE" and "RED, WHITE & BLUE", and some of them were also on their "PATRIOTIC GLORY" debut full length to be found. RED, WHITE & BLUE played a very well-paced, stampede-like, hard and violent stomping style of American Oi!, taking pride in people, culture, class, nation, and land. Angry and pissed off, forceful and violent driven forward by sharp and hard edged guitar playing, a raw and roaring bass work, brutal pounding drumming, powerful crew shouts, and some of the hardest, best, and charismatic and smart vocals to be ever heard on any kind of Oi!, Streetpunk, or Punkrock release. They really knew how to play their instruments and even a hell a lot more how to write not just only very good songs but anthems followed by anthems!!! One of my all-time favorite bands, no need to say more!!! You like it hard, raw, rough, grim, violent, militant, and fuckin' pissed off, yet being sing-a-long as fuck?!? Yeahr, then give this guys a try!!! On top of it there's a great artwork (I love motifs like this one that you see above, it's the frontcover of the record... okay, what else, haha;-)...), a very good, organic and non-polished production sound, as well as damn brilliant done lyrics, no matter if it's about the Bootboy/Skinhead/Oi! Way of Life, Working Class, Patriotism, Troop Support, big "Fuck off's!!!" to the ruling policy (that's always nothing else than the policy of the ruling class, never forget about it), and all done so damn good and stand-alone like the music to this lyrics. Great!!! I still love this band, and also this record!!! You should really try to get it from where-ever, but try it, and yeahr, even more important, fucking get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)


Hey folks,

some little fresh-up when it comes to some news is what you now get to listen to!!! By the way, first, did you already noticed that the interviw with the great young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band of FIGHTING 84 is up and ready?!? No?!? Okay, now you know it, scroll just a little bit down and you'll be able to read it, damn, and that's what you should do!!!
I don't know if you remember it correctly or at least if you anyhow remember it, but by reviewing all the bands and fanzines there had been once at least two bands that had been some sort of maybe a 'shady affair' to me. You know, when it comes to politics on this blog there's just one bottom line and that's- beside fuck PC- fuck the White Power subhuman scum and this whole fucked up NS faggot crap!!! Maybe I will write some day finally really a little (?) statement when it comes to politics, but damn it, right now I don't really think so, 'cause: Why?!? I mean, is it really that important to you to know what's my political stance on life?!? Really?!? If yes: Go and get a real life and leave the ranks of the fuckin' thought police!!! If no: Then why should ya read something about it anyhow, haha;-)!!! You can get a pretty good- and especially a pretty true and real and honest- impression of my political standpoint, on my weltanschauung by reading the interviews, the reviews, the introductions, the blog as a whole, no matter if you like what you've get to read or if you like it not (for example when it comes to, hm, let us call it 'foreign policy', but honestly, if you like it or not matters not really at the end of the day to me, haha;-)...) and that should be enough at all at this point of time and space, really!!! One last word: Accept it or not, I'm damn sure not left wing anymore and I'm also not right wing, I just go straight ahead through my life 'cause to 'fly' I still need two and so both wings, being disgusted of what so called 'communism' set to reality was, being grown angry and bitter and militantly pissed off of what capitalism turned out to really be, always hated and being always disgusted by Fascism, Nationalsocialism, Racism, and Anti-Semitism of any kind, being fed up with every political scene and self proclaimed political 'elitists' of any kind (not to talk about party political bullshit and what the so called unions turned out to be nowadays) who think they know everything, and also eveything better than anyone else, and that they own the stone of wisdom and think that they have the right to decide what I or you should think, say, and do, whom we should love or hate, whom and how we should fuck and lick clits, how we should sleep, eat, drink, piss, puke, and fart, wanting to decide for you and me to whom and why we have to be tolerant and preaching acceptace for everything on their own agenda but giving a fuck about all of us, and you know what, I still have a couple of boots waiting to kick their faces in!!! Taking pride in and taking care of myself, my family, my heritage, my creed, my class, my land, my friends, and my people, never back down and always stay real through and through!!! Did I made myself clear when it comes to politics?!? I think so, if not ask me directly (or as direct as a message or e-mail can be), or go and fuck yourself!!! So now to the two bands:
It has been BRASSIC and BOOTPRINT where I don't really felt comfortable in any way by reading some interviews (especially in german zines where the interviews had been translated into the german language...), both bands I saw after this reading action in a somehow 'shady light'. But by reading new and/or fresher interviews with them I think that my uncomfortable feeling I can now call history with more than just some justification to it. Thank the great Buddha or whom or what ever for that, 'cause with BRASSIC for me it would have been the loss of a very good pretty new U.S. Skinhead Rock & Roll band, and with BOOTPRINT to me it would have been the loss of one of the very best current bands around!!! If you want to read the interviews by yourself (of course you should want to do it), then go and visit for BOOTPRINT and for BRASSIC also as well as and get to know more about the two bands!!!

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Yeahr guys, now here it comes, the announced interview with the young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band FIGHTING 84 from Southern California!!! I follow their development since some time now and I'm really enjoying it to see and hear them grow much stronger and stronger with every new recorded couple of tracks that they load up. So it was truly a pleasure and a honor for me to get the chance to do an interview with them, yeahr, and you know what, I'm fuckin' proud that they were enthusiastic about it and that I can present this interview here now to you. Damn, I wanted to start to put it up already on this past friday but didn't find the time to get it done, and yesterday I was just too busy with being what you might call 'on the road', so okay, how-ever after ll, 'cause currently and right now the work starts!!! I've done the interview with Brandon of FIGHTING 84, and he's done a fuckin' great job, I mean, the interview is truly a 'must-read', if you know what I mean, and no, I'm not just saying/writing and thinking that because it's a interview that I've done, it's really an outspoken statement of one of a kind!!! So Brandon, THANX A LOT MATE for the great work!!! Keep in touch!!! And to you, the readers, enjoy it and be prepared for some no non-sense talking, here's the real deal!!! Here's what it's all about, REAL LIFE, no cheap talk, no self-proclaimed leftist PC crap, no WP/NS faggot garbage, but just hard work, passion, and giving a fuck about what you might think!!! So go and get it!!! Real Oi!, nothing less but even a lot more!!! CLASS RAGE and PATRIOTISM is REVOLUTION!!! Taking shit from no one!!!

*** 'They fly the trojan banner! Might as well be the sickle & hammer!' ***

*** FIGHTING 84 ***

*** American Oi!'n'R.A.C. from the city of L.A. in Southern California ***

01.) Hey guys, first of all let me thank you for doing this interview, and yes, I'm a 'little bit' proud of it, not at least because I haven't found any interviews with you so this might be a little bit of something like a premier;-). So tell us something how things are looking these days in the FIGHTING 84 camp, everything's fine?!?
No thank you Andy for wanting to do this interview with us, it's very much appreciated. First off, yeah, it's pretty much a premier of our band, hich we're glad some people (like you) actually like *laughs*. FIGHTING 84 is doing well, just practicing and fixing up our songs. We're hoping to do a split with some bands in the coming months, so look out for that!
02.) I just know about your MySpace profile and that's not giving us so many informations about you as a band and you guys in the band. Maybe we start with the introduction of you, tell us some 'classified informations' about you guys in the band (age, hobbys, work/jobs, family, band experiences before starting FIGHTING 84, who's playing which instrument, etc.) and from where do you all know each other.
Well I'm Brandon (20) the guitarist, our drummer's Jeff (20) and our bassist is Bridget (21). Myself and our drummer have actually known each other for a long time, and we both met our bassist in school (in between ditching and running amok in our part of shitty Los Angeles county). Well our past band experiences are pretty much non existent, we are pretty young and determinded to get our music to like minded people who enjoy to listening to raw music, without the PC labels and bullshit 'Let's Get Along!' crap songs you hear now a days.
03.) You're a pretty new or young band, so I won't spare you the official interview standard question about the history of you as a band. So, please tell us your bandhistory right from the start on to the present day. Ah, and what had been the reasons for you to start the band? The word's up to you right now;-)!!!
FIGHTING 84 began towards the end of last year 2009, just because we were tired of all the crap music, and lack of anti-commie music coming out of L.A. The music scene all together in Los Angeles is crap, there's only the left wing here, we'll be glad to take up a spot in the small RIGHT wing section for L.A. bands.
04.) What I'm asking myself right from first looking at your MySpace profile: What's the meaning of or behind your bandname?!? Who or what is or was the FIGHTING 84, what's the (maybe historical?) meaning behind it (if there is at least any meaning behind it)?
We've actually been asked that before, and it's actually a simple answer: We got it off a patch I (Brandon) found in a military store when I went in to buy a new bomber. (Told you it was short, *laughs*.)
05.) You're coming from Southern California, but from where directly? What is there to tell about the scene of Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, and Hardcore musick in your hometown area? I think that there had always been some great American Oi! bands coming from California in the past, just to name only the great HEADSTRONG, BOOT PARTY, SOLDIER 76, or PATTON'S LEGION, LONESOLDIER, and the legendary BOVVER WONDERLAND. But I think the mentioned bands are more or less all defunct these days, and beside you there are not that many currently active bands coming to my mind, just maybe BRASSIC. So tell us a little bit about your local or regional scene in these days. Are there any bands, fanzines, distros, labels, etc. that are keeping the spirit alive? Ah, and with all the above mentioned bands, what's your opinion of 'your' California when it comes to American Oi! Oi! music?!?
As I mentioned before the scene in Los Angeles is full of left wing people wearing CRASS shirts and spewing Anarchist bullshit. If you walk down the street with a certain T-Shirt on you could probably catch shit from Punks who think they know everything about a culture they don't even belong to. When it comes to California in Oi! music, obviously we had our fair share of great fucking bands, but till now only a handful are left. We're hoping (over time) to bring Oi! back to L.A. , real Oi!, none of that crap playing around town.
06.) Now let us come to your music: You are playing a very raw and dirty, well paced, old school type of Oi! Oi! Bootboy music sound. If you ask me your influences are coming more from Europe and England , than from the States. Old english Streetpunk and early Oi! and also some early british R.A.C. stuff, and I just have to name the early SKREWDRIVER, especially when it comes to your guitar playing. Am I wrong? What would you say are your main influences and from where do you get your inspirations when you're writing songs?!?
Fucking right on the nose Andy! In writing songs, SKREWDRIVER is actually a big influence. Ian wrote songs for the british people, and never held back, which is exactly what we want to do; music for Americans by Americans. Rock against Communism is just a genre of music that we really grew to like, it's raw and never pulls punshes. Some of the newer Oi! bands would rather cover Reggae songs and sing about fucking dancing all night long, we sing about how this great country is going down the drain to communist bastards disguised as politicians.
07.) What I think is very exciting is that if you're following the moves of your band through your MySpace profile and the posted songs of you, you can really hear and listen to how you're getting better and better from the first recordings of your old songs to your newest song "CLASS RAGE". To have the opportunity to be part of this development is really exciting and a very good thing. Maybe you can tell us something about the process of songwriting, how you are writing your songs, and is there anything special to tell us about your rehearsal sessions, strictly focussed work or alcohol fueled mayhem?
Thanks a lot Andy, yeah I suppose we are *laughs*. Well our first recording was with our first singer and was pretty much a glue and paste job with the song writing and music, that songs are still up on MySpace somewhere, fucking horrible version though (just wasn't afit with our old singer). The writing process really consist of myself just seeing shit day to day, from the fucking yuppies in downtown, to the way our streets are being fucking overrun by illegal immigrants. There is a legal way to come to this country for fuck's sake! Rehearsal's pretty much boring brother, nothing but three people just trying to get the songs (and new ones!!!) a lot tighter.
08.) Now let us come to your (to me well known) songs you've posted on your MySpace profile. Let us start with "FUCK THE REDS". The message is easy to get by the title, or at least I think so, haha;-). But that's just the first impression, 'cause I think it's more 'Fuck off!' song to this whole 'Spirit of 1969' so called traditional Skinhead crap, turning the whole S.H.A.R.P. thing into a radical left wing happening with this whole misunderstood 'tolerance thig' when it comes to doing drugs and other bullshit like that, than a simple 'Commie Bashing' song. Good song with good lyrics, if you ask me. Did I understood it somehow right, haha;-)?!? Are the lyrics influenced by the political divided situation of your local or regional scene?!?
Yeah, the song ("FUCK THE REDS") is more or less a song about the dividing line between the right and the left, there's a part in the song that goes "THEY FLY THE TROJAN BANNER! MIGHT AS WELL BE THE SICKLE AND HAMMER!" which pretty much sums it up. Fuck the spirit of '69, fuch 'TRADITION!', this isn't 1969, and this sure isn't England (not to say we have anything wrong to say about the Brits, but every country has their own way of making this culture there own, and why make it into a rip off version of 40 years ago, when you can make it all your own). The scene in our part of SoCal is pretty much like I had wrote, very PC. If you're hispanic and listen to SKREWDRIVER you'll get your ass kicked, if you're white then you're labeled White Power, if you're black they'd probuably call you a moron. But to us, it doesn't matter, listen to what you like, fuck it if it's SKREWDRIVER, music's music, and tell anyone who fucks with you to go listen to some REDSKINS and fuck off.
09.) Next song would be the angry smasher "ON PARADE". A song about patriotism, troop support and traitors and appeaser-cowards? How is the situation these days in the States? Your president just called the former 'chief-general' of the troops in Assghanistan back home after he had criticised the policy when it comes to the 'War against Terror' and send some new folk at the position that's more well-suiting the concepts of the 'Commander in Chief'. So how is the situation rght now for example when it comes to supporting the troops out there in the fields, and is the ruling policy heavily questioned in the american society? Maybe you can give us an 'inside view' for what you know and based on your opinions?
Well "ON PARADE" is a song about seeing your enemies (you could be used in anyway) marching down your countries street, seeing how they're bringing down your country for the idea of the 'Common Good', it's a song that every American can understand, an enemy who has the masses in it's palms, and the idea that you're the only one that actually see's the truth. In my part of town most people are supportive of the troops, but there's always that strung out Hippie wanna be talking about peace and all that bullshit. As for Obama having a hissy fit, haha, no comment.
10.) My total favorite is your still newest song "CLASS RAGE", no matter if you take the music or the lyrics. I think it's a great combination of very early SKREWDRIVER and some good old American Oi! the californian way of sound (BOOT PARTY, SOLDIER 76, PATTON'S LEGION), just great!!! And the lyrics are also just a great done job!!! You are drawing a very dark picture of the situation of the american society (and especially the hard working middle class) today, being messed around by the ruling policy (that's always nothingmore and nothingelse than the policy of the ruling class, so fuck it up anyway!!!) and being forced to climb down the 'social ladder' again. Even if I think it's basically the same thing in nearly every (western) country and with nearly every (western) society (sadly and fucked up enough), I think it's a very interesting fact because the so called 'Change!' that your president Obama announced to bring to the politics and society of the States seems just to be nothing more than a farce. How is the situation for the middle class in the USA today, tell us about it, and what's your opinion about your current president, his policy and the promises he once gave you?!? Is the "CLASS RAGE" justified and about time?!?
Obama, like every other politician before him, have lied in some ways. Thanks for actually listening to the lyrics, yeah, I was trying to pretty much say that no matter how hard a man or woman works for a better life, they'll never obtain it in the long run, because of the huge gap between the middle and the upper. I think the 'rage' the middle class feels toward the government is genuine in different ways (some shout it out loud, others rather do it in subtle ways). No matter what, if the right wing is in power, the left has something bad to say, and vice versa. You can never win, the middle class will never have that power, because there will never be the one government official who is like us, even after they gain power, everyone has their price, and because of that, we will never win.
11.) Your last song (up and online) is the sick track "LOVE HANDLES", ah, and maybe just you tell us what 'love handles', haha;-)?
Hahahahahahah, well "LOVE HANDLES" was written in about twenty minutes by myself and a friend of the band (Joseph) because we hadn't gotten "CLASS RAGE" down, and just wanted to record. It's actually about our friend Rizzo, and how he's constantly after fa.... woman of a certain size. It's just poking fun at his infatuation with the opposite sex (and the other end of the weight spectrum).
12.) I don't know if you feel comfortable with it, but I really think that you are not only an outspoken but also an political band, simply because the songs I know of you are all dealing with political issues (okay, maybe beside "LOVE HANDLES"). You are also using the R.A.C. genre to describe yourself and also the "Punk's not red!" logo. I could imagine that a lot of people do have some serious problems with that, right?!? Of course, I also had for a long time my serious problems with R.A.C. music. Not because of the anti-communistic stance (that's often more an anti-soviet stance, and that's all fine with me, 'cause I could never understand how one could propagate that the Soviet Union was a good role model for societies to be, even and especially not if you call yourself a communist in any way, because the Soviet Union was nothing but a repressive and dictatorial farce of a state), but because of the strong anti-Semitic and racist stance a lot of these bands are propagating with and through their music. But after some years I started to discover that not all so called R.A.C. bands are White Power faggots and/or NS jackasses. For example the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE once also used the R.A.C. genre for a time to decribe themselves, but always have had a strong democratic stance (defending democracy against the soviet threat, etc.), that was and is light years away from the White Power/NS crap of the later SKREWDRIVER, NO REMORSE, later ARRESTING OFFICERS, and also maybe NEW GLORY, and so on. So what are your experiences with using the R.A.C. genre to describe your music? Do you have had a lot of problems with it (for example when it comes to getting gigs to play), hostilities coming from the one direction and 'making friends' on the other wrong side of the tracks? And what's your opinion to R.A.C. and this whole racist stuff in general?!?
EX-FUCKING-ACTLY!!! Not all R.A.C. bands are NS or White Power. Our drummer isn't white and our bassist and myself aren't full white. Gig wise, we actually haven't played yet, but have already gotten the usual 'warnings' not to play in certain parts, even certain states. The people that have told us not to play, or that we aren't welcome in some parts of town or the U.S. are usually Trads, Commie Punks, SHARPS, even some normal people! As for the reason we chose the R.A.C. label to label us, is just because of the rawness and hatred (not racial hatred, but more class hatred) that some Oi! is missing now a days, especially in L.A.!
13.) A lot of guys do also think that Oi! and R.A.C. should not be mixed together (and of course Ian Stuart Donaldson thought so, haha), what would you tell these guys (after you're using the R.A.C. as well as the Oi! genre to describe yourself)? And what would you tell a stupid jackass that wants to defame you as bunch of fencewalkers?
Fuck everyone! Call us what-ever you want, SHARP's don't like us because we aren't full of anti-racist songs and THE OPPRESSED covers (which we like, well, EARLY OPPRESSED). Punks have said stuff about us, even posting up some shit about 'FUCK R.A.C., LISTEN TO R.A.R.' ('Rock Against Racism'). We listen and play what we want, we'll play a SKREWDRIVER cover and then a fucking TRASHMEN cover.
14.) After these serious political stuff ;-) we will be closer coming to the end of this interview, but there are still one or two questions left on my writing pad. After I already asked you about your local and regional scene I also wanted to ask you what's your opinion about the current American Oi! scene, a positive or a negaive one, and what are bands we should have to know?
Well in parts of the country there's some really good fucking bands, Northern Cali, New York, etc. The Oi! scene has always been divided, from the left and right, from real Oi! to Punk bands who think they are. But speaking to other bands across the country (even down south in Mexico, Brazil and also Europe) are blurring the PC line of what's okay to listen to and what's not, R.A.C. (patriotic music, nationalistic music, NOT NS or White Power) is on the rise, Bootboys in different parts of the world, who fight and live for their country and real football.
15.) So now to the final question, coming to you and your future. What will be next of FIGHTING 84? Some new recordings and maybe a physical release one (hopeully very soon coming) day? Tell us a little bit about your future plans!
Well we are hoping to release two splits with a band over in New York, and another way down south past our borders in the coming months, a full on demo of ours won't be coming out anytime soon though, a year or so till we start focussing on that.
16.) So that's all for the moment from me now. It was a pleasure and a honor for me to do this interview with you and I hope it will bring you at least a little bit more support, 'cause I really think that you're damn deserving it!!! So THANX for doing this interview!!! Also there are still some questions left on my writing pad, but when there are coming some more news from you I will request a next one, be sure, haha:-)!!! So for now the last words remain to you and just keep on the good and passionate work and the spirit alive!!! Keep in touch!!! Best Greetings from Germany!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Folks, that's it for the moment of this strong and proud going young up and coming American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band FIGHTING 84, taking shit from no one and speaking out their mind without any PC garbage or what ever some self-proclaimed bullshit authority wants them to think and say!!! A great and very sympathic and authentic band, full of young and rebellious, militant spirit, yeahr, that' exactly what I was searching for, and that's exactly what I found with and in FIGHTING 84!!! Check the band out, follow their development and be prepared for more to come about and with them in the future here on this blog!!! And, again, thanks a lot Brandon, and keep in touch!!! Oi!

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... it's friday night and i'm feeling fine. i tell you baby it ain't no crime. a little drink and then some rock'n'roll...

Damn it, sometimes you really need some sort of a little reminder 'bout the records you primarly still wanted to review, and what shall I say, sometimes MySpace works really good as a messanger of 'reminding stuff'. So thanx for doing it!!! Okay, I know today it's saturday and not friday, so tonight it will be saturday and not friday night, but that shall not make any difference at this point. And yes, doing some swimming sports this afternoon (to silence my conscience;-)...) and then tonight it will be finally basically all about a 'little drink', 'some' Rock & Roll and meeting the crew and having and celebating a good time with the girls and boys to solemnize the birthday of a good mate. What this has to do with this record? A lot, not at least because it's all about getting this fucking party started, baby!!! THE BARONS are a damn great band from the U.S.A. (I think they come from Delaware, right?!?), and just to let you know it, this guys aren't aristocratic in any way but more through and through Blue Collar in every way. They aren't an Oi! band in any 'traditional way', and of course not a Skinhead band in the 'originally sense of this word'. But tell me: Is this really important to you?!? Then go home you stupid fuck and give yourself some Barclay's on "The Spirit of '69" but just leave here!!! THE BARONS are playing formidable Streetrock or Streetrock & Roll (and here this genre category is finally 100% justified), beer and whiskey thirsty, party hungry and all very sympathic and authentic, and also the great lyrics do carry this spirit and feeling perfectly. Yeahr, I like it, and it suits me as well as a bottle of delicious "Corona Extra" on my lips!!! If you like what "Headache Records" had been releasing, the whole New Jersey Streetpunk style and especially if you like the ancestors of this sound the great and legendary THE WRETCHED ONES, then also THE BARONS really should be something more than just good for ya. A little bit comparable to the mentioned band and style, but more harder and very dirty rockin' and rollin' and more open when it comes to their music, so they are enriching their very nice and well-versed in their pace varying and rousing songs for example sometimes with a damn good (Hammond) Organ. Great!!! So, to say it short and point it out: THE BARONS really rule, just a great band, and if you're in love with some very good and free of typical- especially musical- (Oi!/Skinhead) scene clichès being, hard rockin' Streetmusick then just don't think about it any longer but just get this record here!!! Great band that's giving us here a great record, that's coming with perfectly fitting lyrics, in a great artwork and in a very good and very dirty production sound. So do yourself a favor and get it, and yes, that's not an advice but an order!!! Also live they just must be damn fuckin' good!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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*** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS ***

Hey folks,
things had been going on pretty well when it comes to the blogg here. Like you should already have noticed, the announced interview with the great SUCKERED IN is online, up and ready for quite a while now, and I hope you've all read and enjoyed it. Also a lot or more or less all of the also already longer announced record reviews are up and ready, and honestly I've put the last one online today with the record review of the current SICK OF IT ALL full length masterpiece release, just read below this entry here. So now I thought that it's about time to give you a quick update of what's going on here, what's next, etc. pp., so, wanted or not, now you get it:
(Ah, by the way, my new tattoo, that's what you see on the left... okay, okay, what shall I say, I'm happy about and proud of it so I just feel the need to show it to the world, haha, so take it like it is, haha;-).)
First of all also the interview with the great young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band FIGHTING 84 from Souther California (from where directly you want to know, ha, wait until you get the interview to read, hehe;-)...) is finally ready and I'll start working on getting it online some time at this day. I've done it with Brandon of FIGHTING 84, and he's done a fuckin' damn good job, so thanx a lot mate!!! And yes, you can be prepared for some very good answers, giving a fuck about what is politically correct to say or not, and that's damn true!!! Like I've said, the interview is damn good, so be excited about it!!!
I have also some others good interviews currently in the work. Wanting to do some with the SORE LOSERS, with CRUCIAL CHANGE, and with Ryan (also the bass player of CRUCIAL CHANGE) who's running the great "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg. I hope it all works like it should, 'cause I've sent the interviews out via MySpace, and MySpace is currently ticking me off quite a bit because the functions of sending and receiving messages won't work correctly all the time and this is really somehow annoying me currently maybe a little bit, haha;-). If it all works, then hopefully you can get yourself prepared for three really interesting new interviews, with two outstanding bands and one great blogg, so wish me the best for it!!! The interview I always wanted to with TOTAL ANNIHILATION... damn, I think we can pretty much forget about it. I just can't get in contact with the band anymore and the band also isn't contacting me because of it by themselves. It's really sad, but okay, I guees you can't have anything or so. Next on my list to do interviews with are OFFENSIVE WEAPON (great American Oi! from New York City) and FOLSOM (Sin City Hardcore from out of the concrete jungle called Las Vegas), and I'll start working on them at some of the next days and then we all should wish the best for it. Or something else like this, haha;-). When the new split of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE is out I'm also hoping to do an interview with them. Time will tell!!! Ah, yes, and of course, their split release should be out still this year!!!
A friend of mine gave me some new records to listen to this days, and yeahr, thank the gods (or whom or what ever) that there are that beautiful and clever chicas out there that also have such a damn good taste when it comes to music, and I'm working myself through them. You wannt to know what records it are, okay, here you'll get it: GLORY BOYS - "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", TATTOOED MOTHERFUCKERS - "THUG ANTHEMS", ENDSTUFE - "WO WIR SIND BRENNT DIE LUFT (LIVE)", NJORD - "MOT HIMLEN", ULTIMA THULE - "KORPKVÄDET", ULTIMA THULE - "THE BEST OF...", and the MARCHING ORDERS - "DAYS GONE BY". Good stuff, for sure!!! And also I have some more classic reviews for you to come, for example of the ones like SQUIGGY, RED, WHITE & BLUE and RUN LIKE HELL. Also will be coming some new fanzine reviews in the next time, and just in case that you don't already know it, if you need some new fanzines then get the newest issues of the "Oi! THE PRINT" and the "ZWERGPIRAT" fanzines, also the newest issue of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine is out and worth a read, just that you know it, more soon then the next days. Sad news are that it seems that the "VOICE OF THE STREETS" fanzine seems to be defunct these days, what's a real pity. Ah, and also next on this blogg will be newest entries of the 'American Oi! History Series', with THE ANTI-HEROS and THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH, more to come. Also the category of 'Sports' will soon see some more new entries, I've got plenty of things planned and already in the work, be sure of it!!!
Beside this it's very cool to get finally some feedback for this blogg, especially because when it's that positive. So guys, THANX A LOT and all the best greetings are going out to Ryan of "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg (and, of course, CRUCIAL CHANGE) and to Bernhard of "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blogg and the "BERNANDO FUCK YEAH!!!" blogg for their nice words, their support and their appreciation of the work on this blogg here!!! THANX mates!!! I'll now give you the links to their bloggs (of course you also find them in my blogg list here on the blogg), and maybe some little description. You can reach Ryan and "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg while clicking on the link, and you really should go there if you're heart beats to the rhythm of Bootboy musick from the 1980's up to the present day. More I don't want to say right now here at the moment because of the coming interview, so I hope you understand it. Bernhard and his just gret "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blogg you'll reach by using the link, and you really should go there, especially if you are like me an addict to American Oi! musick!!! He puts in a lot of work, bringing postings and downloads about bands from the 1980's, the 1990's, the 2000ends years, and also of today. Reviews, videos, bandintroductions, news, concert informations, interviews, all done with a lot of heart and passion, and it's just a damn great blogg that you really have to know. So go there!!! His second blogg is also damn good stuff, covering a wider distance of musc, from Punkrock/Streetpunk to Oi!, and from SKA to old school R.A.C., and much more, bringing us also a lot of scandinavian insider tips, all brought to us also with a lot of intense and passionate work, ah, bringing us basically downloads. So go there and check it out. Ah, how you can go there? By using the link and test it out!!! Great stuff!!! Another nice blogg I want you to get aware of is the new Hardcore blogg run on respectively via MySpace by two young german guys and it's featuring a lot of brutal Hardcore bands of today, done very sympathic and enthusiastic. The blogg is called "57' HARDCORE BLOG"!!! Go and check it out with using the link. All written in german.
So guys, that's currently all I have to tell ya, so stay tuned about more things to come on this blogg here and check the mentioned bloggs out, go and get it!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!