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("Randale Records"; 7''): Here's a new split 7'' single on the vinyl-addicts label "RANDALE RECORDS" from good old Germany, strictly limited and coming with two different coverartworks (you may can say one per side) and also with all the lyrics and that stuff. Side A is occupied by the old english Oi! warhorses of THE WARRIORS (even they are labeled by some german AFA jackasses as a R.A.C. and especially not only as a R.A.C. but as a somehow whatever Fascist R.A.C. band... no comment, stupid jackasses all over the place...), and on Side B we have the England Oi! youngsters of BOOZE & GLORY (no need to say that also this band is by above already metioned brainwrecked idiots labeled as Fascist R.A.C. band... and no, nah, again no further comment on this paranoid and nearly somehow 'insane' german AFA- as well as also ''OiRE SZENE''- bullshit...), and "RANDALE RECORDS" (and also no need to say that above mentioned 'people = shit' also defame this label to be one record label of the 'ultra radical and extreme right wing Fascist White Power NS 28 White Supremacy movement'... and also again on this crap no further comment...) used to bring it out by the very close end of 2010 if I get it right here and now. So, okay, onward to this 7'' here. I only have one album (or record release in general) of this band of the name of THE WARRIORS, and this is their "THE FULL MONTY" full length album. It's not bad and there are really some little gems on it, even I really don't know why it's to some guys a total cult classic... but okay, I mean, how-ever. After this record was released already quite a while ago (remember, it's jut the only release of them that I do own, but since then a lot of other material was released by them) it seems like time stood still for the last decade, because THE WARRIORS do still play their stoic stomping mid paced typical Old School British/English Oi!, all dominated by the 'sawing' and pretty heavy guitars, the buzzing bass and the 'wheezy' pounding drums, and not to forget some loud crew back ups with some heavy doses of Sing-A-Long potential and that typical english snotty and angry, bitter and pissed off lead vocals. Some maye can't hear it anymore and think it's a bad joke by me here and now, other won't wonder or worry about it anymore anyhow but it's true, pretty much like THE LAST RESORT (like I've said, it won't make anybody wonder at all). Hm, but where THE LAST RESORT totally conquered everything with their last full length output THE WARRIORS fail to convince me here at least somehow a little bit. It's good played and surely not bad at all written and arranged, hm, but it's really nothing that's really grapping me anyhow. Basically the same old story of that typical mid paced Sing-A-Long friendly but still with some proper Brickwall spirit coming Old School England Oi! like we all (who we are in it for so many years now already and won't leave it anymore anyhow, just because there's nothing that could somehow move us to do it, no matter how we wear our hair today) know it all too well. The pretty slow "ENGLAND" is truly the weaker song, pretty boring and dull settled somewhere in the lower ranks of the midfield, but the good paced "PREDATOR" owns some fresh and 'alive'/'lively' spirit and is really stomping loud and proud and is a pretty good knocker, really a good one, so all in all THE WARRIORS do get 7 out of ten points. Ah, lyrically "ENGLAND" is a typical patriotic anthem about bringing back the greatness of your nation and taking it back from the ruling class and its bought politicians and so, and even I think "English & proud!" is something becoming more and more that obsolete like (for example) "German & proud!" (in a world that's ruled by the global order of 'a handful' of thousand and thousand of billions of bucks rich capitalis bourgeois bastards and their plutocratic and repressive and all and everything exploiting more and more post-capitalistic system, in a world like this we live in and 'values' like 'class', 'nation', 'culture', etc. pp. loose more and more of their power and even meaning) the lyrics are strong, very outspoken and also outspoken against Racism and Fascism, for what I would say. Good stuff. "PREDATOR" is also lyrically pretty good stuff, check it out. The production sound of the THE WARRIORS songs is good, earthy and heavy, good job, and the artwork, hm, I mean it's like I have seen stuff like this from English Oi! bands so often I can't count it anymore but it still looks really cool and still really great at the end of the day. So, yes, all in all 7 out of 10 points for THE WARRIORS. Not more, not less, point and fact. Next side, next band, again two songs in total. BOOZE & GLORY had been pretty much strongly celebrated (at least here in Germany) over the last year and so I was pretty excited about if this band would be really the very best Oi! band to come from England for years... and what shall I say, no, they aren't it. But they are a still a pretty good band. (Just to judge by this 7'', hm, and that this is not that much to judge by I also know anyhow.) First song, "ENGLAND WILL NEVER CHANGE", is really damn good stuff. Skinhead, Bootboy, Hooligan Oi! from England with some strong rockin' lead riff and melody line to the song that also has a little "CHISWICK" or old early SKREWDRIVER vibe to it, good old Skinhead Rock & Roll, marked by the already mentioned very strong guitar work (and not to forget about the very cool solo), as well as the tight as fuck playing rhythm section, mighty and forceful crew choir back ups, and the great lead vocals (you need to get used to them, at first you might think that they sound to emotion- and powerless but give them just some time and a few rounds and you will get how great this somehow more spoken than sung vocals are, also that typical snotty english stuff, great, total ''Fuck off!!!'' attitude and mentality expressed to the establishment, that's why we all who have heart and soul and fire and passion do love this music so much), yes, and also great lyrics with also some 'rowdy-ish' Hooligan spirit to it. Great!!! This is a total anthem, the best song on this 7'' and if ya ask me then you really have to know this one, amazing stuff!!! Unfortunately BOOZE & GLORY failed to do that great with their next track "WORKING HARD & DRESSING SMART". Uh, this one is pretty crappy stuff. There's somehow a Punk'n'Roll vibe to it (the rhythm, the style of playing the drums, the arrangements of the verses, the totally plain refrain part, the pace, etc. pp.) and the refrain is totally dottled funfair stuff, it's your usual drunken ''Streetpunk'' stuff that also skiing vacation/holiday idiot faggot tourists could and would do sing a long to after enough (but still not too much) beer and so on (talking about the melody line and the arrangement). So, even they started of with 9 out of ten points at the end also BOOZE & GLORY do get not more than just 7 out of 10 points here and now. Okay, the cover artwork of the BOOZE & GLORY side looks just great (remember the gladiatorial Hooligan spirit), the dirty but heavy production sound makes my thumbs really go up, and the lyrics are some pretty unbowed and also gladiatorial stuff, so also the thumbs up for that. So, okay, at all this 7'' do get 7 out of 10 points and if you're an England Oi! Hard-Knock you should maybe call it your own anyhow, all the rest should maybe better first risk an ear, hm, or decide now if out of four songs two good (one good and one very, very good) songs are enough for ya and if that's the case may you order it the next second from your favorite Mailorder around the next virtual corner. I was expecting somehow really more of it... but okay, after all it's still a good record but now I will anyhow listen to the above mentioned THE LAST RESORT release, yes, that's serving my needs much more... Ah, by the way, all the 'organization-stuff' was done truly great by the sympathic guys of "RANDALE RECORDS", just to let you all know about it. (7 of 10 points)

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