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BOOT PARTY - "HEADSTOMP" ("Step 1 Music"; CD):
Guys, I tell ya, it's hard for me this days... My chica amante is still out of town for the next days (and this does suck really, and hell, damn it, not the good way of sucking...), I'm in one of my last two summer vacation weeks and nearly all of the friends of mine must work, or if not then their chicas amante aren't out of town and so they have no time to spend with a fuckin' Bootboy like me, I'm running this saturday a little marathon so I just can't do that much sport this days like I usually use to do, so you see, it's fuckin' hard for me these days... but what shall I do else, so I'm just trying to enjoy the time as much as anyhow and anyway possibel. So I just came back home some time ago from a friend of mine where we already used to listen to some new and old records and talked a lot of stuff (read: Shit;-)...), yeahr, and back home realizing that the T.V.'s still just broadcasting bullshit I started listening to some more good old records and now after one bottle of (very delicious, maybe even good, we will know about that tomorrow, haha;-)...) vine, currently starting to be 'a little bit' half cut, haha;-) (and probably with the currently opened second bottle I'll be 'full cut', haha;-)...), I thought to myself: "Damn, this record you've to give the respect it deserves from you!" (By the way, 'cause of the fact that I have more or less a lot of free time this days and also 'cause the fact the weather isn't really summer anymore I am that pretty much active here on this blog right now in the last days, haha;-)...) And, ha, where if not here I should do it, haha;-)!!! (To review this record, damn, what else...) The record of which I was talking 'bout was the "HEADSTOMP" named full length release of BOOT PARTY. But, first of all, this are not the great californian American Oi! band BOOT PARTY of the same name, nah, this BOOT PARTY- but also damn great!!!- here were from fuckin' South Carolina, they released this record here back in 1996 and this on "Step 1 Music". And, to set things straight, this BOOT PARTY here from South Carolina weren't really comparable with the BOOT PARTY from California (you know, they released the "BRICKS TO CONCRETE" masterpiece back in the days... if you didn't know it, shame on you, but then you know it now... pussy;-)...), no matter in any way ever. This BOOT PARTY were and still are everywhere called American Oi!, that's right, but for a 1990's American Oi! band they weren't that typical. You really need to like or even love Old School Hardcore and also some good old high speed played Punkrock if you really want to become addicted to this band and record. (Just like me!) BOOT PARTY played a mostly very fast, really damn good hard, and damn 'giving a fuck about you, you, you, us, and everything and everyone else' mixture out of good old American Oi!, fast paced Old School American Hardcore, and sick and twisted old style Punkrock, spitting in the face of every trend. Great!!! Don't expect 'that much progressive' playing of or writing of the songs at all, but just pure energy, aggression as well as 'thirst for life', and damn much enthusiasm, yeahr, and you'll be served more than well with the "HEADSTOMP" from this BOOT PARTY here. If that's the case with you, yeahr, then damn it, then you'll really find a lot of pure gold here on this record. By the way, 22 songs in nearly 37 minutes, that's what we get here. My personal favorites are "DEMON IMPLANT", "YOU'LL NEED A MOP", "UNEMPLOYED", "BOSS MAN", "ART IS DEAD", "MAKE MY DAY", "VOYER", "MAFIA MEN", "DON'T WEAR FLESH", "UNITED NATIONS", and "M-16". From the mentioned titles you do see, lyrically they do cover a pretty wide distance, what's always a good thing, at least if you ask me. Then we do also get a very cool artwork, and also a very good suiting production sound. To me this is solid gold, and if you find your personal musical likings being described in this review, then damn, just get this record!!! And this better yesterday than today!!! You still get this record pretty well nearly everywhere, even at Amazon, so there aren't any excuses why you still don't call it your own. Great stuff for me!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(Ah, just for the record, this one was released back in 1996, yehp, and so you can also this one call a review of a 'classical' release, I guees...)

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