Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011


Hey folks, after last up had been some reviews of sheer ultra-brutality (MURDER CORPORATION) and Hack'n'Slay violence (YUPPIE-CLUB) set to music up here I now found that it would maybe be time for keeping this incedible high level of intensity and also working it more out and pushing it higher, but moving into some genre and style o' music that's a little bit different then Grindcore... you now get the great video clip of the pheomenal (and far, far ahead of its time) song "HELTER SKELTER" by the larger-than-life and just outstanding and great THE BEATLES!!! "What, is he gone mad now, THE BEATLES?!?" Haha, I can really see someone (the most?) of ya sitting infront of ya personal computer(s), staring with non-believing eyes on your screen(s) and thinking exactly this, haha;-). But, you know what, "Whooooaaaaa!!!!", fuck it all, THE BEATLES (of course they've also done some garbage songs back then, like most of all bands, and to all what for example good ol' Paul done solo I won't say a single word because it would just be a waste of time and energy) had been great, point and fact!!! Yes, but I also realized (and learned to admit and to stand for it) when I was growing more and more up, so maybe some of you 'younger' readers won't understand it by now, but maybe ya'll understand it some later day. Especially this song, "HELTER SKELTER" (Cheers to good old boy Charly Manson, haha;-)!!!), is just a really awesome, outshining and totally stand-alone song, lyrically anyhow (like a lot of the- especially later- works of THE BEATLES), and musically it was and still is so damn great, fantastic and truly phenomenal, just awesome!!! You really thought bands like THE MELVINS (great band, no doubt about it) had been creating something new and were ahead of their time?!? Ha, listen to this and you will now who was when ahead of what time and creating a totally new sound (at least laying down the concrete of and for it), and this had been THE BEATLES!!! And it's incredible how hard and heavy and really brutal this song already back then had been, breath-taking and amazing!!! That they knew how to play should be knon by anyone, but just listen to the incredible songwriting, that's just brilliant. Btw, had this been sill Beat (music) anyhow anyway...?!? And also the video clip is damn cool stuff!!! So just check out the clip, turn loud the speakers and just damn fucking enjoy this phenomenal song and just brilliant band, right here, right now!!! Cheers!!!


(Hm, could it be that behind this hides a sick tribute to or homage of Michael Jackson by this guy of the name of Kyoko Okazaki;-)?!? Just wanted to post this incredible strange picture and due to the title it somehow also fits in and to this post, harhar;-)!!!)

And now you also get a second song and video clip of THE BEATLES, one of their maybe best-known and more (and most) mainstream songs ever, compared with "HELTER SKELTER" nothing anyhow special (and also a pretty weak song, compared to the above posted mastrpiece), but it's still their damn good music, the sound and style they became famous for, even it's a little bit too 'nice' and 'happy' from time to time, haha;-), but I really like also this fine track, it's also a great one, and when I listen to the lyrics and think of the next week from tomorrow on, pfff, at all the work, about seeing my girlfriend not before friday again, about all the again ongoing hardships, about doing just and strictly only some 'rehab-sports' due to my shoulder-injury, and on and on, and yes, I know I have a hard and troubled life, yehp, haha;-) (don't take it all so serious... or maybe take it exactly as that... who might know... ;-) ...) then somehow this song expresses pretty good my feelings when I take a look at this upcoming week, haha;-). So enjoy also this one, it's the clip of their pretty damn catchy hymn "HARD DAY'S NIGHT", and then (respectively now) I wish all of you, my dear readers, a good start into the next upcoming new week and then good night to all of ya out there!!! Cheers!!!


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