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Urban discipline in a world in that those with strength are without rivals, the WARHOUNDs are unleashed, in this time of hardship and danger, violence and greed we see and feel the RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE and it's about time we do see and read and understand the sign of the times, the sign of hard times...

(Currently: "D.I.Y."; MP3 'RealPlayer' Download)
This one here made me totally curious about it-self, and by looking on the cover artwork you will (or at least should) all know why (and if not then without taking a rest or break you should finally leave and go dying, and that really asap), and primarly I wanted to wait until it'll be out via "BORN - ILL RECORDS", but I really don't wanted to wait any longer and only the mighty Buddha may know from where and how soon the hell it will be possible to buy over here in Germany (or at least Europe), and so I do a review of it here and now by reviewing the download version. I don't really know how it's all been done and regulated but for what I understood it's currently up and out there as a by the band authorized MP3 - Download data version (for the 'RealPlayer' that you need to play and listen to it) and shall (soon) in the next time be released via "BORN - ILL RECORDS" as a physical version (don't know if it will be a vinly - 7'' - single or a CD EP or maybe even a tape, time will tell), don't know how it all will be done anyhow but for now I will also post the download link and/but if I understood anything wrong and the link wasn't authorized and the band and/or the label somehow read this words here and they would want that the link will be removed, yehp, then just leave a comment or send me a message or something like this and I will take care of it. And to all the rest of you, by all means, if you like what you listen to and you do see a copy of the physical version when it's out then damn fucking buy it and support this band (and also thelabel) and don't be a stupid fucking damn fuckwit that just steals it (and everything else) by only loading it (all) down!!! So, okay, now directly onward to WARHOUND (a five piece from Elmwood Park, Illinois) and their "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" (digital) EP. The impression that the originally-primarly BIOHAZARD cover (basically it's nothing else than the cover of the immortal BIOHAZARD classic and second full length album "URBAN DISCIPLINE", like you all should damn fucking know anyhow) is maybe already a partly correct one. Hard and forceful, broad and strong, groove'n'rhythm dominated chugging guitar work, massive and ultra-brutal stomping Stop'n'Go drumming, a fat and heavy, dirty and noisy bass playing, larger-than-life gang shouts and charismatic, as well as strong and truly impressive, and also somehow staccato-like lead vocals, this are the ingredients out of which WARHOUND create their music, and it's all cultivated with and by a strong 1990's Hardcore spirit and also especially with and by some powerful and pissed off (1990's 'groovy') New York Hardcore marks, add total devastating (pretty modern) Beatdown parts, massive amounts of Groove and also a pretty high Mosh potential to it, yes, then you do have what WARHOUND are doing here and don't make any mistake that they would be nothing else than just another dull and boring retro band, nah, they write and play damn fresh and pretty 'lively-alive' and with already a pretty strong and good and impressive own identity and miles away from being a retro band, yehp, and that's damn great. The guys know how to play their instruments and their abilities in cases of writing songs is just amazing. So if ya like BIOHAZARD (especially to their immortally legendary and über-strong "URBAN DISCIPLINE", "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS" and "MATA LEAO" phase), as well as MADBALL (especially "DEMONSTRATING MY STYLE" and first and foremost "LOOK MY WAY"), as well as modern respectively 'young' or 'new' bands like the almighty ST. HOOD and so also some SUBZERO and also quite a really big bit of FURY OF FIVE, and if ya then cultivate this great Hardcore melting pot cocktail finally with some pretty few HATEBREED reminiscences, hell yehr, then you have a pretty good imagination of what WARHOUND are doing here. Add then, the next step, strong and massive doses of a very own style and identity to it and you can start your experience with this Hardcore roughnecks. Amazing shit!!! The production sound is (already) damn great, full and fat, clear and clean, as well as dirty and 'earthy-warm', and the above seen artwork (more of an artwork you just don't get here anyhow) looks truly just great (and how coul it anyhow not...), and the lyrics (you get them very good while you're listening to it) are also some pretty good and cool stuff, so damn fuck it, this one here is just brilliant stuff and I would bet that WARHOUND, if they work on so focussed and on a such an impressive high level like here, will become one of the most important Hardcore bands of this time and age (one of the best they seem to be already, judging by this EP here). We get four tracks at all, "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" is a great and everything at first sight destroying intro, before "REALITY CHECK" and "PATH OF THE WICKED" do really tear down every walls that are may build around them, just pure gold!!! And then comes the incredible and amazing, brilliant "DESPAIR" where they also work with some Grunge, 1990's 'Alterantive' Rock, and also Nu Rock elements, from ALICE IN CHAINS over CREED to STAIND, a hard'n'heavy mixture out of this three bands and styles (maybe add some old LIFE OF AGONY to them as well), just listen to the arrangements and lead singing of the refrain parts, and that's really nothing but phenomenal and brilliant. Hopefully the physical release will come out soon, until then I will stay with this download here and at least exactly this you should also do until the physical release sees the light of the day some (hopefully very, very soon) day. Great (at least) stuff, awesome shit!!! Get it!!! HARDCOR!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Btw, seems like "I SCREAM RECORDS" is their somehow 'primarly' label cooperation partner, just that you know about it.)
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