Montag, 26. Juli 2010


Hey folks,

some little fresh-up when it comes to some news is what you now get to listen to!!! By the way, first, did you already noticed that the interviw with the great young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band of FIGHTING 84 is up and ready?!? No?!? Okay, now you know it, scroll just a little bit down and you'll be able to read it, damn, and that's what you should do!!!
I don't know if you remember it correctly or at least if you anyhow remember it, but by reviewing all the bands and fanzines there had been once at least two bands that had been some sort of maybe a 'shady affair' to me. You know, when it comes to politics on this blog there's just one bottom line and that's- beside fuck PC- fuck the White Power subhuman scum and this whole fucked up NS faggot crap!!! Maybe I will write some day finally really a little (?) statement when it comes to politics, but damn it, right now I don't really think so, 'cause: Why?!? I mean, is it really that important to you to know what's my political stance on life?!? Really?!? If yes: Go and get a real life and leave the ranks of the fuckin' thought police!!! If no: Then why should ya read something about it anyhow, haha;-)!!! You can get a pretty good- and especially a pretty true and real and honest- impression of my political standpoint, on my weltanschauung by reading the interviews, the reviews, the introductions, the blog as a whole, no matter if you like what you've get to read or if you like it not (for example when it comes to, hm, let us call it 'foreign policy', but honestly, if you like it or not matters not really at the end of the day to me, haha;-)...) and that should be enough at all at this point of time and space, really!!! One last word: Accept it or not, I'm damn sure not left wing anymore and I'm also not right wing, I just go straight ahead through my life 'cause to 'fly' I still need two and so both wings, being disgusted of what so called 'communism' set to reality was, being grown angry and bitter and militantly pissed off of what capitalism turned out to really be, always hated and being always disgusted by Fascism, Nationalsocialism, Racism, and Anti-Semitism of any kind, being fed up with every political scene and self proclaimed political 'elitists' of any kind (not to talk about party political bullshit and what the so called unions turned out to be nowadays) who think they know everything, and also eveything better than anyone else, and that they own the stone of wisdom and think that they have the right to decide what I or you should think, say, and do, whom we should love or hate, whom and how we should fuck and lick clits, how we should sleep, eat, drink, piss, puke, and fart, wanting to decide for you and me to whom and why we have to be tolerant and preaching acceptace for everything on their own agenda but giving a fuck about all of us, and you know what, I still have a couple of boots waiting to kick their faces in!!! Taking pride in and taking care of myself, my family, my heritage, my creed, my class, my land, my friends, and my people, never back down and always stay real through and through!!! Did I made myself clear when it comes to politics?!? I think so, if not ask me directly (or as direct as a message or e-mail can be), or go and fuck yourself!!! So now to the two bands:
It has been BRASSIC and BOOTPRINT where I don't really felt comfortable in any way by reading some interviews (especially in german zines where the interviews had been translated into the german language...), both bands I saw after this reading action in a somehow 'shady light'. But by reading new and/or fresher interviews with them I think that my uncomfortable feeling I can now call history with more than just some justification to it. Thank the great Buddha or whom or what ever for that, 'cause with BRASSIC for me it would have been the loss of a very good pretty new U.S. Skinhead Rock & Roll band, and with BOOTPRINT to me it would have been the loss of one of the very best current bands around!!! If you want to read the interviews by yourself (of course you should want to do it), then go and visit for BOOTPRINT and for BRASSIC also as well as and get to know more about the two bands!!!

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