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SUCKERED IN - Wake up America! Wake up to the world!

Hey guys, here it comes, the next and currently newest interview on your favorite blog on the web that's more or less world and wide and what so ever. This interview truly is a little bit something like a special one for me, hm, or maybe I say it better when I say that there is an history to this interview. To say it this way: I think two or maybe three years ago I joined this whole MySpace thing, and one of my very first adds had been SUCKERED IN. They blew me away right from the start. I mean, it was something very special that they had given me with their music. This combination of Oi! and Folk really was and still is something very special that you still won't hear of or listen to every day. Lyrically they also really convinced me right from the start. Maybe a lot of guys now do have some problems with that, especially here in fucking Germoney. Conservative views, also patriotic true to the bone, oh, for a lot of shitfaces and jackasses over here that's enough for defaming them as Fascist or what so ever. I don't have to tell ya all how stupid and ridiculous intolerant this is, and how displaced this damn fucked up defamation is. SUCKERED IN really speak some sort like of out of my soul with songs like "THE FIRESIDE CHAT" and "MAY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL" (even I am not from the U.S.A.), and the music is also truly just awesome. And, to say that before, this interview is given you some damn good and true statements, so be excited and prepared. So you'll see, there are more than enough reasons to give them the chance to spread the word here. I've wanted to do an interview right from the start, but somehow, what shall I say, the planned issue of my former print fanzine never saw the light of the day, but however, 'cause now the blog is an even better tool for giving them the opportunity to spread the word. So just check them out (as usual you'll find the link to their MySpace site right after the interview) and keep your eyes and ears open, 'cause finally a 7" of them will be coming sooner or later, but more will tell you Chowder of SUCKERED IN by himself in the and with this interview, so there's more than enough said right now, now the words up to Chowder and SUCKERED IN, so here comes the interview, so let's go!!! Just one last thing, and that's a huge "THANK YOU, MAN!" to Chowder for doing this interview, great work (by the way), and all the best for you and SUCKERED IN in the future, and keep me informed about what's going on out there;-)!!!
*** SUCKERED IN - Folk'n'Oi! from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.***
01.) Hey Chowder, first of all THANX for doing this interview. And what shall I say, beside he whole Oi! and Hardcore acts you're the first more or less Folk band on my blog, and you know what, I couldn't any better. So, enough of the introduction words right now ;-), now let's go ahead to the interview. First of all please tell the readers and me something about you nd your sidekick called Raygun.Who are the guys behind SUCKERED IN, give us some 'classified inside informations' (age, family, jobs/work, other musical or band experiences, and hell, what ever alse may come to your mind;-)...)!!!
Well, SUCKERED IN is comprised of two members, Chowder and Raygun, as mentioned in your question. I do lead vocals and mandolin, and Raygun does backing vocals and acoustic guitar. We are both 25. I work in a coffee house kitchen and Ray works with computers. I am not currently in any other music projects, but I was in another band when I still lived in FL called THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND. Ray is also in two other bands, the MORBID YEARS , which is a Pop Punk band, and the DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND, which is a Horror Punk band.
02.) Okay, after we all know now with who we are dealing here, let us come to your band and it's history, to SUCKERED IN. I remeber when I first joined the whole wide world of MySpace you respectively SUCKERED IN had been one of my very first adds that I have had. It's beensome years now since then so I think you're around for quite a while now with SUCKERED IN, so just tell us your bandhistory right from the start of things to the present day now, give us all the informations we do need to know about SUCKERED IN.
Well actually, the band hasn't really gotten going up until the late spring of 2010. I started this project when I still lived in FL back in the spring of 2007. At that time I recruited my friend Rocco from the Boston Punk band the UNITED STATES OF MIND, or USM, and with him I recorded "THE FIRESIDE CHAT" and "LET THE LAGER DECIDE". When he moved back to South Africa, I started playing with another friend, Boob, of the Tampa Bay Celtic Punk band SPIRITS DOWN, and with him I recorded "MAY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL". After that, I played two solo live shows, one in FL and one in PA, both of which did not work out well due to poor planning and a lack of guitarist. So, after that the band pretty much lay dormant for a year or two, aside from me recording a few rough demos of random songs, until recently when we began practicing actively again.
03.) You are playing a very interesting kind or style of music. Raw and rough, but well-versed Folk music edged on sharp and angry Oi! roots, that's really giving your unique style of Folk music a truly beefy backbone. If I am going wrong, then you now have the time and place to set things straight and correct. ;-) What I truly wanted to know is, how did you come to play this not so usual kind of music, your truly stand-alone songs? It's truly something that you won't hear any day or so, I hope you know what I mean...
Yes, I think I know what you're asking, haha. Basically, I grew up listening to Oi! music, as well as old school Punk, SKA, Hardcore, etc., but Oi! was always my favorite. However, once I started outgrowing my teen years, I began to develop a taste for the music of parents' generation, including Classic Rock, Soul, Motown, Doo Woop, and yes, Folk music. I believe what I did was combine my two favorite genres from both my own tastes and what I was exposed to by my parents. But, more directly, Oi! and Folk share a common bond in that they are both extremly simple, direct forms of music that were created by the working and lower middle classes to express the inconsistencies and contradictiones of the world around them. I also liked that both genres weren't afraid to say exactly what they meant, and didn't hold back. So, as a result, I combined both into my own brand, which is basically conservative Folk music with that Oi! melody, passion and edge.
04.) Had there been any, hm, let us call them 'idols', that were something like cornerstones on your way creating your music? And what would you say, what is inspiring you most, back in the days and today, when it comes to writing songs?
While I tend not to call them 'idols', so to speak, there were definitely a few important artists that I looked to for inspiration for sure. One of the main ones has been BADLANDS, a former Dutch Oi! group which incorporated elements of both the hard hitting Oi! genre, as well as beautiful Folk songs about their country, their prie, their culture, etc. Some other big influences on me were other American and European Oi! bands like PATRIOT, COCKNEY REJECTS, HUDSON FALCONS, SKREWDRIVER (early), THE OPPRESSED, etc. Also American and English Folk, Celtic, Rock and Country singers like KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, the ROLLING STONES, the WHO, JOHN PRINE, the POGUES, etc.
05.) I always liked the DROPKICK MURPHYS, FLOGGING MOLLY, BLOOD OR WHISKEY, NECK, and other Irish Folk Punkrock bands, and of course also bands like the POGUES, the GREENLAND WHALEFISHERS, and a lot of other comparable acts. Somehow I would also count you to that 'row' or 'line' of the mentioned bands, but otherwise I have to admit that I would also find it somehow not really fitting, if you know what I mean. What do you think of the mentioned bands and this whole Irish Folk Punkrock genre, and what would you say, is there any kind of relation between you and the mentioned bands respectively the mentioned genre?
Well, I have loved Celtic Punk for a long time, as it was one of the first Punk subgenres I got into. I love it, but at the same time I feel like it has become somewhat of an overplayed hand, so to speak, in terms of originality, and particularly in the U.S. Not to say that the music we play is entirely original, nobody's is entirely. I just think that there's other avenues and ethnic types to explore in Punk besides JUST Celtic. Bands like GOGOL BORDELLO or ULTIMA THULE do well at this. But as far as Celtic Punk bands I truly love, DROPKICK MURPHYS, FLATFOOT 56, the POGUES, the KILLIGANS, the TOSSERS, LARKIN, etc.
06.) What I think is great is that you seem to be very open minded when it comes to music, Classic Rock stuff is not a 'No go!' for you. You name BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN as one of your major influences, nd yeahr, that's always a great thing. How did it came, 'cause it's not so usual- and that's a pity- that often Skinhead, Bootboy and Punkrock acts would name- for example- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN as one of their influences, I think not at least because they could lose their reputation in the world of 'Boots & Aggro!'. Not afraid you may could lose your street credibility;-), and what do you think of this, hm, let us call it self-imposed subcultural limitation? By the way, I don't know if you'll understand it as an compliment (but it's meant as one), but you also remind me a little bit of the more folky stuff of NEIL YOUNG, just to let you know that.
If you look at the history of the original Skinheads, they all loved the ROLLING STONES, the WHO, the SWEET, etc. The eraly Skins and Sudeheads were actually very attached to mainstream Rock & Roll, as well as Roots Reggae and SKA, and Motown and Soul. However, that's not the reason why I got into SPRINGSTEEN. I got him because he wrote beautiful, passionate and powerful songs about life as a regular, working guy. It was Rock... but it was also a message of hope for kids like me who grew up on the East Coast of the U.S.A. in the fall out of the post-coal mining and steel culture of the early 1900's. Again too, my father loved him and I got into him as well, but there was also a deep personal love for his music that I had. People like to slag him down and give him shit because he made money at what he was doing, and allegedly "sold out" his Working Class roots. But my thing is... he made money because he was talented and good at what he did. If an Oi! band could make a living doing what they do instead of going to a day job, I'm willing to bet that most of those Skins would take that offer, haha.
07.) You've done a cover of the scottish Oi! band ON FILE, playing their anthem "LET THE LAGER DECIDE" in your own way of sound. How did the covertune came to happen, and will there be coming more one day? I hope so! I like the song in the original ON FILE version very much, but honestly I do love your cover version. It's all fitting perfectly together, the lyrics and the music interpreted by you, so thumbs up. Hm, and I think there's also a harmonica to hear playing the solo, rght, who played it? Just give us more of it! Ah, and do you know of any response of ON FILEto your interpretation of their song? When will a BADLANDS covertune of you be coming?
Honestly? It was a song that I really loved by ON FILE, and it seemed like a fun song to cover. There wasn't really any inspiration behind that, other than my love for the band and their music. However, their old bassist, Greig, lives in FL now with his wife Steph, and they were both very nice to me and my friends, and therefore became close friends to me, so I suppose it was a bit of a tribute to ol' Greig as well. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much, because me and Rocco had fun recording it. That was him on the harmonica as well, it was actually a broken one that he found on the groundwhich had only three notes that worked. It actually took me a long time to get any reaction from ON FILE about it, but eventually I got a nice nod of support from Hedgy via a MySpace message, and that was praise enough for me. I have been looking to do a BADLANDS cover for some time, so we'll see if it pans out or not, haha.
08.) You've currently posted respectively loaded up also two other songs, "THE FIRESIDE CHAT" and "MAY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL". Let us talk about them for a while now, and I think we'll be starting it up with "MAQY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL". Even it is the newest song you've posted, it's already a little bit older. If I remember it correctly then you've loaded it up some time back when the messages of suicide bombing and urban decay in this shithole called Iraq really reached it's bitter and mournful heights. Now things seem to be more quite on the iraqi front, but in Assghanistan the shit seems to be boiling up again. At least it seems so from the impression that you get from the safety of the your chair infront of your T.V. screen. What are your thoughts on the current situation, is your flag still in danger of falling, and did anything in politics changed with Obama peeled off Bush?
Well, first of all, "MAY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL" didn't really have a particular meaning when I started writing it. As with a lot of my songs, I get a vague idea, just start writing, and at some point it begins to form into clear thoughts and what I want to say is down on paper. It did have something to do with the Iraq War to be sure, as I have been opposed to it for several years, and the horrors that our boys face over there for what seems to be nothing, aside from the forced democratization of a people that never asked for, nor wanted democracy. I don't particular like the Afghan War either... but at least it has some sort of goal behind it. Our flag is still falling yes, but for the record, I didn't care for Bush, and I don't care for Obama either. Our country needs real leadership, and lately all we've seen is party posturing and a lot of screwing around, instead of getting jobs back for people and our economy stable again. The overall point of the song was that we need a complete change in the negative attitudes of this culture, both, in the common people AND (!!!) in Washngton. (That are truly some damn true words, and that is not only what is needed in the U.S.A., but it's also damn needed over here in Germany!!! - Manslaughter Andy)
09.) What really makes me sick as fuck is the fact how many countrymen and political leaders are stabbing our fighting troops in the back. Okay, when I say 'our troops' I mean 'the troops of the West'- just let me say it with this kind of pathos- fighting against the breed of Islamofascism out there in the killing fields of the middle east, 'cause I think the backstabbing in society is an certain issue to deal with in every western society. I mean, our troops are send by our political leaders to fight a war, and when things start to turn out dirty all are mourning about so called 'collateral damages' (when terrorists and other scumbags are using the people as their shield and cloak, and the people let them willingly do that, what should be 'collateral damages', you are just 'damaging' the cumbags and their supporters, our enemies in this war) and all the reasons to fight and win this war are forgotten. And I do believe that there are a lot of good reasons to fight and the wars in Assghanistan and Iraq. That are our men and women out there, send into battle by incompetent politicians without proper material and not given honest support, and the bullshit mainstream media is playing this fucked up game anyhow and anyway. And if a soldier falls all are crying about it, but the next day the backstabbing and lying is going on and on. That's the situation how I see it here in Germany, how are things in the States right now, and how are things when it comes to supporting the troops?
We have a similar situation here. The media lies and the people go along with it, even if they don't agree. We've lost our revolutionary spirit as a country, in my view.People are too turned out with their reality T.V., theirmaterial things, and their celebrity cults to give a good goddamn about a poor soldier suffering in the heat halfway around the world. Americans SAY they care about the troops, but I think it is more than they feel guilty for not caring enough. That's not to say that people don't do at all, but there are so many negative distractions, so how can they? I'm sure it's a similar situation with our German brothers as well. (Yes, it is, sadly enough, but true. - Manslaughter Andy)
10.) The next song is "THE FIRESIDE CHAT". A great song with great lyrics!!! Tell us something about the message you want to deliver with the song and the reasons why you wrote it. Ah, and by the way, who is sitting by the fireside?
This song seems to be a favorite for some people. I wrote this in twenty minutes because I was on my way to practise and didn't have a new song written due to writer's block. It's actually about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was America's President during the Great Depression and World War II. While he was a wealthy man, he figured out a way to create jobs for America's Working Classes when there were none to be found elsewhere in the form of public works projects. He also did a weekly radio address, which came to be known as the Fireside Chats, in which he encouraged Americans that, even though times were tough, that everyone was suffering equally, and that better had to come. He was there constantly, sort of like a loving father figure for the American common people at the time. The song became more profound , I think, when our modern economic crisis hit, and I think we need a leader like this again. People like to compare Obama to FDR, but he hasn't done much, if anything, save some minor health care reform, for the working people in this country. While I am no Communist, I respect FDR's use of some moderate socialist policies in helping America get back on it's feet, and not abandoning the people when they were most in need of a caring leader.
11.) The songs you've posted are all more or less a little bit older already, so damn it, when will be some new stuff coming? Ah, and I hope I remember it correctly, but you've also added an through and through Oi! Oi! music track once, I think of a band you had been involved in before SUCKERED IN. Where is it gone, and can you tell us something about it?
We actually have a new split 7" that we will be recording at the end of the summer, and will be coming out hopefully by late fall or winter 2010. We also have been discussing releasing a six song EP at some point in the future, but are focusing on the 7" record for now. I may have had a crappy demo from my old band, THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND, up there before, but I took it down due to it's bad quality. It was the only song we ever recorded, and it was done with a computer mic and no practise. I am not sure where it is anymore, haha.
12.) Back to your musical influences. Beside Oi!, Punkrock, Folk and Classic Rock you also name R.A.C. stuff. A lot of people do have some big and serious problems with this music genre, and I'm not talking about that whole AFA jackasses. I also have had for a long time big problems with R.A.C. and the most of this genre I still can't stand. The problem is not that anticommunistic stance, but the anti-Semitic and racist crap, this whole White Power bullshit and NS garbage. But okay, growing up and geting older ;-) you have to admit that R.A.C. is or was not always and solely this White Power NS faggot crap. Bands like for example the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE used to label themselves also some time as R.A.C., but the content of their lyrics was strongly democratic and saving democracy from the communist or soviet threat, light years away from the White Power NS crap of later SKREWDRIVER, NO REMORSE, and other bands like that. So, everyone with eyes, ears and brain must admit that it's not a so simple and one-sided issue like a lot of folks do think, I also had to admit that once and use and like to listen to some good R.A.C. stuff. (Yes, all you PC AFA faggots as well as you White Power NS scumbags, and you know what, I am still and I will always stay an Anti-Racist and an Anti-Fascist, if you like it or understand it or not, and you know also what, that don't really matters to me at the end of the day!!!) So, what's your standpoint to it, to R.A.C., and this whole complex of themes it's bringing with it? It's a big topic, especially (or at least) these days over here in Germoney. Ah, and what do you think of the 'fact' (found no better word to describe it anyhow) that a lot of people think that Oi! and R.A.C. should not be mixed together (of course, even Ian Stuart thought this way)?
Yes, I agree with you entirely on this. While I have always been a fan of SKREWDRIVER and will make no apologies about that (By the way, with me it's exactly the same! - Manslaughter Andy), it was never because of their unfortunate anti-Semitic or racist stance. As with many R.A.C. bands, I got into the music because it was anti-Communism, and sang about passion for your country, culture, and pride in general. It was patriotic, anthemic music with a strong right hook to me, basically. I don't think Oi! and R.A.C. can be grouped in the same category, only because of the aforementioned negative connotations of R.A.C., as well as the fact that people still like to make bad White Power Metal, Thrash or even Grindcore CD's and call it R.A.C. There's too broad of a definition associated with it to just call it Oi! I think that this whole idea of extremist politics in the Skinhead and Oi! scenes need to be dropped all together. (For sure!!! - Manslaughter Andy) While my songs tend to have a conservative vibe to them, they are socially conservative. I try to stay away from espousing one ideology or another, as then you limit your music and your audience. My politics are my business, but I don't think they should be mixed into this music. I know Germany has pretty strict anti-Fascism laws which forbid, for example, the display of images like the Iron Cross. This is coming from an American with some german ancestry, but for me that kind of limitation is ridiculous. The Iron Cross was a symbol of the German people and of Christianity, as well as a Pagan symbol LONG before it was associated with the Nazis or the German Empire. So do I think this whole censorship thing has gone way too far? Absolutely! (That's not totally right, because the Iron Cross is not forbidden by law, but it's- beside some subcultural Rock & Roll trends- still defamed and if I would go to work with an Iron Cross shirt or even an tattoo of that kind, displaying it, then oh, oh, oh, things would turn out bad for me, so it's more something like 'societal ostracised', it's pretty much the same if you are wearing and/or displaying the mallet of Thor, and yes it's ridiculous; but what is forbidden is the Celtic Cross, just because the Nazis violated it and some Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists are also still violating it for there uses, and you know what, that's right, this whole censorchip thing is going and becoming more and more weird and 'too far going' at this point; if the so called Black Sun is forbidden, hm, I don't really know, but I think it's at least also 'societal ostracised'. - Manslaughter Andy)
13.) You are currently recording a brand new split 7", right? Can you tell us something about it? Where, when, who, etc.?
Yes, we are recording a brand new split 7" with our friends, the BULLET KINGS from Bolton, UK. It will be songs by us and two songs by them, one original and one cover for each band. We are currently working on the title and artwork for it, as well as finalizing everything with the record label, and you can check for updates on our MySpace page or on the BULLET KINGS' page.
14.) I think you're a big soccer fan, so what do you think of the appereance of the national U.S.A. soccer team at this year's soccer world championship in South Africa? Ah, and damn, why the hell the "Tottenham Hotspur", haha;-)? What's your faorite team when it comes to the MLS?
Yes, I am a very big soccer fan. I was pleased that the U.S.A. appeared in the world cup, but history has shown that we are rarely good enough as a national team to go up against teams lik Germany, Brazil, Italy, etc., or even against teams like Ghana, who we lost to effictevly this time. Likewise, England fell too. So generally I throw my lot in with Germany and hope for the best after that, haha. And yes, "Tottenham Hotspur" is my favorite Premier League team and soccer team overall. People give me a lot of shit for it, but the truth is that when I lived in London, it was 'Spurs' matches that I went to first, and soon became a very big fan. They finished #4 in the Premier League this past season though, which was much better than the #11 in the 2007-2008 season when I lived there. But as far as MLS in the U.S., I am "Philadelphia Union" supporter, and on the local level "Harrisburg City Islanders".
15.) You are wearing an ULTIMA THULE shirt in one of your videos and BADLANDS seem to be a very big influence to/for you, so yeahr, what are your favorite european bands?
16.) ULTIMA THULE, uh, again an oh so 'evil' band that's still making a lot of guys running amok over here in Germany, haha;-). But forget about this jackass crap! What I would like to know is, what would you say, did have Vikingrock any kind of influence on your songwriting? I ask because of the strong leads and melodies that are heavily marking this kind of music genre. I could imagine that it would be great to hear that kind of music being played in amore folky way of sound, if you know what I mean? Could you imagine something of that kind coming of you some day?
ULTIMA THULE is one of those bands that gets accused of racism a lot, when it was only actually their previous singer, Bruno Hansen, who was involved in anything like that. I know they did play some questionable gigs in the early '80s in that vein, but after that they took a pretty strong stand against the whole White Power thing. I wouldn't say that Vikingarock is a primarly influence to SUCKERED IN, or anything, but I would say that I love it as a genre, again because it is a cultural, passionate and patriotic style of music. KORPIKLAANI is one of my favorite bands, and I also really like bands like NJORD, VARGFLOCK, GLITTERTIND, TYR, etc., be they Vikingarock or Folk Metal. However, as I am not Scandinavian, I think it would be hard for us to pull off songs like this. I understand a little Swedish and Finnish too, but I am nowhere near proficient in these languages, haha.
17.) Okay, coming to a close, now the last question is coming: You're from Pennsylvania, so tell us something about it, the scene, the bands, the clubs (to play gigs), the bars (to go drinking), distros, record shops, fanzines, and, of course, sports. I just know a big bunch of great Hardcore acts coming from Pennsylvania, but of no Oi! or Punkrock bands (or at least I think so at the moment), so just give us some informations about your regional scene as well as the social environment of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania eh? Well the cene here is very different epending on the area that you are in. I grew up in the Central PA/Harrisburg and Philly scenes mostly, so I did not have much knowledge of the Pittsburgh scene more recently. The bands in the state, and consequently their audiences, tend to be very into their individual cities and local scenes, and have pride in them. From the Pittsburgh area you have great bands like THE TRADITIONALS, TOMMY GUTLESS, WEEKEND WARRIORS, and IRON CITY HOOLIGANS. From Philly and the surrounding area , Lehigh Valley, etc., you have THE BOILS, VIOLENT SOCIET, MADDOG SURRENDER, ON TRIAL, HATE & WAR, etc. The middle of the state, where I'm from, doesn't really have much in the way of Oi! bands, but it does have some great Punk outfits like UNION STRIKE, THE WHATLEYS, GET THE HUMANS, THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND, etc. That being said, I think that there is agreat sense of pride that comes from being from the state where our country was founded, in Philly, and just overall. It's where we're from! (Damn, what was I writing, THE TRADITIONALS, THE BOILS, VIOLENT SOCIETY, MADDOG SURRENDER, all great bands that are very well known to me... - Manslaughter Andy)
18.) So, that's all from me for now. THANX a lot for doing this interview, it was a pleasure and a honor for me to do it and I wish you all the best for SUCKERED IN as well as for you as 'private persons'. Keep in check! The last words now remain to you, and always keep the faith 'cause we will win in the end!!! Best Greetings from Germany!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Last words? Oi! Folking Oi!... And don't give up the ship!!! ;-) Thanks so much for the interview Andy! Cheers!
So, guys, that was the interview with one of my favorite bands and I think it's a really great interview, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I also hope you'll check them out and give them a try, 'cause SUCKERED IN are just a great band!!! And damn, I hope he split 7" will see the light of the day still this year, 'cause it's really about time for that!!! Again, THANX Chowder for doing this interview, very fast and very detailed, great work!!! So, now comes the link to their MySpace page, and you'll go there by using by clicking on it. Go there and just listen!!!
NEWSLINE: Everyone may notice that SUCKERED IN don't have anymore a MySpace site, they are only (?) up there on Facebook and now here comes the link, check it out:!!!
Now there should also be coming a video of SUCKERED IN to watch and listen to, if it all is working out, so lean back and just listen!!!It's a cover tune of the song "COUNTRY LIFE", originally done by THE WATERSONS, and you'll also find the video on their MySpace page, just to tell you all that 'by the way', if something here is not working as it should;-).

Okay, and with a little bit of a time delay I've got another goody here for you, a second video of SUCKERED IN. Okay, it's basically not a video of SUCKERED IN, 'cause SUCKERED IN is a rel band and we just see and hear Chowder playing the song (or better: the songs, because it's the same as with the above posted video), but come on, that's everything but a problem, so how-ever. Okay, so now you get SUCKERED IN's masterpiece "MAY OUR FLAG NEVER FALL", so again, sit back and listen, enjoy it and think about the great message of this song (it doesn't matter if you're not from the U.S.A., I'm also not, 'cause I think the message is somewhat of 'universal' or at least 'western', so yeahr, you better damn think about it). By the way, if it should not work exactly the way it is meant to work, then you'll be able to also find this video on the MySPace page of SUCKERED IN, just so to let you know this fact.


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