Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011


Hi folks, a short while ago I've posted the review of the first D.I.Y. Demo of the sinister Scotsmen in SUNSMASHER, the Demo is titled "MAMMOTHIAN / LOUD / CULT" (btw, great title, if ya ask me, seriously), and how damn outstanding great and gloomy shining it is, their unique and stand-alone mixture out of Crustcore and Doom Metal and Sludge Core and traditional D-Beat, hm,and let us call it together with the band 'Crust Doom' (hm, or was it 'Doom Crust'... anyhow, you know what I mean...), I've already written in the mentioned review, yes, and now I'm planning to give ya two video clips to respectively of my two total favorites of them, "DAEMONOLOGIE" and "MUJERES LIBRES", and if ya like your music heavy, brutal, sinister, dark, violent and sheer packed up full with intense emotions, hell yeahr, then this should be totally your stuff, so check it out and enjoy it, amazing stuff delivered to us by this everything outshining and sheer and simple great band, yeahr, and it is truly and really one hell of an awesome band!!!



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