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Oi! AIN'T DEAD!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Hey folks, after the review of their new release it's now about time for some little 'video-clipping-stuff' to honour the mighty CONDEMNED 84 here and now a little bit. (And yes, I don't give a single damn about all the hustle and defamation of CONEMNED 84, so justshut the fuck up!!!) I have to go to work tomorrow pretty early and so that's all what you now get to read from me so now (while I'm currently still/yet hoping that 'Blogger' is not ticking me off and the uploading of the video works like it should...) just enjOi! this clip respectively the song (because a real video clip it's not...), and btw I love this song, it's one of my favorites of them, yes, that's it, more soon and for now sleep well!!! Good night 'n' Oi! Oi! Oi!




("Haunted Town Records"; 7''Single EP):
Here it is, a new 7'' of no one else than the battle-scarred UK Brickwall Oi! giants CONDENED 84, and it's also meant to be the 'preview-release' for the next upcoming new full length album that shall be titled "IN FROM THE DARKNESS" and is about to be released soon (?) this year. Released this 7'' is by the great Chicago based American Oi!/Streetpunk/Punkrock label "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS" (don't ask me if the album will also be released via the guys of "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS", I have no clue), now brandnew in 2011. Very nice artwork, traditional cover motif and all that stuff by the band and the classic high quality standard of "HAUNED TOWN RECORDS" releases. We do get three tracks at all, two new ones in 'alternative' demo versions and this tracks are "I JUST WANNA BE FAMOUS" and "THE SOUND OF Oi!" (in that version they won't be to find on the coming album), as well as the title track of their last full length album "NO ONE LIKES US... WE DON'T CARE", one of the best and most impressive Hooligan (and Skinhead) anthems that I've ever listened to (and I've listened to hell a lot of songs like this), and this song is played in a live version and this truly damn cool and fuckin' good. Musically the two new songs are what you expect and want to get from CONDEMNED 84, hard and heavy, pretty brutal and angry stomping Brickwall Oi! the traitional U.K. way brewed. Dominated by hard and sawing guitar work and the pissed off and hard'n'angry vocals, while the bass and the drums are backing it all up with a lot of power and force. The guys know how to play and what to do and to write songs they know also. But somehow 'loosen'n'freshen up' they could do it quite a bit, especially in the case of "I JUST WANNA BE FAMOUS" that sounds (especially the arrangements of the verses) exactly like "NO IDENTITY" from their last full length album and also the refrain part isn't really that grapping, and all in all it's just done too 'stoic' after all. Lyrically you get exactly what ya already now may expect, a song about all the fake ass plastic Superstars out there, at least more or less something like this. To be honest this song fails nearly totally to convince me, it's too much "heard-for-a-thousand-times" stuff, only the guitar lead work owns some good potenial but even that's not worked out enough. Okay, after this dissapointment the next new song is coming, "THE SOUND OF Oi!", and this is really a strong smasher, finally again, great, great stuff. Larger-than-life Sing-A-Long Refrain, forceful and very fresh and 'lively-alive', great guitar lead and solo work, punishing and forward pushing rhythm work by the bass and the drums, and very cool angry and snotty lead vocals. Thumbs up!!! Really a great track!!! Lyrically it's your typical Oi! battle anthem, and done pretty cool. Last one up the live version of the title track of their last full length album, "NO ONE LIKES US... WE DON'T CARE". I think I don't need to say that much more about it anhow anyway here and now, it's a good record and this one is a great anthem of a song and really cool are the 'modifications' that they've done here compared with the studio recording album version (listen to the guitar work) and also I notice a strong early SKREWDRIVER mark here when it comes to the forceful and strong foward rockin' guitar playing, hm, that's something that I somehow missed all the time listening to their studio version of this song, hm, or maybe I just can't remember it currently after I haven't listened to it for quite a while now. Hm, who knows?!? Btw, the live version of this song was recorded live on stage in Gemany in 2010. Anyhow, not as overwhelming as it may could have been, but still a really good release of a legendary band that owns the potential to make us curious about the upcoming new full length album. I think about the lyrics I've told you already all what there's to be told, and I also said some words about the nice artwork, to the music as well anyhow, hm, so there's just the production sound left to say something about and/or to, hm, and what shall I say, it sounds all pretty dirty and noisy, heavy and it knocks pretty hard, so thumbs up for that. Okay, you may should give it a try, because it won't be a mistake at all. Ah, before I forget it (again), this one here is 'once-in-a-lifetime-issue' because it will respectively is now released solely and solely to not more than 1.500 copies worldwide, and there are also some different colors to be bought by you out there, but I'm glad mine is black, haha;-). (8 of 10 points)

'METAL ERUPTION' by the 'METAL BLADE' from a time long gone... but it's still shaking the earth down to the ground...

("Metal Blade Records"; CD):
This here is a classic one, hm, and I think now-a-days (after something like 15 years that have passed us all by since then) you can call this compilation anyhow pretty much 'Old School' with some good sort of justification to do this so in this way. Finally again I used to listen to this CD over the last weeks, something like two months or so I guess, hell a lot often (some pretty nostalgic moments somehow, haha;-)...) and I came to realize what a damn good record this one here was back then and still is today anyhow anyway. This one here I got as a free promotion sampler compilation as some sort of a 'gift' for a big shopping round (what 'we' called so with being 15 yars old and earning some few money- that 'we' all used to spend more or less completly for music and shirts of 'our' back then favorite bands- by working in the local supermarket) that I used to do in respectively from out of the catalog-pages of my favorite mailorder of that time back then. And this makes it even better (and made it even better back then). This was and still is more or less a list of what the veteran Metal label of "METAL BLADE RECORDS" had to offer (over here in Europe) back in the days of 1996, and it was and still is a big dose of (today maybe some sort of classic) Metal bands out of various genres of the Metal musick side of things. Occult Heavy Metal by the legendary MERCYFUL FATE (and their "THE OLD OAK" hymn), stand-alone and 100% clichè free Thrash Metal by the larger-than-life SACRED REICH (with their two infamous classicks "SURF NICARAGUA"- outshining stuff- and "IGNORANCE"), bloody and gore-rotting Death Metal of the genre giants and legends CANNIBAL CORPSE (hammering out their incredible slasher "HAMMER SMASHED FACE"), truly demanding  and really pretty good Prog Metal/Rock of the better kind by FATES WARNING (two songs of them here on this one, "THE APPARITION" and- one of my favorites of them- "ANARCHY DIVINE"), really powerful and impressive American Heavy Metal by the great ARMORED SAINT (and they are giving us here my all time favorite song ever of them, "REIGN OF FIRE"), and also TROUBLE, one of the damn very best classic Doom Metal bands ever (playing here two great songs for us, "THE TEMPTER" and "FEAR NO EVIL"). Beside this massive Metal dose we get chaotic Metal-Punk-Rock from outta space by no one else than the almighty legend of the name of GWAR (with their two epic anthems "THE SALAMINIZER" and "GOR-GOR"), one of the damn fucking very best Hardcore-Crossover bands ever named CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (and their angry, noisy and raw classic anthem "HUNGRY CHILD"), and also some pretty cool and heavy Hard Rock music by Y&T (giving us their great "MEANSTREAK" anthem) and RIOT (and their classic hit "ROCK CITY"), and also some Alternative-Independent-'Punk'-Rock (or ''Power - Punk - Thrash - Metal - Pop''... like the label by itself announced it back then...) stuff of the GOO GOO DOLLS (and their song "THERE YOU ARE"). Okay, even some stuff I needed never and some (other) stuff lost some or a lot of their potential or quality over the last 15 years or so, anyhow, but for the most part this compilation stands its ground even today more than 'only' good, nah, really strong instead, point and fact. I would and will also still even today especially SACRED REICH, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, Y&T, ARMORED SAINT, and TROUBLE recommend to you. The quality of the production sound of all songs and bands is really good stuff, and the artwork looks cool (even it was and so still is) very 'slim', but okay, who cares. To the lyrics I won't say now anything, because... damn it, it's a compilation record, I mean, what else should I now do... So, I don't know if you can still get this CD from some places today (and if so from where) and I also don't know for what price(s) after all anyway, but if you're at least from time to time interested in some good and varying Metal musick stuff that also don't need to be the 'newest' and most modern and most up-to-date stuff in and of this genre and if this is so and you don't call this one here your own (even not today) then don't think twice and try to search for and get this one here no matter where, hm, because I mean you should grab a copy of this compilation CD of a (at least once) very good label (and it's also truly a very nice classickal and very good-mixed-thru 1990's Metal compilation record) maybe anyhow without thinking twice about it. Good stuff, I mean still good stuff, for sure, really!!! Still a 'nice' and 'hot' shot!!! (8 of 10 points)

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Hi folks, a short while ago I've posted the review of the first D.I.Y. Demo of the sinister Scotsmen in SUNSMASHER, the Demo is titled "MAMMOTHIAN / LOUD / CULT" (btw, great title, if ya ask me, seriously), and how damn outstanding great and gloomy shining it is, their unique and stand-alone mixture out of Crustcore and Doom Metal and Sludge Core and traditional D-Beat, hm,and let us call it together with the band 'Crust Doom' (hm, or was it 'Doom Crust'... anyhow, you know what I mean...), I've already written in the mentioned review, yes, and now I'm planning to give ya two video clips to respectively of my two total favorites of them, "DAEMONOLOGIE" and "MUJERES LIBRES", and if ya like your music heavy, brutal, sinister, dark, violent and sheer packed up full with intense emotions, hell yeahr, then this should be totally your stuff, so check it out and enjoy it, amazing stuff delivered to us by this everything outshining and sheer and simple great band, yeahr, and it is truly and really one hell of an awesome band!!!





Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

WARHOUND live on stage (and on the dance floor as well as in the pit) @ ''BRANDON GOODS HOUSE'' at the 02. January 2011 (?) somewhere in Manhatten, Illinois, U.S.A.

Hey folks, after I've already posted the review of the phenomnal WARHOUND (digital) EP of the title of "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" last night I feel the need to give ya more about this amazing great band (that I recently new discovered and that signed also recently to "I SCREAM RECORDS", for all what I've heard, so watch out because more of them shall be about to come), and here do you now get two live videos of them, pretty imressive and authentic stuff, no sage barriers (or a real stage) or some stuff like this, instead standing and playing directly in the crowd and in the pit, great stuff. Okay, the sound quality could be a little bit better but it's okay after all. So hopefully you will enjoy this clips and then go and get the (already reviewed) EP of this Hardcore roughnecks from Illinois, great stuff!!! ILLINOIS HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!





Urban discipline in a world in that those with strength are without rivals, the WARHOUNDs are unleashed, in this time of hardship and danger, violence and greed we see and feel the RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE and it's about time we do see and read and understand the sign of the times, the sign of hard times...

(Currently: "D.I.Y."; MP3 'RealPlayer' Download)
This one here made me totally curious about it-self, and by looking on the cover artwork you will (or at least should) all know why (and if not then without taking a rest or break you should finally leave and go dying, and that really asap), and primarly I wanted to wait until it'll be out via "BORN - ILL RECORDS", but I really don't wanted to wait any longer and only the mighty Buddha may know from where and how soon the hell it will be possible to buy over here in Germany (or at least Europe), and so I do a review of it here and now by reviewing the download version. I don't really know how it's all been done and regulated but for what I understood it's currently up and out there as a by the band authorized MP3 - Download data version (for the 'RealPlayer' that you need to play and listen to it) and shall (soon) in the next time be released via "BORN - ILL RECORDS" as a physical version (don't know if it will be a vinly - 7'' - single or a CD EP or maybe even a tape, time will tell), don't know how it all will be done anyhow but for now I will also post the download link and/but if I understood anything wrong and the link wasn't authorized and the band and/or the label somehow read this words here and they would want that the link will be removed, yehp, then just leave a comment or send me a message or something like this and I will take care of it. And to all the rest of you, by all means, if you like what you listen to and you do see a copy of the physical version when it's out then damn fucking buy it and support this band (and also thelabel) and don't be a stupid fucking damn fuckwit that just steals it (and everything else) by only loading it (all) down!!! So, okay, now directly onward to WARHOUND (a five piece from Elmwood Park, Illinois) and their "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" (digital) EP. The impression that the originally-primarly BIOHAZARD cover (basically it's nothing else than the cover of the immortal BIOHAZARD classic and second full length album "URBAN DISCIPLINE", like you all should damn fucking know anyhow) is maybe already a partly correct one. Hard and forceful, broad and strong, groove'n'rhythm dominated chugging guitar work, massive and ultra-brutal stomping Stop'n'Go drumming, a fat and heavy, dirty and noisy bass playing, larger-than-life gang shouts and charismatic, as well as strong and truly impressive, and also somehow staccato-like lead vocals, this are the ingredients out of which WARHOUND create their music, and it's all cultivated with and by a strong 1990's Hardcore spirit and also especially with and by some powerful and pissed off (1990's 'groovy') New York Hardcore marks, add total devastating (pretty modern) Beatdown parts, massive amounts of Groove and also a pretty high Mosh potential to it, yes, then you do have what WARHOUND are doing here and don't make any mistake that they would be nothing else than just another dull and boring retro band, nah, they write and play damn fresh and pretty 'lively-alive' and with already a pretty strong and good and impressive own identity and miles away from being a retro band, yehp, and that's damn great. The guys know how to play their instruments and their abilities in cases of writing songs is just amazing. So if ya like BIOHAZARD (especially to their immortally legendary and über-strong "URBAN DISCIPLINE", "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS" and "MATA LEAO" phase), as well as MADBALL (especially "DEMONSTRATING MY STYLE" and first and foremost "LOOK MY WAY"), as well as modern respectively 'young' or 'new' bands like the almighty ST. HOOD and so also some SUBZERO and also quite a really big bit of FURY OF FIVE, and if ya then cultivate this great Hardcore melting pot cocktail finally with some pretty few HATEBREED reminiscences, hell yehr, then you have a pretty good imagination of what WARHOUND are doing here. Add then, the next step, strong and massive doses of a very own style and identity to it and you can start your experience with this Hardcore roughnecks. Amazing shit!!! The production sound is (already) damn great, full and fat, clear and clean, as well as dirty and 'earthy-warm', and the above seen artwork (more of an artwork you just don't get here anyhow) looks truly just great (and how coul it anyhow not...), and the lyrics (you get them very good while you're listening to it) are also some pretty good and cool stuff, so damn fuck it, this one here is just brilliant stuff and I would bet that WARHOUND, if they work on so focussed and on a such an impressive high level like here, will become one of the most important Hardcore bands of this time and age (one of the best they seem to be already, judging by this EP here). We get four tracks at all, "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" is a great and everything at first sight destroying intro, before "REALITY CHECK" and "PATH OF THE WICKED" do really tear down every walls that are may build around them, just pure gold!!! And then comes the incredible and amazing, brilliant "DESPAIR" where they also work with some Grunge, 1990's 'Alterantive' Rock, and also Nu Rock elements, from ALICE IN CHAINS over CREED to STAIND, a hard'n'heavy mixture out of this three bands and styles (maybe add some old LIFE OF AGONY to them as well), just listen to the arrangements and lead singing of the refrain parts, and that's really nothing but phenomenal and brilliant. Hopefully the physical release will come out soon, until then I will stay with this download here and at least exactly this you should also do until the physical release sees the light of the day some (hopefully very, very soon) day. Great (at least) stuff, awesome shit!!! Get it!!! HARDCOR!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Btw, seems like "I SCREAM RECORDS" is their somehow 'primarly' label cooperation partner, just that you know about it.)
(Contact I:

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Hey folks, my time today is growing slim so I will spare me every more word about the band that's now coming for ya and the songs of them I now give to ya via some little  videos, those who know do know, and those who not or those who don't want to know shall run mentally amok, anyhow, I don't care and at the end of the day it's all said and done, but this songs and the record that they're taken from (beside the last one, I know, I know, I know) is outstanding and one of the best records ever, music in general, Punkrock in particular, so here they come, the infamous SKREWDRIVER!!! Enjoy it!!! I love this stuff and it's really about time that it comes up here finally!!! Cheers & Oi!









"450 million animals are murdered in Britain every year, to be shoved down your throat and shat out of your ass: Murder!!!" - R.I.P. Phil Vane (EXTREME NOISE TERROR), died too young and too early at the 22. of February of 2011

Another sad 'news-headline' reached me this day, it's the one about the death of PHIL VANE (one of the singers/vocalists) of the legendary EXTREME NOISE TERROR, the british Grindcore and Crustcore veterans and legends that really used define for quite a huge bit both genres (Grind- as well as Crustcore) from day one of their existence as a band on. Several, nah, uncountable classics and Grindcore as well as Crustcore anthems had been done by EXTREME NOISE TERROR, probably one of the most important bands in the history of heavy and extreme music ever. With NAPALM DEATH and TERRORIZER they had really been one of the first and most important bands out of that style(s) of music and I grew up with them quite a pretty big bit, and they are still damn important to me. Also lyrically very, very important, pro animal rights, liberty and freedom, against repression, opposed to police state terrorism, anti-capitalism, anti-religious, etc. pp., and maybe I wouldn't set my sign under all of it still today but they really made a lot of good and right/correct points back then and the very most of their lyrics still stand their ground strong today, and about the music we don't have to discuss anything anyhow here and now or when and where else ever. Don't know how the story of EXTREME NOISE TERROR will somehow go on, but that's maybe today not the most important thing at all these days, my thoughts go out to the friends and family and to the 'close people' of PHIL VANE, died this past tuesday the 22. of February of 2011 found dead in his apartment and still there are no 'reasons for his death' made known, anyhway, and yes: Rest in Peace, Phil Vane!!!

Now you get a bunch of some EXTREME NOISE TERROR ( songs/videos, just to pay some tribute and show my honor to PHIL VANE!!! R.I.P.






(Btw, damn cool clip;-)!!!)









("Randale Records"; 7''): Here's a new split 7'' single on the vinyl-addicts label "RANDALE RECORDS" from good old Germany, strictly limited and coming with two different coverartworks (you may can say one per side) and also with all the lyrics and that stuff. Side A is occupied by the old english Oi! warhorses of THE WARRIORS (even they are labeled by some german AFA jackasses as a R.A.C. and especially not only as a R.A.C. but as a somehow whatever Fascist R.A.C. band... no comment, stupid jackasses all over the place...), and on Side B we have the England Oi! youngsters of BOOZE & GLORY (no need to say that also this band is by above already metioned brainwrecked idiots labeled as Fascist R.A.C. band... and no, nah, again no further comment on this paranoid and nearly somehow 'insane' german AFA- as well as also ''OiRE SZENE''- bullshit...), and "RANDALE RECORDS" (and also no need to say that above mentioned 'people = shit' also defame this label to be one record label of the 'ultra radical and extreme right wing Fascist White Power NS 28 White Supremacy movement'... and also again on this crap no further comment...) used to bring it out by the very close end of 2010 if I get it right here and now. So, okay, onward to this 7'' here. I only have one album (or record release in general) of this band of the name of THE WARRIORS, and this is their "THE FULL MONTY" full length album. It's not bad and there are really some little gems on it, even I really don't know why it's to some guys a total cult classic... but okay, I mean, how-ever. After this record was released already quite a while ago (remember, it's jut the only release of them that I do own, but since then a lot of other material was released by them) it seems like time stood still for the last decade, because THE WARRIORS do still play their stoic stomping mid paced typical Old School British/English Oi!, all dominated by the 'sawing' and pretty heavy guitars, the buzzing bass and the 'wheezy' pounding drums, and not to forget some loud crew back ups with some heavy doses of Sing-A-Long potential and that typical english snotty and angry, bitter and pissed off lead vocals. Some maye can't hear it anymore and think it's a bad joke by me here and now, other won't wonder or worry about it anymore anyhow but it's true, pretty much like THE LAST RESORT (like I've said, it won't make anybody wonder at all). Hm, but where THE LAST RESORT totally conquered everything with their last full length output THE WARRIORS fail to convince me here at least somehow a little bit. It's good played and surely not bad at all written and arranged, hm, but it's really nothing that's really grapping me anyhow. Basically the same old story of that typical mid paced Sing-A-Long friendly but still with some proper Brickwall spirit coming Old School England Oi! like we all (who we are in it for so many years now already and won't leave it anymore anyhow, just because there's nothing that could somehow move us to do it, no matter how we wear our hair today) know it all too well. The pretty slow "ENGLAND" is truly the weaker song, pretty boring and dull settled somewhere in the lower ranks of the midfield, but the good paced "PREDATOR" owns some fresh and 'alive'/'lively' spirit and is really stomping loud and proud and is a pretty good knocker, really a good one, so all in all THE WARRIORS do get 7 out of ten points. Ah, lyrically "ENGLAND" is a typical patriotic anthem about bringing back the greatness of your nation and taking it back from the ruling class and its bought politicians and so, and even I think "English & proud!" is something becoming more and more that obsolete like (for example) "German & proud!" (in a world that's ruled by the global order of 'a handful' of thousand and thousand of billions of bucks rich capitalis bourgeois bastards and their plutocratic and repressive and all and everything exploiting more and more post-capitalistic system, in a world like this we live in and 'values' like 'class', 'nation', 'culture', etc. pp. loose more and more of their power and even meaning) the lyrics are strong, very outspoken and also outspoken against Racism and Fascism, for what I would say. Good stuff. "PREDATOR" is also lyrically pretty good stuff, check it out. The production sound of the THE WARRIORS songs is good, earthy and heavy, good job, and the artwork, hm, I mean it's like I have seen stuff like this from English Oi! bands so often I can't count it anymore but it still looks really cool and still really great at the end of the day. So, yes, all in all 7 out of 10 points for THE WARRIORS. Not more, not less, point and fact. Next side, next band, again two songs in total. BOOZE & GLORY had been pretty much strongly celebrated (at least here in Germany) over the last year and so I was pretty excited about if this band would be really the very best Oi! band to come from England for years... and what shall I say, no, they aren't it. But they are a still a pretty good band. (Just to judge by this 7'', hm, and that this is not that much to judge by I also know anyhow.) First song, "ENGLAND WILL NEVER CHANGE", is really damn good stuff. Skinhead, Bootboy, Hooligan Oi! from England with some strong rockin' lead riff and melody line to the song that also has a little "CHISWICK" or old early SKREWDRIVER vibe to it, good old Skinhead Rock & Roll, marked by the already mentioned very strong guitar work (and not to forget about the very cool solo), as well as the tight as fuck playing rhythm section, mighty and forceful crew choir back ups, and the great lead vocals (you need to get used to them, at first you might think that they sound to emotion- and powerless but give them just some time and a few rounds and you will get how great this somehow more spoken than sung vocals are, also that typical snotty english stuff, great, total ''Fuck off!!!'' attitude and mentality expressed to the establishment, that's why we all who have heart and soul and fire and passion do love this music so much), yes, and also great lyrics with also some 'rowdy-ish' Hooligan spirit to it. Great!!! This is a total anthem, the best song on this 7'' and if ya ask me then you really have to know this one, amazing stuff!!! Unfortunately BOOZE & GLORY failed to do that great with their next track "WORKING HARD & DRESSING SMART". Uh, this one is pretty crappy stuff. There's somehow a Punk'n'Roll vibe to it (the rhythm, the style of playing the drums, the arrangements of the verses, the totally plain refrain part, the pace, etc. pp.) and the refrain is totally dottled funfair stuff, it's your usual drunken ''Streetpunk'' stuff that also skiing vacation/holiday idiot faggot tourists could and would do sing a long to after enough (but still not too much) beer and so on (talking about the melody line and the arrangement). So, even they started of with 9 out of ten points at the end also BOOZE & GLORY do get not more than just 7 out of 10 points here and now. Okay, the cover artwork of the BOOZE & GLORY side looks just great (remember the gladiatorial Hooligan spirit), the dirty but heavy production sound makes my thumbs really go up, and the lyrics are some pretty unbowed and also gladiatorial stuff, so also the thumbs up for that. So, okay, at all this 7'' do get 7 out of 10 points and if you're an England Oi! Hard-Knock you should maybe call it your own anyhow, all the rest should maybe better first risk an ear, hm, or decide now if out of four songs two good (one good and one very, very good) songs are enough for ya and if that's the case may you order it the next second from your favorite Mailorder around the next virtual corner. I was expecting somehow really more of it... but okay, after all it's still a good record but now I will anyhow listen to the above mentioned THE LAST RESORT release, yes, that's serving my needs much more... Ah, by the way, all the 'organization-stuff' was done truly great by the sympathic guys of "RANDALE RECORDS", just to let you all know about it. (7 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

*** "American Oi! Reaction Rock - Commie Busters, ain't afraid of NO Hino!!!" ***



(Note, read first: Somehow my CPU-'mouse' is more or left wrecked badly (especially the left button is ticking me off... hehe;-)...) and so I'm really annoyed with workin' with this piece of crap and a new I don't have currently here and so I have to stay with working with the Touchpad of my CPU/LapTop and that is totally ticking me off, too and even more, so don't look for the little 'Red, White & Blue' colors of the bandnames and so here in this post, it's due to my CPU-'mouse'-wreckage, just that you know it, so don't search after this little 'color-playing' here and now.)


(I've already posted this one before but just in case that you might have missed there and then...)

Hey folks,
yeahr, and here we finally go again, continuing the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this blog, and this time we take a ride to the state of Pennsylvania because now it's time for BEST DEFENSE!!! And you all know the masterplan, after BEST DEFENSE we will come to pay our honour and to donate our tribute to DOC. MARTEN and then to STARS & STRIPES. After this I will also do two or three posts more about the good old days of the golden 1980's of American Oi!, featuring two bands together in a pretty controversial 'dual-post' (this two bands I've forgotten until now and after at least one of them used to release just a Demo Tape and some- but very important- songs on some- also very important- compilation(s) and then turned out to become some extreme right wing farce I wasn't so sure anyhow if they should be featured here amongst all the legendary bands- because they just didn't release that much after all- anyhow but decided to do so), then I will pay my tribute to one immortal larger-than-life band that's maybe not so much 'through-and-through' Skinhead'n'Bootboy'n'Oi! at the end of the day but is justified and needed and important to be mentioned here, and then I will do a closing post of the golden 1980's of American Oi! with completing the picture of it with introducing "THE U.S. OF Oi!" to you. After this we will leave the 1980's and step into the 1990's, the supreme time of American Oi! and there we will find uncountable great and legendary acts like PATRIOT, PRESSURE POINT, BOOT PARTY, STORMWATCH, BOVVER WONDERLAND and oh so many more. Okay, now you know the deal and for now and before we go ahead with DOC. MARTEN and STARS & STRIPES it's time for one of the best bands that had ever been around, short and simple: BEST DEFENSE!!! Unfortunately it was pretty hard to find something about them anyhow anywhere, okay, but hopefully I've got settled a post together that comes out anyway 'proper'!!!

*** AMERICAN SKINS - ARMED WITH THE TRUTH : 'American & Proud' ***



Pennsylvania back in the year of 1987 when the lads Greg Olsen, Tom Walkinshaw, Dave Baiter, Shawn Moyer, and Jim Rogers (all young Skinheads back then) had totally enough with all the bands from here and there around at that time and decided to take things in their very own hands to create finally a band that would be able to play the proper music that they by themselves always wanted to listen to. But anyhow it all lasted not for so long, they had been playing just for three years together, from 1987 to 1990. Okay, but even in this short time of their existence as a band they've managed to leave quite an impact on the Oi! movement and with some time of a delay it was brought to the whole wide world of global Oi! music, thanks to "PURE IMPACT RECORDS" from Belgium and "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS" from Chicago.



What now may sound to you like the typical kind of clichè of founding a band because wanting to play the music that you would like to listen and just couldn't due to the fact that no band else was playing this music was in the case of BEST DEFENSE totally correct, 'cause they really came up with a syle and sound of Oi! of their very own. And I mean really off their very own!!! Yes, they had been an Oi! band, an Oi! band from the States so that's made them to an American Oi! band, but they really had their very own style. The music is marked by the outstanding and totally unique guitar playing, all done very much varying and also more than 'just' well-versed, no matter if ya take the outstanding and very diverse lead and the stand-alone solo playing or if ya aim ya ears at the great rhythm guitar work and how it's marking the architecture, the structure, pace and rhythm of the songs, that's really and truly just 'awesomly' great, and the (out)shining bass (very present, great) and the hardest stomping drums really do (and they succeed in doing so) back up the guitar playing with a lot of power, force and might, yehp, and like we all know might makes right, and BEST DEFENSE really had been the real deal (and they respectively their music are so still today). And also it all had a pretty cool and very good Rock & Roll - ish feeling to it. What's even more just stand-alone outshining and just amazing and phenomenal are the exciting, great and truly unique lead vocals, maybe just a little bit comparable with the young GLENN DANZIG back then in the old and early MISFITS times. Outstanding!!! Also the songwriting was (and still is) just amazing, all very, very well-versed and damn brilliant into each and another floating. No holes or unwanted distorting breaks (because 'wanted breaks' you'll find, and this breaks even lead the songs pretty much, and it's really exciting to get it all while you listen to it) in the songs, all changes of pace and rhythm and structure are very good floating and flowing and melting into each other, so that it is really a pleasure to listen to BEST DEFENSE also and even and maybe especially today. You can't really compare them with any other bands, and even if I would now say that if you're searching for a mixture out of DOC. MARTEN, the ARRESTING OFFICERS, and NEW GLORY (maybe put a little bit of MORAL OUTRAGE respectively STORMWATCH to it) then maybe BEST DEFENSE are what you're searching for. Ah, and forget about what you can read at a lot of different places, because BEST DEFENSE had never been a band with Hardcore marks in their music, not really, and hell no they had never been an Oi! Core band, even they've played really hard stomping and harsh knocking American Oi! with a great Boots & Aggro potential in it, yeahr, but damn no Hardcore or Oi! Core after all. Just to get this straight!!!



Lyrically they had also quite a lot to offer. Being a patriotic American Oi! band from out of the Cold War era they had a strong Anti-Communism and also Anti-Liberalism in their lyrics, as well as a big portion of Patriotism and they had been pretty militant after all. Comparable to the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, but without some stupid non-sense White Pride talking aside of the stage and beside of their songs. No NS crap to be mentioned anyhow, too, and they've also stayed totally away from the pro-white to White Power bullshit, no racist and/or fascist crap or stupid jackass non-sense that bands like NEW GLORY or the ARRESTING OFFICERS used to go nuts on (more or less). And with a lot of what they've used to sing about they had totally been right anyway. A lot of folks will may ran their mouth about their lyrics, but I feel no need to say here anything more about it, so if ya have a problem with it than just get a life, point and fact!!!



BEST DEFENSE only existed from 1987 to 1990 (way too short if you ask me) and they've managed to record and release a demo (on tape, through and through D.I.Y.) back in 1988 with the oh so evil (and today in Germany forbidden / censored) Celtic Cross on the frontcover. But not like you all (?) now think that's a sign of racism and fascism. Because only over the last two decades the (Neo-) Nazi faggots used to steal and contaminate a lot of 'old mythological northern symbols' (again) with their NS WP weltanschauung-crap it don't mean that these symbols are what the Nazis turned them into and it also don't mean that they haven't got different meanings. And beside this, a racist band would not write about how great values like equality in general are in the linernotes or thanklist of their release, like BEST DEFENSE had done it. Musically it's just great stuff!!! For what I know the only realistic way to still get it today is via downloading it and maybe you just check the great "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog for doing so ( Then they recorded a lot of songs that had been meant to be released via a full length album that should have been released via Roddy Morenos THE OPRESSED record label "Oi! RECORDS" back then in 1989, but the label closed down business before doing so. So the recordings had been 'for nothing' until the belgian "PURE IMPACT RECORDS" label got them and released the material under the banner of the title of "SIX GUN JUSTICE" finally back then in 1999 on CD and the american label "HAUNTED TOWN RECORDS" on vinyl as a 12'' LP also in 1999. The track lists do somehow be a little bit different, and the artwork of the LP looks very different and much, much better than the one of the CD (I have the LP as well as the CD version... just that you know it...;-)...), but all in all it's the same record. And that's a good thing, right;-)?!? Ah, may sound like a sorry weak excuse, but sadly enough my scanner isn't big enough so that I can just give ya the atwork of the CD in proper quality. So, that's all for now, a damn great band far ahead of their time and unbeaten even and still today, so do your best and buy this record, "SIX GUN JUSTICE", from where you can ever get it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!



(PS: The videos here posted (or the stuff that's here named videos at all;-)...) I have done by myself, so don't blame the band or anyone else for what you do get to see here;-). Btw, all songs are taken from their "SIX GUN JUSTICE" masterpiece, just that you know about it.)