Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

WARHOUND live on stage (and on the dance floor as well as in the pit) @ ''BRANDON GOODS HOUSE'' at the 02. January 2011 (?) somewhere in Manhatten, Illinois, U.S.A.

Hey folks, after I've already posted the review of the phenomnal WARHOUND (digital) EP of the title of "RETURN OF THE HARDSTYLE" last night I feel the need to give ya more about this amazing great band (that I recently new discovered and that signed also recently to "I SCREAM RECORDS", for all what I've heard, so watch out because more of them shall be about to come), and here do you now get two live videos of them, pretty imressive and authentic stuff, no sage barriers (or a real stage) or some stuff like this, instead standing and playing directly in the crowd and in the pit, great stuff. Okay, the sound quality could be a little bit better but it's okay after all. So hopefully you will enjoy this clips and then go and get the (already reviewed) EP of this Hardcore roughnecks from Illinois, great stuff!!! ILLINOIS HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



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