Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

... the skrews are loose, for better or for worse, but always loyal to no one...

THE LOOSE SKREWS - "SWORN TO FUN" ("Dim Records"; 7")
A new release by the german label "Dim Records", and again they managed to get another good American Oi! / Streetpunk band to join their record company family. THE LOSE SKREWS are around now for already quite a while, and you can hear this. They know how to play their instruments damn well-versed, and also how to write grapping and interesting songs. They are bringing us a very fast-paced, tight played, damn harsh and hard hitting American Streetpunk sound that's blended with a good note of old school Hardcore, some angry and noisy Rock & Roll spirit, and also some very few Metal influences (just listen to the- by the way damn good- drumming and the guitar solos, for example of the angry slasher "ANOTHER WASTED DAY"). Especially the guitar playing is a real trademark of this band, and damn, that's a wall of sound how you get it not that often the chance to listen to by Streetpunk bands. So if you like your Streetpunk played hard and fast and loud and a little bit nervous, blended with violent Hardcore, angry Rock & Roll, and clichè-free Metal, marked by hard and fast and fat widescreen guitar playing, thundering drums, and aggressive vocals, then THE LOOSE SKREWS will be something like your jackpot and you should get this 7" as soon as possible, and you should also not forget about the fact that it is strictly limited to just 500 copies at all. We do get four songs at all, two on each side of this little vinyl gem. The 7" is coming in yellow vinyl (but I pretty much think that there had been also some other colors floating around), in a funny looking artwork, and with all the lyrics. And okay, beside the fact that they proclaim to be "SWORN TO FUN" the lyrics draw mostly a very dark picture of life in general, of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction, boozer couples, unemployment, and stuff like that, so the lyrics deal with some a little bit different issues like you might expect at first, but that's nothing bad at all. Good, even very good stuff that you should not miss, so get it!!! They are coming from the U.S. american state of Georgia, and if I am not totally wrong then also an former CONDEMNED 84 and (much more important) THE ANTI-HEROS member is nowadays also in the band, just to let you know this. And if you like THE BARONS but would wish that they would play their sound much harder and more aggressive, then THE LOOSE SKREWS will be exactly what your searching for. Should be also interesting for the Metal Heads out there, beside the Streetpunk fans and Hardcore fanatics. (9 of 10 points)
Now you do get a video of THE LOOSE SKREWS performing their track "A WARM BEER AND A COLD SOUL", a great track you'll also find on the above reviewed 7" single. If you like it, buy it!!!


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