Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011


Hey folks, first and last and always, ***cough***, respectively first and last and only post for today (and it's not a post about THE SISTERS OF MERCY, haha;-)... hm, but thinking about it then I have to admit that there will be coming one some day here on this blog, for sure, trust me upon that), a 'Videos' post to pay tribute and give honour to the brilliant and phenomenal german band TOTENMOND. One of the most extreme and unique stand-alone bands ever, with their sound between Crustcore, Hardcore, Doom Metal, Death Metal, German Punk and Hardcore Punk, and also some few Grindcore, Sludge Core and also Black Metal and not to forget traditional D-Beat influences and marks as well as some CARNIVORE impressions (especially on their earlie releases) all in it, and all done in a pretty abstract (especially lyrically) and progressive or better avantgarde way done, and all damn great and really fantastic. This band was and still is damn important for me, especially their releases "VÄTERCHEN FROST", "LICHTBRINGER", and "REICH IN ROST", but all what they have done else is also great stuff. If I would be you I would maybe place a pretty save bet on that TOTENMOND will also be in the future featured here on this blog. I love such fantastic and total stand-alone music. And yes, even they can't beat CARNIVORE (but that wasn't their aim anyhow, and it never was and they do play their truly OWN style and kind of muisc) they are just awesome and fantastic, it's brilliant and truly phenomenal music, and more extreme than this guys here music can't become anyhow, larger-than-life intensity and emotions, and that's just great and totally stand-alone and really larger-than-life. So just check it out and enjoy this video here and now!!! Ah, btw, you now get a damn good and pretty new (I think from 2010) live playing performance clip TOTENMOND live on stage playing their classic hymn "SAGENWELT" from their full length album debut "LICHTBRINGER", one great anti-religious and especially directed anti-christianity anthem, straight and direct into your damn bloody face!!! Awesome stuff!!! Enjoy it!!!


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