Montag, 28. Februar 2011

'METAL ERUPTION' by the 'METAL BLADE' from a time long gone... but it's still shaking the earth down to the ground...

("Metal Blade Records"; CD):
This here is a classic one, hm, and I think now-a-days (after something like 15 years that have passed us all by since then) you can call this compilation anyhow pretty much 'Old School' with some good sort of justification to do this so in this way. Finally again I used to listen to this CD over the last weeks, something like two months or so I guess, hell a lot often (some pretty nostalgic moments somehow, haha;-)...) and I came to realize what a damn good record this one here was back then and still is today anyhow anyway. This one here I got as a free promotion sampler compilation as some sort of a 'gift' for a big shopping round (what 'we' called so with being 15 yars old and earning some few money- that 'we' all used to spend more or less completly for music and shirts of 'our' back then favorite bands- by working in the local supermarket) that I used to do in respectively from out of the catalog-pages of my favorite mailorder of that time back then. And this makes it even better (and made it even better back then). This was and still is more or less a list of what the veteran Metal label of "METAL BLADE RECORDS" had to offer (over here in Europe) back in the days of 1996, and it was and still is a big dose of (today maybe some sort of classic) Metal bands out of various genres of the Metal musick side of things. Occult Heavy Metal by the legendary MERCYFUL FATE (and their "THE OLD OAK" hymn), stand-alone and 100% clichè free Thrash Metal by the larger-than-life SACRED REICH (with their two infamous classicks "SURF NICARAGUA"- outshining stuff- and "IGNORANCE"), bloody and gore-rotting Death Metal of the genre giants and legends CANNIBAL CORPSE (hammering out their incredible slasher "HAMMER SMASHED FACE"), truly demanding  and really pretty good Prog Metal/Rock of the better kind by FATES WARNING (two songs of them here on this one, "THE APPARITION" and- one of my favorites of them- "ANARCHY DIVINE"), really powerful and impressive American Heavy Metal by the great ARMORED SAINT (and they are giving us here my all time favorite song ever of them, "REIGN OF FIRE"), and also TROUBLE, one of the damn very best classic Doom Metal bands ever (playing here two great songs for us, "THE TEMPTER" and "FEAR NO EVIL"). Beside this massive Metal dose we get chaotic Metal-Punk-Rock from outta space by no one else than the almighty legend of the name of GWAR (with their two epic anthems "THE SALAMINIZER" and "GOR-GOR"), one of the damn fucking very best Hardcore-Crossover bands ever named CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (and their angry, noisy and raw classic anthem "HUNGRY CHILD"), and also some pretty cool and heavy Hard Rock music by Y&T (giving us their great "MEANSTREAK" anthem) and RIOT (and their classic hit "ROCK CITY"), and also some Alternative-Independent-'Punk'-Rock (or ''Power - Punk - Thrash - Metal - Pop''... like the label by itself announced it back then...) stuff of the GOO GOO DOLLS (and their song "THERE YOU ARE"). Okay, even some stuff I needed never and some (other) stuff lost some or a lot of their potential or quality over the last 15 years or so, anyhow, but for the most part this compilation stands its ground even today more than 'only' good, nah, really strong instead, point and fact. I would and will also still even today especially SACRED REICH, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, Y&T, ARMORED SAINT, and TROUBLE recommend to you. The quality of the production sound of all songs and bands is really good stuff, and the artwork looks cool (even it was and so still is) very 'slim', but okay, who cares. To the lyrics I won't say now anything, because... damn it, it's a compilation record, I mean, what else should I now do... So, I don't know if you can still get this CD from some places today (and if so from where) and I also don't know for what price(s) after all anyway, but if you're at least from time to time interested in some good and varying Metal musick stuff that also don't need to be the 'newest' and most modern and most up-to-date stuff in and of this genre and if this is so and you don't call this one here your own (even not today) then don't think twice and try to search for and get this one here no matter where, hm, because I mean you should grab a copy of this compilation CD of a (at least once) very good label (and it's also truly a very nice classickal and very good-mixed-thru 1990's Metal compilation record) maybe anyhow without thinking twice about it. Good stuff, I mean still good stuff, for sure, really!!! Still a 'nice' and 'hot' shot!!! (8 of 10 points)

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