Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011


("Anagram Records"; CD):
I love this band and they had been one hell of an important band for me, musically and lyrically, and I will always hold them dear to my heart no matter what all the nutjobs from the left to the right may agitate against them and how far they will run their shithole mouths about them. This is a very old album from 1993 that used to push me back then in the days through even the worst school weeks and it was and is a non-regular album release and like the title pretty well says it it is a live album. It features a big bunch of their infamous classicks from their legendary debut "PUNK'S NOT DEAD" to their "HORROR EPICS" slasher and this means that it also covers songs of their two maybe most prominent albums "TROOPS OF TOMORROW" and "LET'S START A WAR". So this means that we get hard, fast, loud, heavy and aggressive U.K. '82 Hardcore Punk of its very, very best straight in our faces. Raging and sawing angry and aggressive guitar work, in-your-face screaming and spitting damn charismatic vokillz, a brutal beating and cracking bass at work and pounding and stomping massive drum playing, and all cultivated with that special battle-scarred and gladiatorial as well as sick and morbid atmosphere that always was a trademark of THE EXPLOITED that also always set them far ahead of other also great legends of this era and style of Punk like fo example the mighty G.B.H., yes, and that's why we always talk about the almighty THE EXPLOITED. All made round by the typical "Anarchy!", "Chaos!", "Violence!", "Riot!", "A.C.A.B.!", "Punk!", and also "Sex!" in your face beating and screaming lyrics, a very cool raw and dirty recording sound, and a nice artwork, ah, and that the tracks/songs are taken from different concerts and/or are compiled a little bit different then they seemed to have been played by the band at the concerts don't really damages anything here. Some tracks featured on this one are for example "LET'S START A WAR", "COP CARS", "HITLER'S IN THE CHARTS AGAIN", "ALTERNATIVE", "U.K. '82", "TROOPS OF TOMORROW", "SEX AND VIOLENCE", "DAILY NEWS", "S.P.G.", "EXPLOITED BARMY ARMY", and "I BELIEVE IN ANARCHY". You see, non-stop nothing but amazing immortal anthems of this awesome band. So, yes, I don't know if and when from where the hell you still can get this album but if you see it somewhere still being around waiting to be bought by you then you should really desperatly make sure to finally grab it. Great stuff and a great band!!! I love this shit!!! CHAOS!!! Oi! (9 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

If you like this crap then you're reading the wrong blog, period.

("Network Music Group" / "Sonic Seducer Magazine"; CD):
Here's the next CD (and also a CD EP) where I wonder why the hell some may think they could make me a pleasure with giving me stuff like this as a gift... strange world we live in... Okay, like you all see this is also some sort of a "SONIC SEDUCER" release and it really seems like this magazine now-a-days also owns its very own record label or at least record distribution company. But also with this one here I don't know if it just came as a free promo CD garnish of an issue of the magazine or if this one here is also in one form or another a CD EP of the commercial kind that you can go and buy if you want to. I really don't know it. Anyhow... And as you all also may can think by now, this here is again to be located somewhere on the Gothic or what-the-fuck-else-ever side of music. Okay, first of all I wonder what should be anyhow dark here at all, and then I wonder also why to name this here any different then what it is and this is nothing else than just melancholic and 'bitterly' sweet Pop music, nothing else, and even not really anyhow good Pop music. An 'angel-like' whispering sweet female lead singing voice, relaxed chilled laid back beats and some other more or less acoustic twee gew gaws frippery, you'll find many if not all stereotypes that you now may expect on this one here. Nah, I have enough of it, and I really don't know what to write here more, maybe just that this stuff here reminds me more of mainsteam superficial snuggle chart pop shit than of anything else and even this music proclaims to be oh so packed up full with emotions, feelings and passion, etc. pp. you (will) find nothing of this in here so don't just search for anything of it. Ah, and just for the record, the artwork is okay and the production sound also, too. It's hard to believe that this really shall be the band that was formed back then in 1987 or so as a side-project of the pretty FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, hard to believe... But after all and all in all: Nah, fuck it, this is junk, musically and lyrically, and maybe it could be possible that if you like this stuff and comparable shit then you're reading the wrong blog, period. (0 of 10 points)

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Belgian Wave'n'EBM'n'what-so-else-the-bloody-fuck-ever...

("Daft Records" / "Sleepless Berlin" / "Sonic Seducer Magazine"; CD):
Okay, this is a strange sort of music for me to listen to and maybe I should ask myself why the hell ever friends of mine think to make me a pleasure with bestowing me stuff like this. Okay, I also always stood for the fact that I love THE SISTERS OF MERCY and that this very band is one of my total favorites of all time (no matter what specific particular music genre now may come to your mind) and that I also once liked (and sometimes in some cases still like) to listen to some Gothic'n'Wave and also some Industrial (and Techno Metal) styled stuff no matter of which specific sort it ever may be like for example such different favorite acts of this genre of me like THE 69 EYES, MINISTRY, KMFDM, NEW ORDER, TYPE 0 NEGATIVE, DIE KRUPPS, DAS ICH, GOETHES ERBEN, THEARTRE OF TRAGEDY, TIAMAT, and some only very few other bands like this may demonstrate (to) ya and I also always stood for it, no problems with that, but I'm really totally not familiar with this kind of music and that simply because of the simple fact that it never was, that it isn't and that it will never be a sort or genre of music that offers me something precious with weight that really gives me something (or at least anything at all) and so don't expect that much knowledge of this sort of music presented here in and with this review. So, yes, that's it, so now okay and onward to the review of this record: This CD was a bestowment (don't know if I really should say thanks anyway) and for all what I do see I would say that this was a free garnish or something like this of one of the last issues of the "SONIC SEDUCER" magazine (for all what I know- and that's not much when it's about this kind of music- it's together with the "ZILLO" magazine the longest and best established Gothic etc. pp. magazine at least here in Germany) or this zine now-a-days also owns its own record label recording company, who knows, but if not that's here some sort of a Promo CD or so. Okay, anyhow, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL is a duo from Belgium that's dedicated to some dark 'gothy' and especially 'wavy', melancholic Electronical Music, and so maybe we should all call it EBM (which means, at least if I'm right with that, Electronic Body Music and is maybe to describe as something like the dark variation of Techno music for the black dressed depressed and melancholic dudes called Goths and their specific sort of retarded slow-assed style of dancing to their music). So, okay, we get at all six songs but this songs are in fact four songs at all, "INTO THE LIGHT", "SATURNIA CALLING", "SHATTERED ILLUSION" and the title track "SORROW" that comes here on this one to us in three different (mostly remix/-ed) versions like btw all tracks on this one here come in remix(/-ed) versions, so that this is a remix CD EP. But after also the official EP version of "SORROW" (the only regular released song version on this one here) is also a through and through electronical affair or 'just' an EBM track the above mentioned genre description of EBM (or something like this) is a correct one. Anyhow, mostly relatively (strong) releaxed partial one upon the other laid beats and some ''sinister'n'dark'' sound dalliances and baubles and other accessorily atmospheric instrumentations are added to it to create a at most as possible close networked and condensed 'aimed to be dark' atmosphere and maybe it's also all done pretty good but if you ask me then it all just works out only with one song and that's the opener of this CD EP and that's the (official) EP version of the title track of the name of "SORROW". This one is really a cool and also a truly damn good song, I won't argue on this with anyone, but the rest is more or less terrible and bloody lethargic electronical music crap without any heart or soul or passion and also without any dynamic or energy or power and force or 'just' story-telling-abilities. The artwork of this disc is okay but also nothing special anyway (ah, btw, the cover is originally halted in black and yellow and I don't know why my scanner is spoiling it all and didn't get it done to scan it in the original colors), the lyrics are what you may expect to get from a band of this kind respectively out of this genre with song titles like "SORROW", "INTO THE LIGHT", "SATURNIA CALLING" and "SHATTERED ILLUSION", and the production sound is pretty okay. So, yehp, I know that I'm not in the target audience of this band and music, ha, and you know what, I'm damn happy about it. So, yehp, I don't know if you are into this kind of music and if you are so a part of the target audience of ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL and acts like this, hm, then maybe check it out because maybe then this is some somehow anyhow anyway good stuff or at least something comparable to this but if not then... Okay, let me say it this way: I think it's good that this CD is more or less for free because I wouldn't waste a single cent on this one, period. (1 of 10 points)

A little something to listen to over the summer...

("Century Media Records" / "Fighter Streets Records" / "Rock Hard Magazine"; CD):
This is a new promotional album CD by the swedish 'megasellers' of IN FLAMES. This CD comes as a free garnish of the current issue of the german "ROCK HARD" magazine and maybe it's for you a reason (or another reason) to buy it but maybe also not and if you're anyhow interested in it you may just choose to grab this CD anyhow and take it with you... Who knows? Anyhow, back in the 1990's IN FLAMES became totally over the top going Metal 'megasellers' with their melodic Death Metal the swedish trademark and style (or Göteborg Death Metal) and together with DARK TRANQUILITY they became something like the pioneers of what we today can maybe call the second wave of swedish Death Metal (second, after DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, UNLEASHED, etc. pp.) and especially IN FLAMES really grew big and bigger over the last nearly two decades, from their breakthrough album "THE JESTER RACE" to their current full length album release "SONGS OF A PLAYGROUND FADING" (for all what I know released recently this month/-s), hm, and I have to admit that I really "NEVER!" was a fan of IN FLAMES, no: "NEVER!". But I have also to admit that things really changed heavily and what IN FLAMES do today is quite different compared with what they've done back then. From the sweet and catchy and totally annoying 'poppy' Girly Death Metal they seemed to have moved into a heavy yet still pretty melodic Modern Metal or Metalcore music direction (and this 'seems' not only so), all on a pretty high level of quality but also all maybe not oh too creative and stand-alone to judge by the two brandnew songs featured here on this one. Maybe some hardknock fans would still discuss it controversy (but after the change of direction was also started some albums and so many years back in time maybe only some total morons would start this 'controversial discussion' still today), maybe the Metal and or Metalcore writers would (or will) write about some oh so fresh and creative new wind blowing and howling through your speakers, hm, but I have just to say that this here is really good done stuff but it's also nothing anyone should give only one of his/her legs for. It's pretty funny that beside the almighty AT THE GATES also a band like IN FLAMES was undeniable a very important influence for the Metalcore and/or Modern Metal 'superstars' of today like for exapmle KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and also SOILWORK, and that now it seems like things have changed to 180° and that now the once influenced became the influence for the once that were back then primarly the source of influence. (I hope you know what I mean...) And if you like this bands in particular and other bands like this in general then you will also like (if not love) the new material that IN FLAMES give us here (at least via two new songs). Nice rhythm arrangements with some good and clever twists and turns in the structure and architecture of the songs, very heavy yet damn catchy and melodic guitar work (powerful and distorting riffs go hand in hand with symphonic goosepimple leads and some nice solo parts), great forceful work of the rhythm section, all settled together by damn good songwriting, all pretty interesting and grapping arranged and structured, and to play their instruments IN FLAMES use to know anyhow for many, many years already now. All made round by the typical ingredients of the Modern Metal and/or Metalcore genre that you may like or not but that all of you should know already pretty good anyway. Without a doubt it's all really, really good done and it all just sounds not all too enthusiastic because it's pretty much heard over and over again in some today only a little bit varying variations also if you're not a fan at all of Metalcore and Modern Metal (and I'm by myself not a fan of this music after all) so that I really don't know what to write here more and on. We get two brandnew songs ("DELIVER US" and "ENTER TRAGEDY") and both are really good stuff with a more sinister and melancholic, a pretty intense feeling to it and lyrics that are also probably some stuff like this (sinister and melancholic) but aren't printed and so I won't say anything definite, and then we get six more old songs, "DISCOVER ME LIKE EMPTINESS", "OUR INFINITE STRUGGLE", "DEAD ENTRY", "ANOTHER DAY IN QUICKSAND", "ONLY FOR THE WEAK" (live) and "CLOUD CONNECTED" (live), and I like especially "DISCOVER ME LIKE EMPTINESS" and "OUR INFINTE STRUGGLE" that are both pretty forceful smashers, and also the two live songs are really great stuff coming with a lot of nice suprises like the (pretty good done) clean vocals and so on. The lyrics are what seem typical today for IN FLAMES (what-ever this now may mean, especially after I'm and I was everything but a fan on this band), and the artwork looks pretty cool as well as the production sound hits the score. So, you see, for fans of the band or the mentioned bands and genres this one here (and so the new full length of IN FLAMES) should be necessary stuff but also all other interested in Modern Metal or Metalcore or modern metallic heavy yet melodic music in general should risk an ear here anyhow by grabbing this CD or buying the "ROCK HARD" issue or something like this and so I would say that this promotional CD at the end of the day truly fullfilled its destiny. Ah, btw, after I lost IN FLAMES after their "COLONY" release at the end of the 1990's or so totally out of sight (but not because I thought or think this album was or would be total garbage, no, instead of this I would still name it a pretty good album, no, but this band and I never found together- or I found never to this band and never will- and so I lost totally any at all even pretty small interested in them and lost them totally out of sight) I really have to admit that the development that they've taken is really a impressive one, respect for this anyhow. (8 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

We're looking at the world through a barrel of a gun? Are you ready? ...

Yes, last post for today (and this very week) and now comes a 'Videos' posting for ya with that I want to give ya one of the great old UK Punk bands that rule since the late 1970's without any weak periods, and here and now this means the great and legendary UK SUBS and you get now my personal favorite of them (musically and lyrically) and this is no other song than their awesome anthem "WARHEAD". The music is just great British Punkrock music of its very best and with a special feeling to it and a certain spirit in it and creating just a great intense atmosphere that oh so many Punk bands of today fail over and over again to do so. And the lyrics are outspoken and just totally great, pissing off any sides and speaking wise words of truth and wisdom and are today even more true then back then and also this is why you finally get with this post the lyrics of the song again (after the clip) and so now just enjoy this great band and song and then I wish ya all a good night because now finally I will go to bed and fall hopefully pretty soon a-sleep. Cheers & Oi!


U.K. SUBS - "WARHEAD" (the lyrics):

Soldiers of Islam are loading their guns

They're getting ready
but the Russian tanks are mowing them down
They're getting ready
There's children in Africa with tommy guns
Getting ready
While the Islam armies are beckoning on
They're getting ready

There's a burning sun
And it sets in the western world
But it rises in the east
And pretty soon
It's gonna burn your temples down

While the heads of state are having their fun
Are they ready?
We're looking at the world through the barrel of a gun
Are we ready?
And you stand there beating on your little war drum
Are you ready?
And it won't be long before your time has come
Are you ready?

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead
Warhead, warhead, warhead

Well I don't know what it is but i feel something coming
Stuck in the middle of the Yankees and the Russians
Better get moving guns are getting loaded
Fast to the border where the tanks are a rolling
There's a nation in fear another nation crying
One nation killing and another nation dying
Talk about guns and escalation bye bye planet let alone a nation

HOST from Leeds - UK Hardcore Machinery 2011

HOST - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Here's a promising new and young Hardcore band from out of the UK, to say it more precise these roughnecks from HOST hailing out of the city of Leeds and they are showcasing us a great case of UK Hardcore finally seem to claiming its crown again. This is their current demo DIY release (and maybe also their debut release overall, but that I just can't tell ya that precise) and it's released (also or maybe solely, I don't know it by now, too) as an official and for free download via the Bandcamp site of the band (the link will close this very review here, as usual in cases like this) and it's again because of the great "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" ( blog that I stumbled over this band (so "Thanx!" for that!!!), and so without any more 'stoppings' we will come to the review, yehp, that's it, so here it goes: HOST are (like I've already mentioned at the beginning of this review) a very promising and more than 'just' a damn good band. They play a massive and very bully and bulky, damn fucking hard'n'heavy and truly aggressive Hardcore style of the metallic New School kind and all is filled up with a huge Sludge Core the EYE HATE GOD style and sort of sound and not to forget some few but certain Grindcore reminiscences and also some nice swedish Old School Death Metal reminiscences when it's about the guitar riffing (think about ENTOMBED somewhere between the "LEFT HAND PATH", "CLANDESTINE" and "WOLVERINE BLUES" masterpieces of them). If you like your guitar work hard and angry, noisy and mean, crushing and devastating, your rhythm section as massive pound for pound working as it only can be, and your vocals aggressive and neurotic and really damn pretty extreme, yes, then don't think twice but get this one here instaed of just complaining that you've missed something really dfamn good at the end of the day. The songwriting is already a damn good and pretty cool affair, interesting and grapping and very skillful, and the production sound is already damn proffesional (it sounds truly not like a D.I.Y. demo release), and to play on and with their instruments HOST do know more than 'only' damn good, as well as the weird and sick cover motife really rocks. The lyrics aren't part of the download (what's a pity) and I can't tell ya exactly something precise about them but I would bet that we get some pretty sinister and heavy stuff. We get all in all three songs, and the only minus points are the facts or 'points' that it's just too short on running time and on material we get from them and that the band seems to stuck in between the decision if they want to go more into the Hardcore or more into the Sludge Core direction and that HOST currently lack a little bit the 'own identity' to solve this 'problem' in a stand-alone way like SNAKEDRIVER (just for example) did it lately. But this is all what there is to say about the maybe minus points of this one here and I really believe that all this little issues will be solved by HOST in the (hopefully very near) future. I recommend this to all of you out there that are into truly damn good and forceful Hardcore (as well as Sludge Core) music and I really hope to hear very soon more of them. Another band we should really keep an eye on this very year. So, yes: Check it out!!! (8 v. 10 P.)
(Sorry, I was wrong, the download link comes without any Bandcamp site link but so it's just an MediaFire link and this one now comes here:

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

NYC Skinhead Rock & Roll

Okay folks, it's about time to do finally at least a little post up here again and so I'll do it but it's damn late and I hate my alarm bell ringing in something like five hours tomorrow again and thinking about it makes me want to smash someone's head in because damn it I really desperatly need the weekend. Now you get a great live clip of the almighty 45 ADAPTERS (you know them, one of the best Skinhead Rock & Roll bands ever and one of the very best NYC Skin bands still around today, and don't miss the interview I've done back then with them and all the best greetings from me going out to the guys in the band), and you see them playing their great anthem "NOT ONE MORE DAY" (the title track of their debut 7'' and this one as well as their second 7'' I also reviewed back then up here, and you need to call both your very own, and I'm desperatly looking forward to see finally a full length album of them coming out) and it's also a damn great performance. So just check it out and then soon more again. Sleep well tonight and Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!


Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

San Antonio Stoner Doom Rock Metal by RAPID EXPANSION

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
First of all I have to say two things: 1.) Beside the 'fact' (I just write 'fact' instead of fact because this is something where I believe- and hope- that it's the truth and true but where I really honestly don't know it- and yes, I'm currently just too lazy to go surfing and ask the almighty Google gods for their helping hands... like I'm pretty often too lazy to do this stuff) that this band is coming from San Antonio I don't know anything about them; 2.) I (also) can't tell ya where, when and how I got aware of them but somehow for quite a while now already this two track demo of them is part of my harddisc. Ah, and one third thing I can also tell ya right here and now from the very first beginning: 3.) This one here is their 'newest' demo (and maybe their debut release, but this again is something that I just can't really tell you anyhow just because I don't have a single clou), through and through D.I.Y. stuff (for all what I know) and it was also or maybe even solely released as a MP3-Download officially and for free by the band itself and you can get it by downloading it from their Bandcamp site (and as usual in cases like this the link to this their Bandcamp site I will give ya as the closing line of this review). Yehp, and that's it with every possible introduction word(s) to them and it and so now here we go again and ahead (or what the fuck else ever): RAPID EXPANSION are a (for all what I know or- maybe better- for all what I think to know) San Antonio based band that's playing some very cool and suprisingly fresh Stoner Rock and Doom Metal cocktail with huge doses of some good old yet damn fresh'n'young Drone worked into it. We get two songs on this one here, the nearly eighteen to twenty minutes long "GROTESQUE" and the around three to four minutes long "THANKSGIVING DINNER". What's great is the fact that by looking at the- btw damn disgusting cover art- you might expect some neurotic and psychotic Doom Metal cultivated with huge doses of dopesick and (self-) aggressive Sludge Core and made round by heavy and sinister Stoner Rock and massive Drone components integrated in it all...: Ha, even some of the named styles of music (forget totally about the Sludge Core) are damn right and truly to be found in RAPID EXPANSION's music and also even it's really some damn heavy and very nice and very good droning (and also 'grooving', we shouldn't forget about this component) affair, and also huge doses of some psychotic'n'neurotic sickness are to be recognized without any doubts but it's all no heroin infected downward spiral posse and (like I've already mentioned) there's absolutely no crazed'n'dopesick Sludge (Core) to be heard here. Instead of this it's all really pretty buoyant, nimble-footed, dashing and detached especially for that specific kind of music. And that's also really pretty damn cool and exciting, also somehow some sort of some truly fresh stuff. The foundament of the music of RAPID EXPANSION is heavy and very grounded, down paced and down tuned Stoner Rock that's combined with hard and massive Doom Metal notes (pretty Old School, at least that's what I would say, and so also the riffing reminds me sometimes of the legendary BLACK SABBATH even it comes without that occult sinister atmosphere for what that band became groundbreaking and- for a lot of people back then- also lifechanging) and loud and long droning moments (especially if ya take some good listens to the guitar playing). Ah, and did I already mentione(d) that RAPID EXPANSION are (at least on this one here) a pure and through and through instrumental (playing) band (beside some- totally misplaced and also pretty disturbing- "Yiah!" and "Whooaa!" chants in "THANKSGIVING DINNER" no 'vocals' are to heard here on this one)? Nah, did I not so far, ha, but okay, at least latest now. So without vocals the songwriting and the work at and with the instruments gets pushed even more into the spotlight and especially the tight and also pretty fresh and lively varying songwriting (combined with above described for this genre(s) untypical kind of atmosphere that rules the songs) really is a great done job by the band and also the guitar riffing is really damn good (a massive wall of sound, between Rock'n'Doom and rockin' and groovin' and dronin' like hell) so that all is working pretty good at the end. The rhythm section does also a really good and better job, leaving no blank space open for 'holes in the songs' so that all is totally 'filled up'. So, all in all, just thumbs up for this band and release here even it all could have been done in some way somehow more grapping and 'long-time' fascinating as well as maybe somehow even more interesting (but maybe this is also just because I usually don't like only instrumental music no matter how good or bad or maybe even great it's all may done after all, this could be possible) if you ask me but anyhow this is a damn good release by a pretty promising band that I will try to keep an eye on seriously. If you like the above described type of music then I really recommend this band and their current two track demo honestly to you and you should really desperately check it out promptly. Damn good stuff, so check it out and I'm really looking forward to hear more from them!!! Ah, just for the record I'll close this one with saying that the artwork sucks, haha;-), and that the production sound really works out damn good, ah, and also just for the record, no vocals, no lyrics, and that's it. (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

*** SNAKEDRIVER *** - *** Little Rock *** - *** Arizona *** - *** Sludge *** - *** Hardcore ***

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is some great shit that I discovered (once again) by reading the last months through the almighty "AVERSIONLINE" blog (and again I just got thje review ready and up so late, two months after getting the demo, fuck, I should maybe not so intense analyse the records I'm about to do reviews of... but maybe I shouldn't change the working schedule anyhow...) and there I saw and got the 2011 demo D.I.Y. recording (should be also the debut stuff) of this great band of the name of SNAKEDRIVER that comes from Little Rock in (I guess) Arizona (right?!?) and this here is also (maybe solely) released as MP3-Download, officially made up for free by the band itself and you can get it via visiting their Bandcamp page (and after this is official and for free you will get the download link at the end of this review, as usual in cases like this here and now). And if you ask me, ha, then you really need to have it, and that's a damn fucking fact!!! Okay, it's already pretty late and the next day of work is coming tomorrow far too soon and so I will try to keep it short this time, yehp, and so now here we go: SNAKEDRIVER play some damn great Sludge Core music that's blended and cultivated with a sick Blues feeling and plenty of Southern Rock and Metal marks to it (just listen to the guitar riffs) and is also enriched with a lot of Hardcore impressions (from fast raging and sometimes even grinding Up Tempo parts to 'fluffy' fist in the air slamdance moments to groovy Mosh parts and some very few and very, very dirty Beatdown notes the journey goes) and some very few Grindcore bloodshed also in it, not to forget some awesome PANTERA like Metal parts in it with that all is enriched. So that it really makes sense to not just only talk about Sludge or Sludge Core but of Sludge Hardcore, hm, and maybe also Sludge Hardcore Metal would make sense somehow... but I think with Sludge (Core) or better Sludge Hardcore all necessary is said. Dirty and heavy, 'groovy' as well as incredible angry and aggressive raging guitar riffing and some great lead and solo work by the guitars (remember the Southern attitude), this is really the center of SNAKEDRIVER's musick, as well as the damn charismatic sick and psychotic, neurotic and aggressive harsh scream vokillz (the lead singer also sings in DEAD CITY, if ya maybe know this band that could or should be interesting for all of ya). The rhythm section then is a phenomenal hard and incredible heavy, a damn massive and every thinkable resistance into the ground crushing war machine that pushes the music delivered here to us really acroos any boundaries and truly over every resistance, awesome shit. Also in this inferno we find also a lot of suprises and the songwriting abilities of SNAKEDRIVER are really above any doubts (just listen to the brilliant "MOON'S BLOOD", that's awesome), as well as their abilities as musicians in general. What is also damn great is the fact that the atmosphere and attitude is not just 'dopesick' but also damn battle scarred and gladiatorial and this is making this Sludge inferno even more great!!! The lyrics are some crazy sick great shit (not printed respectively not a part of the download but you get it when you listen intense to SNAKEDRIVER, and that- listen intense to them- you should do anyhow), the artwork looks great and the production sound is just pure dirty, earthy and crusty gold. So, yes, what shall I say more (remember that I'm trying to keep it short this time... but I think that so really I didn't managed to do so...), just get this great demo via the download through their Bandcamp site and I'm really, really hoping to get very soon far more to hear from them... very soon. Awesome shit that anyone interested in Sludge as well as Hardcore (in general) should check out, I highly recommend this stand-alone band to all of you. Get it!!! Now!!! Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)

... we're all already dead in this VIOLENT SOCIETY we're forced to live in ...

Yes guys, last post for now and you now get a little video clip of the great UNRECKONED of which I just have reviewed their via a download released "VIOLENT SOCIETY" titled debut DIY demo release so if you want to know more about them then watch the now coming clip and read the mentioned review (it's the post before this one which means that you'll find the post as the next one following this one here if you scroll down your screen) and then you will know what's so great at and with this band, UNRECKONED from Chicago, and, yehp, and latest then download and fucking enjoy it. That shall be all for now, and now I'll watch "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" to its fin and finally go to bed to sleep a little bit more than the last night. And now, enough words, turn your speakers loud and mosh the fuck up!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


"Bitch just the shut the fuck up and then now just give me a bass line!"

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Found this band and release while I was surfing through the web recently (A big "Thanx a lot one more time!" goes out to the great "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog that all of you should really check out regulary) and promptly downloaded it. This is a new band from the windy city of Chicago and (for all what I do know) this is their debut demo release and it's done completly via the D.I.Y. way and released solely (?) through an official and authorized free download from the Bandcamp page of UNRECKONED themselves (released recently in 2011, which means this year... I know... you know... anyway...). And after it's something totally by the authorized download affair I will (as usual) post also the link to the Bandcamp site of the band at the end of this review. What I heard took me by storm, UNRECKONED own the potential to become one of the strongest and most leading bands in the today's world of (more than 'just' good) Hardcore music, if they keep on working as focussed and as strong and on a such an (already incredible) high level of standard and quality like they do it here and when they get some of the attention they really need and (much more than this) totally damn deserve. UNRECKONED (I really don't know anything more yet about them so I'm very sorry but I just can't give ya anymore further informations about or to them) play some damn amazing fresh Hardcore cocktail out of classical NYHC reminiscences (think first about MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT and also some 25 TA LIFE), a very good portioned dose of totally devastating Beatdowns (think about modern and somehow metallic up to date Beatdown Hardcore bands like for example UNIT 731), some pretty few 'sludgy' rhythm work and structure arrangements (that reminds you while you listen to them quite a bit of the almighty EYE HATE GOD) and some very fast paced raging up tempo punishments in between some old school Trash Core marks (think about legends like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, just for example) and maybe also (maybe even more) some good Powerviolence notes. In between this styles, NYHC, Beatdown Hardcore, Sludge and Trash Core or maybe better Powerviolence, with the NYHC and the Beatdown Hardcore taking the lead before the Sludge and the Powerviolence/Trash Core cocktail, there are UNRECKONED to be located and they do it all already more than just damn good, because this is nothing else than a great offering and an even greater early display of fidelity by them. The guitar work is really marking the songs very, very strong, with it's devastating down tuned sinister and ultra-heavy and über-brutal riffs and also rhythm force, and the extreme Hardcore Shouting vocals are pure gold and damn charismatic shit on a very, very high level of quality. The bass work is great and pretty present and some really hard and heavy and aggressive thing, and the drumming is pound for pound and beat for beat a brutal stomping military machinery that nearly explodes because of power, might and force. Awesome shit!!! The arrangements of the songs are cool and really grapping, so that this guys know how to play their instruments as well as they know how to write truly more than only very good songs. The lyrics seem to be some good and pretty massive affair (but aren't part of the download, and that's the reason why they only 'seem to be' this and that), the artwork is a great one, and the production sound is just damn good shit and sounds already pretty professional. The only problem I have with this release is that it just contains four songs (and a really great and pretty cool anyhow intro sample) in something like around ten minutes and this is simply far too less by this great, great band. I hope that we will pretty soon get more to listen to by UNRECKONED and until then you better start to get this amazing Hardcore monster with downloading it finally, and then just enjoy it. And, btw, don't you forget: "PLAY IT LOUD MOTHERF****R!!!" Damn great shit!!! I highly recommend this band and demo to everyone of you out there who knows about the greatness of Hardcore music. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011


Okay, after the review now comes a nice little 'Videos' posting to make you all known a bit more to 4 IN THA CHAMBER and you now get their (damn cool performance) video clip to their angry slasher "THE END OF FOREVER". This must be a later song of them and they've developed and improved even quite a bit more since their reviewed album and display a huge dose of influences of both genres, Beatdown Hardcore and Metalcore, integrated into their music. If you're a fan of 25 TA LIFE, FURY OF FIVE and also BIOHAZARD, as well as of SHATTERED REALM, TOETAG and also SWORN ENEMY you will be a fan of this stuff. Great shit!!! Check it out!!! Really a great band 4 IN THA CHAMBER used to be and it's a pity that they aren't anymore after I discovered them only some few years ago... Anyhow just you now enjoy this great song and band and cool clip. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



("Kingfisher Records" / "SPV Distribution"; CD):
Okay, this record is now already quite a few years old, released (primarly) in the year of 2000 on the then pretty prominent "KINGFISHER RECORDS" label. To be honest then I have to admit that I have no further informations about 4 IN THA CHAMBER then that they've released this album in 2000 and that they came from the city of New York and that they had been one hell of a great Hardcore band (to say it precise: New York Hardcore) that (so my perception) had been treated totally underrated (or just had been unknown) because not really that much guys out there seem to know about them. Ah, and I also know by now that they are not around as an active proper band anymore (but don't ask me since when). I by myself more or less accidentially stumbled across this album some years ago just because of the fact that it was sold for a price of something like 3,00 Euro or so and so I just bought it due to the low price, the label and the nice describtion of what 4 IN THA CHAMBER would be doing. I got this album and it really knocked me heavily from my feet and totally convinced me because of their sheer force and great attitude and damn high level of quality of their music. 4 IN THA CHAMBER played a dark, heavy and sinister, brutal, harsh and violent, damn destructive and pretty metallic New York Hardcore with some huge Tough Guy impact in it to mark it all and some nice little pre-Beatdown Hardcore feeling to it. Especially the very dynamic and sheer forceful, astonishing hard and sheer pure impact style guitar work and the great lead vocals (between Hardcore shouting the throaty yet damn aggressive and brutal way on the one side, and some nice 'rappy' Spoken Word/-s notes on the other side) really mark the music strongly, and the rhythm section is just a pure massive (brick-) wall of sound and music. Just great!!! What's making this band and album so damn great (also still today) is the fact that the guys (beside the fact that they all used to be damn fucking good musicians) really knew how to write great grapping and damn interesting songs, full of clever arrangements, suprising twists and changes and some nice elements worked into it all that you wouldn't necessarily have expected to get to listen to from 4 IN THA CHAMBER. It's really a pleasure and also still pretty exciting to listen to this album also still today. 4 IN THA CHAMBER really managed to create something of their own and they created, occupied and ruled the alcove left open between the great 25 TA LIFE and the almighty FURY OF FIVE, and if you like both mentioned bands (how the fuck could you not?!?) then you will love 4 IN THA CHAMBER and their "EXISTENCE..." titled album here. You will love it like I do love it!!! The album comes with a big pack of really good, hard and heavy, violent and non-pc lyrics (especially a song like the larger-than-life opener anthem song "DRUG INDUCED MURDER" is the proof for this and really a statement), the production sound also stands the standards of up-to-date current Hardcore releases and (record) productions and the artwork is pretty cool at all (even I dislike the frontcovermotif, but that's just a matter of personal taste). So, if you still don't know and still don't own this band and album then you should change this circumstances promptly and damn fucking just get this great album piece of NYHC music.So get it!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)
PS: I'm very sorry that I totally forgot to let 4 IN THA CHAMBER became a part of the 'New York Hardcore' tribute post that I've done back then in or over or during the last december, it was just that within all this bands I totally forgot this great band, and, yes, that's a pity and I say sorry for this mistake.


Puh, really damn tired day today, and damn it, I guess it's true and finally getting really pretty old, haha;-), but who cares, after I've got currently some little free time to spend and also after my addiction to WARZONE became stronger and stronger in the last time again (I damn love this band) I decided to give you again and the second time today a 'Videos' posting of them to pay this immortal legends some tribute and now you get their great 'streetpunky' anthem "HOPELESS NATION" (also again damn good lyrics) that you can find on their great "FIGHT FOR JUSTICE" titled final (album) release. So just check it now out, turn the speakers loud and enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi! and "DANCE HARD OR DIE"!!!



Hey folks, great saturday it truly was, just came home some minutes ago and even I'm now damn tired and really just want to go to bed and fall a-sleep I anyhow feel the need to finally bring something new (even it's only something very little) up and ready online here for you and this time it's (again) a nice little 'Videos' post and this one now finally brings again one of the best and most important and most influential and just one of the very few greatest ever bands up here for you and I talk about no-one-else than the legendary, unforgotten, immortal and just larger-than-life WARZONE and their total anthem "WAR BETWEEN RACES". This band really deserves more up here and one day it will finally come and this song also deserves more words about the message, the music, the lyrics, the release date and the releases it's featured on and much more stuff like this but currently here and now I really don't have the ressources left today (currently, at least) to do anything more up here so now just enjoy the clip and the song and then that will be all for now, even it's not anyhow enough to do justice to this band and song (I know it) but for now (I'm very sorry) that's all what's left in my tank for now, so now just enjoy it and then sleep well (or soon get up well, but I just wanna and will only sleep) and we will read us soon again!!! Cheers & Oi! and "DANCE HARD OR DIE!!!"


Freitag, 10. Juni 2011


Okay, after I can't really sleep currently I decided to give ya now a nice little 'Videos' posting and ya now get the great anthem "WORKING CLASS" of the still mighty but once (and back then) even almighty PERKELE from the country of Sverige. It's a great song, with great music and even 'greater' lyrics and full of attitude and pride. The video (as so often it's a non-official clip thing) by itself is maybe a little bit strange with all the AFA propaganda used in it when it's about PERKELE and it's pretty funny seeing this video and knowing that the german AFA nutjobs still defame and always defamed PERKELE as being some sort of at least a pro Nazi band, yehp, but so you see different people different views on life and politics and how wrong the jackasses of the german AFA also in the case of PERKELE are I think I don't need to tell anyone of you out there. And, btw, if the AFA stuff makes you feel uncomfortable (I mean if that's already enough for you) when you're watching the video you should maybe start to think one or two times about it especially when you turn around and grab a ENDSTUFE or even a SKREWDRIVER album from your shelf and proclaim that you have nothing to do and nothing in mind with politics beside this all... But okay, anyhow, now just enjoy the great song and its lyrics and message and attitude, and then I finally wish ya all a good night for today respectively tonight. If you ask me then we will read us pretty soon again if you like to. Sleep well for now!!! Cheers & Oi!


Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

*** German Boys *** - *** Really fighting for the benefit of their nation and people in the stadiums of this very nation...?!? ***

("KC Music Limited"; CD):
Okay, now here's the review of the new KATEGORIE C album (released this very year, last month or so) and again I would bet that some guys outta there start to cry about a review of a record of such a band like KATEGORIE C... 'Evil' and even more 'evil' things start to become up here, haha;-). Nah, just kidding;-). We don't need to discuss the politics behind this band even over the last years they started to change that a little bit (at least in the public), maybe to catch some more success also in the mainstream music scenery and it's today self-proclaimed 'rebellious' offspring called Deutsch Rock (/German Rock), who knows... Okay, this album is much more outspoken then the last stuff by them I have had listened to, so you find a big bunch of Nationalism and Xenophobia in the lyrics. To say that "Soccer is soccer!!!" or "Politics are politics!!!" and "Music is music!!!" that's on the one side damn right, but if then on the other side a band (or at least certain members of this band) play (or sing)- for example- live on stage at a solidarity show for the benefit of the jailed singer of the german NS band of the name of LANDSER, and if you then sing in songs about (which means: Against) colored and/or not 'naturally german speaking' players of your favorite soccer team and all this stuff, yehp, if ya ask me then there's really no need to discuss here anything when it comes to the politics of the band, point and fact. Btw, to show the middle finger to the AFA via your lyrics is damn right and usually in our times pretty necessary, yes, no doubt about it, but if you're really a non- or unpolitical band that's not positioned on one specific side of the fence then you should maybe also sing about the also fucked up counterparts of the AFA on the radical/extreme right, because this bunch of stupid brainfucked nutjobs deserve it anyhow also as much as the AFA jackasses, point and fact. So, yehp, no need to discuss here anything of the maybe or maybe not politics of KATEGORIE C the band. So if you use to listen to KATEGORIE C then stand for it that you are listening to a pretty radical right wing band from the very far right. No problems with that, just listening to them don't mean(s) that you necessarily have to agree on (all) their standpoints and it's definitely not making you a Nazi or what the hell ever (like to listen to leftwing bands don't make you to Che Guevara or Mao Tsetung), just to get this straight (and this should be logical to or for anyone out there), but to put yourself into the firing line for a band like this to 'defend' them against any cutup of their (pretty much proofed) political positions, nah, come on, if you do so then you make a clown or a joke out of yourself (and maybe we should also discuss if it's really that good or if it's not far more bad that someone/anyone needs to be defended or needs to defend him- or herself for his or her- always personal- political agenda, I mean you don't have to understand or agree or just tolerate on or to anything and everything, but maybe you- which means everyone and all of us- should be at least that much free- in thinking and speaking, at least in that- to stand for all that you think needs to be your ideological and/or political weltanschauung and that no one should justify or defend him or her because of his or her weltanschauung because still everyone calls it more or less a democracy we live in and in a democracy the here mentioned freedoms should be the common ground of every 'together-living-humans-in-huge-communities', that and nothing else and especially nothing less should be the bottom line- at least if you ask me- and that's how it- which means a or the idea of democracy- once truly was meant and so it should by any means it all still be- even it's not that way today anymore for quite a long while now already-, and I mean who- for example- am I to judge- for example- KATEGORIE C because even I think the politics they express here through their music and lyrics are total bullshit- and that's exactly what I think of it- I also don't own the key to ultimate wisdom and don't what's right and correct in the end, I don't know it as much as KATEGORIE C, you or anyone else know/-s it and so why should anyone justify or defend him-/herself and his/her political agenda to anyone else... maybe you got what I mean... hopefully...). If there's any blank space left for any discussion then maybe just and only about how deep they stuck into it, but that's also not the point here. The point is this record and its review, and after this is a record review and not a debate on politics I think that it's already enough said about the politically background of this band. So, okay, now onward to the record and its review: I liked a lot of the old songs of KATEGORIE C and always stood and still stand for it (and that's also the reason why I've already posted a 'Videos' post about KATEGORIE C some months ago) anyhow and I also liked a good big bunch of their 'newer' stuff and I also didn't think that they've become bad over the years with changing and opening their music and lyrics quite a bit to some more varying different influences and topics, okay, that said I have to say that anyhow this album is some damn weak crap stuff, fucking lame and also quite a bit ridiculous (lyrically) and totally fragmented (musically), and yes, it's really pretty weak and damn boring gammy. A lot of Rock and even more Metal is mixed into the music of KATEGORIE C, and especially the guitar work as well as the drumming are very much inspired by Rock and also Metal music, no Oi! and Punkrock or Hardcore in it, nah, not a single little bit, but (like already mentioned) a lot of Rock and even some more Metal and so it's also pretty funny that KATEGORIE C sing today (after playing basically nothing else than heavy metallic German Rock music and after going pretty straight totally in the German/Deutsch Rock department to grab some of the FREI.WILD, etc. pp. fans and to catch some nice success and fame from them and there) against the German Rock music (and) scene and all the bands that tried and still try to reorganize the fan potential of the BÖHSE ONKELZ while walking in the footsteps of this german legends (like them or not, but legends they are and had been and will be, point and fact) and grab up the potential by their own and for their own benefits. Yes, that's very funny of KATEGORIE C, really damn funny after all. So, okay, we get rocking metallic guitar playing, massive riffing, long solos and some more or less marking leads, as well as a tight in time working and hard playing rhythm section, the typical throaty caterwauling lead vocals, some crew chants, and also a lot of pretty orchestral and pompous marks (with a piano and so on). All played really damn well-versed, no problems here. But the songwriting is so damn boring and lame and unattractive and also uninspired and uninspiring and also so damn fragmented that it all also don't really flow into each other, and you've heard it all already at least a thousand times before, that you won't find any real highlight on this one here (and that's not really much...) and then there are also (again) a big dose of pretty long songs on this album and latest after two or three minutes of each single one it's becoming hard and 'harder' to stop yourself from pressing skip (if not stop) promptly. And this incredible big sesquipedalian pathos (that's marking most of the songs) is just some damn terrible and fucking disgusting crap. No, guys, this is nothing anyhow necessary or just good. And the total (musically and lyrically) non-sense track "KALTES EISEN" (to be translated with "COLD STEEL" or "COLD IRON") is really the crown of this album (I hope you get the irony), KATEGORIE C sound here like RAMMSTEIN mixed with some few strange Black Metal impressions, damn, and that's done so ridiculous and 'crappy' that I don't find the right words to express it here. But, hey, it's really damn hard and evil and tough... What a bunch of garbage crap!!! Also lyrically this is so ridiculous that the guys can't mean it serious, ha, but the problem is they (seem to) mean it serious. I by myself am a guy who's pumping iron as often and as intense as I only possibly can, but this lyrics with propagating to take some steroid crap for your benefit and other almighty wisdom spreaded by the band are just nothing else than totally fucked up non-sense clichè garbage crap that is so incredible ridiculous (like already mentioned some words earlier in this sentence). Also the other lyrics aren't anything special, a bullshit cocktail out of soccer, hooliganism, emotions, true love, politics (read above), etc. pp., and nothing you really need anyhow. The artwork is the typical KATEGORIE C stuff (but looks pretty cool anyway) and the production sound is a nice job (even it could use a bit more power, also like the music, too). So, okay, after all and all in all this album is a bunch of crap songs settled together as one full length album and it's a total dissapointment and nothing else. Only at least a little bit somehow good songs so far are "ANTIFA HALT'S MAUL", "RUHM UND EHRE", "DU BIST ES" (nice lyrics, maybe a little bit a clichè of a love song in any way- also musically-, but anyhow a damn good song, lyrically as well as musically, despise all the pathos in it) and "EUER 12. MANN". But KATEGORIE C once used to do it far better than they did it here, just thinking back to legendary albums like for example their infamous classics "G-SPORT" and "SPORT FREI!" (just to name this two albums of KATEGORIE C. And compared with the (as an example) mentioned two albums I also miss here totally the enthusiasm and also the passion and something 'fresh' you might could call the 'X-Factor' or something like this. So, yehp, forget about this album and don't ya seriously think about buying it, and maybe KATEGORIE C should invest much more time again in writing good songs and compiling good albums instead of making oh so 'cool' poseur band pictures and throwing a big new merchandise assortment on the hard embattled market... A big dissapointment, but after KATEGORIE C seem to release every year at least one record maybe pretty soon they will do better again. The rating here it gets because of the mentioned songs, and that's it. I was really expecting much more... far more... Maybe you might could still somehow call it Hooligan Rock, hm, but I think that just Deutsch Rock (/German Rock) fits KATEGORIE C far better today, even KATEGORIE C by themselves regret this in their new and current songs ("RUHM & EHRE") today desperatly and 'bitterly'. Ah, btw, after KATEGORIE C never had been an Oi! (or Skinhead) band and are today lightyears away from being an Oi! (or Skinhead) band anyhow I think I don't have to say anything about the totally non-relevancy of KATEGORIE C when we're talking about Oi! (or Skinhead), just to get this straight at the closing point of this very entry/post(ing). (2 of 10 points)

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Latino Oi! from N.Y.C. by COMBATE 49 in 2011

COMBATE 49 - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Okay folks, this here is a pretty nice one, good to see that the Bootboys in and of COMBATE 49 from New York City (right, or?!?) are back again. First contact with them (respectively their music and also their message) was the D.I.Y. split CD they did last year with the mighty FIGHTING 84, and here they are back with their new release, their "DEMO 2011", and it's also a D.I.Y. affair and a lot of things have changed since the fall of 2010. Back then, for all what I know now, COMBATE 49 used to be not a proper band but just the lead singer and another guy who was doing respectively playing all the instruments (I hope I got it right) and now today they are a proper four piece band. And also they used to sing in spanish the last time around and have now today changed that so that they do sing on this one here all solely in english (what's a huge step anyhow). And what do they give us now here today after the mentioned some changes? COMBATE 49 are about to make them a name for themselves as a very promising N.Y.C. Oi! band. I labeled them back then (last fall) as a R.A.C. band (without any NS/WP/14-88 crap, just to get this straight right from the start... or from where the hell ever, it's just important to get this damn straight right now right here), hm, but I wouldn't do so still today, even things (maybe values to COMBATE 49) like Patriotism and Anti-Communism may still are damn important for them. (And why the fuck not?!?) But no, especially musically you won't find any R.A.C. reminiscences here on this very one, it's hard knocking, even harder stomping and damn brutal and aggressive, forceful and really dirty and truly angry Bootboy/Skinhead Oi! from the City that never sleeps, the city of New York by itself, and if you like the almighty OXBLOOD (how could you not do so) then also COMBATE 49 should be up on your list anyway (but they don't copy OXBLOOD in any way, just to get this also pretty straight right here and right now). Harsh and evil sawing and buzzing, angry and aggressive pushing guitar work, dominated and marked very strong by the forceful riffing and a very grounded and straight stomping rhythm (guitar) work, is marking the songs very strong and effective. The vocals are very angry and bitter, hard spitted and bitter shouted, staccato like delivered and are pretty cool stuff, but they could become much more flowing and more sung (then spoken) and with this a little bit more integrated into the songs. The rhythm work is really damn good stuff, especially the very present, marking, forceful and harsh pushing bass rules totally okay, and the drumming is some good oiled stomping rhythm machine, powerful and heavy pounding. And they also fixed quite a bit the problem of not being so tight and in time at all, I mean sometimes this problems you can still get aware of but they really improved quite a big bit and the next step is just about to come if you ask me. And to play their instruments they know also for sure, and the songwriting was also back then more than okay and is today really just very good stuff, trust me, also the pace and rhythm structures really know to convince when you are listening to this nice little gem. Also lyrically we get some cool stuff, from Skinhead Way of Life lyrics to brutal and violent Streetlifestyle issues to really great political stuff ("THIRD WORLD", damn good song and great lyrics) they give us a lot of good stuff to read. The production sound is dirty and noisy and really a great grounded affair, thumbs up for that, and the download comes with all lyrics and also the (maybe not really creative, but anyhow cool) artwork, hm, and for all what I know this pretty cool and surely damn good "DEMO 2011" of COMBATE 49 is currently just released as a (which means as this) MP3-Download (the download link I will give you as the closing line of this review). A big step forward and I'm curious to get more to listen to from COMBATE 49, so just check them out, download this demo and support them. Hopefully a good Oi! label with the guts to put them out will soon give COMBATE 49 a good and fair record deal, because I think that their time is about to come (if it's not already come along anyway). I really recommend this to anyone of you looking for some new hard American Oi! the East Coast (and especially N.Y.C.) way of style and sound, this is a very promising young band that we all should put up pretty high on our lists. Truly damn good stuff!!! Btw, it really feels damn good to get some good new (American) Oi! music to listen to finally again. And "THANX a lot!" I have to say to COMBATE 49 for sending me their "DEMO 2011" via MySpace and keeping me so 'informed' about what's going on in their camp, so again: "THANX guys!!!" and "ALL HAIL!!!" to you. Hm, maybe (if the band wants to and if I get it all finally done again) there will also come an interview with them some time in the (hopefully maybe near) future, because they are a pretty interesting and very promising band, so I really feel the need to give them some room up here to spread the word and help them making a name by their own, time will tell. Until then: Get and enjoy this one here and I'm looking forward to music from them!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(And here's the download link:
Two 'final' announcements: 1.) It sucks a little bit that the Download Link doesn't work automatically, thanx to MySpace that's spoiling this 'automatic-way' somehow, but the link is correct so just copy and then set it into your browser and you will get there to download this demo; 2.) Great, I can announce that an interview with COMBATE 49 will come, it's confirmed and I will work it out the next days and then will get in contact with the band again and then it all will kick off, and that's damn fucking great and "THANX!!!" to COMBATE 49, that's great of you guys!!!

*** HARDCORE ***

Hey folks, time will tell if and when I'll be able to put here today or so the next proper thing up (you know that I'm currently work my- and yourself/-s through the big bunch of records that are still lying here around waiting to be finally reviewed by me for you) but after I've got currently some free time to spend I decided to give ya all now at least another little 'Videos' posting for ya. You now get a live video of the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE in action live on stage some-time around in 2008 in the german city of Hamelin. Giving us a damn cool live performance and playing their song "NOT FOR ME" (so it's at least announced at the beginning of the clip... even this song under this title can't be found on any of their records released so far... but hey, the clip is an original 2 DIAS DE SANGRE clip and when they call it so at the beginning of their very own clip I will call it also so here and now...;-)............) and as usual this is also really a great bonecracking anthem of one of a kind. The guys have some new and pretty cool band shirts out (just take a look at the picture at the left of the beginning of this very post) but due to some (positive) 'real life issues' (Jan became a proud father, Angelo is taking the next big step up in business, etc. pp.) we all shouldn't wait for any new record of them being released all too soon. How-ever, just you enjoy this clip and this damn great band (that will hopefully be live on stage anyhow as soon as possible again) and song, and then we will read us as soon as possible again. Have a great day!!! Cheers & Oi!

2 DIAS DE SANGRE - "NOT FOR ME" (live, Hamelin, 2008)

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

"There's no ambiguity: if venus shows all phases like the moon the earth must revolve 'round the sun but noone will believe me: it's like nothing, like nothing I've seen was for real..."

("Metalblade Records"; CD):
At first that's some pretty interesting and also really demanding album by a band that was totally unknown to me and that have some (at first) very intellectual approach when it comes to their music and their lyrics, but this 'at first' stuff really change with 'at second' and more will come throughout this review for you. I (more or less) 'accidentially' got this CD when I saw it standing on the shelf of the local "MediaMarkt" store and saw (also this one here) for a extra low special bonus price of something around 2,50 Euro or something around like this. My eyes were caught by the great and interesting artwork (really some 'special' stuff) with the cool 'astrological gimmick' on the frontcover and all the 'tarot cards' inside on that the lyrics are printed, and all the motifs and so on and on, yes, it just caught my eyes right from the start. The album kicks off with the atmospheric intro track "SHAMAYIM", that's also coming with some 'nice' distorting moments and that completly flows into the first song "FIRMAMENT" that starts off with a pretty 'tricky' rhythm architecture and features quite a pretty impressive amount of several different styles and also rhythms and structures melted together into one song. And that's also exactly the case when we take a good listen to the complete full length album. From Metalcore to Gothic Pop and Alternative Rock, as well as (a lot of) Metal and (even a little bit more) Progressive (Rock) and also some Ambient we do really find a lot of several different stuff here on this one compiled together in all in all ten songs and in a complete running time of something around 50 minutes or so. We find a lot of different elements of the different styles melted together and cultivated by some intense atmosphere that's especially created by some very impressive piano and also violin work. Beside that we get pretty rich on variations lead vocals, damn well-versed guitar work (that covers an impressive range of different 'playing-styles'), and a really very strong and diverse rhythm section that's precise here at work. The technical skills of the musicians are truly damn high and the songwriting is often some nicely demanding stuff, no doubt about it... BUT: This record is all in all simply too lame and gammy and it's all too strongly suffering, sometimes your ears start to bleed while you listen to it because of too much stupid pathos and a too much 'off-ticking' suffer(ing)mentality that really sucks impressively strong. Also the songwriting is just too braked, even the (anyhow very few) parts that are meant to go on forward and ahead are really nothing but blocking any real motion. The guys know how to play and they can also write songs, but they can't deal with or vary mood, pace, and structure of the songs enough to keep your interest in this album over the distance of it. It gets damn quick boring, point and fact (desoise all the technical skills of the musicians). The lyrics are some nice metaphysical stuff, even they're anyhow quite a bit some sort of some 'pseudo-intellectual' affair. This is, beside some really interesting marks (musically as well as lyrically), music for guys that think they find the key to ultimate wisdon in glass of red vine while they debate the effects of the sun on the love life of your common urban cobbles in May, if ya know what I mean, and so it's nothing for me after all. The production sound is really great and the artwork just pure gold. Okay, if ya ask me this here left a lot of its potential open and unused, what's always a pity (also here, too), and it's also really nothing that you maybe need to have anyhow, point and fact. For nerds in some 'strange alternative and also progressive' Metal/Rock with parts of Gothic in it this is maybe some 'duty-affair' as well as for above described target audience, but everyone else should (if some interest should be there) at least take a listen to this back then in 2009 (primarly) released album. (5 of 10 points)

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011


Hey folks,
this is the closing post for tonight!!! This is a 'Videos' posting and I've decided to give ya now via a little video clip (or let us say that this is how we call it up here for now anyway) the larger-than-life great anthem "WHERE MY HEART BELONGS" by the great pro-white and nationalist American Working Class Rock & Roll band of the name of YOUNGBLOOD. Maybe 'pro-white' and 'nationalist' aren't terms some-how 'enough' to describe YOUNGBLOOD proper but who cares about it that much at all, I've posted already three record reviews of them (or reviews of records of them) and so you can read more all there. "WHERE MY HEART BELONGS" is an incredible great anthem that you can find primarly on the "OLD SCHOOL PRIDE" masterpiece of YOUNGBLOOD, and this version here you can find on their even better "PATRIOTIC FORCE" album and it's the so called 'alternative' version. How-ever, it's just awesome, lyrically and musically, so may you just enjoy it. I love this shit!!! Cheers & Oi!
(PS: Currently I don't know if I have already posted this song and clip before but I don't think so... damn it, I've posted already quite a bit and it's fucking late one more night again, haha;-)... and so even I've posted this song already before it should not be such a big problem, hehe;-), because such a great song can easily being posted two times or so, for sure, haha;-)............)


('Alternative' Version)


("Klangkreis Thueringen"; CD):
Back in the days when I still used to be a student (it must have been some time around 2007 or so, in one of my last years as a student) a friend of mine gave me during a university-seminar this CD and in the band that recorded it, SUCCUBITCH, another student friend of mine played (the guitar/-s as well as the vocals used to be his duty). This times are now for already some years history and the contact to all the guys ended, somehow more or less with the examinations we all did more or less at the same time back then, hm, but I think that's just the way the story goes (or in this way: went...) and so how-ever, this CD remained anyhow, haha;-). Okay, SUCCUBITCH had been a three piece band (I really don't know if they are still around as a active band) from somewhere near the german town of the name of Helmstedt (for all what I know). Ah, and the guys who play in SUCCUBITCH also play in the (I would also guess) Metal band of the name of OCCVLTA (but don't know if this is really true or not and I also don't know if this band- OCCVLTA- is still active or not). If you now think, by looking at the cover artwork, this here is a Metal band and record then you're damn right, and also a Metal band and record packed up full with truckloads of your stereotypical clichès of this genre, and it all is done in a pretty 'it's-all-not-too-serious' and 'self-ironically' way, yehp, and that's some nice cool shit. And yes: Like it or not, but that's the way it used to be here. I got this CD, listened to it as soon as I could, yehp, and decided that this is some pretty funny and damn cool stuff. If you grew up or if you like anyhow the good old school of german Trash Metal (and especially DESTRUCTION and KREATOR, and I mean the early works of both bands, and then also- for sure, too- some very old, very early SODOM impressions are also to be recognized here and there) then you will truly love SUCCUBITCH, and this even more if you are also a fan of the old school Metal Satanists of the name of VENOM (and I talk about their early records 'till- including- their "POSSESSED" album, hm, I think it should be the fourth VENOM album ever released and the last one that's maybe necessary in some ways) and again also even far more if you like also some alcoholic Trash'n'Roll Metal like GEHENNAH and METAL DESECRATOR, yes, and if this all describes you and your taste in music pretty good and if you then also know about the greatness of MOTÖRHEAD and add some MOTÖRHEAD marks to it to make it all round in the end, yeahr, then make sure to check out SUCCUBITCH. Fast and dirty, noisy and a little bit 'punky' guitar riffing, weird solo work and all done pretty heavy and always fast and straight ahead forward, and all in all damn old school styled and all not too packed full with melodies (if you know what I mean). The guitar work is the most marking stuff on this one and it also dispalys already a pretty strong own identity. Then there are the vocals, nice throaty and aggressive Trash Metal screams, and the rhythm section is a permanently onward pounding Trash Metal battery, thumbs up for that. Some nice back ups and also some nice 'Metal-Bitches' influences are also here and there to be recognized. Good to see that at least some scenes seem not to think about to intense what's maybe politically correct and what not, haha;-). Two big problems I have with this one: 1.) No fault of the band, but this is really not 'my' music, nah, really not and so it's pretty hard for me to get myself into it but thank the Metal gods ;-) for the fact that SUCCUBITCH don't take it all too serious and so it's some great funny and cool party-affair-thing; 2.) The fault of the band, and this is that SUCCUBITCH really lack the ability to write some truly and really grapping and interesting songs, and so we have a load of around ten songs and it all are more or less solid and better which means good songs, but not one single really hit or hymn or anthem you'll find on this album and beside the opening song "SATANIC SAUFROCK" also not one of the other songs comes even close to be something like this, a hit or hymn or anthem, and this means that the guys for sure know how to play and so but when it comes to writing songs they really lack a bit of the abilities to do it all grapping and so on. Okay, beside this all we then get a nice load of non-sense Metal clichè lyrics that are all done damn funny and 'self-ironically' (dealing mostly with Satan, hell, demons, (heavy, heavy) boozing, fucking, Metal, the "BITCHES OF METAL", being "THE CALLBOY FROM HELL", standing on the bus stop and waiting for the bus that will take you down to hell, being the "HAREM KEEPER OF THE DEVIL", and so on and on and on, or to say it short and precise, hehe;-), being a "HEAVY METAL MACHINE"), a pretty cool artwork, and a very dirty and noisy production sound, and so you see, it all comes pretty good together anyway. If you like already above mentioned bands then you should make sure that you know SUCCUBITCH because then this very band here will really serve your needs, and this is also the case when you like the band GODDESS OF DESIRE. If you're not in the currently described target-audience you should first take one or two listening sessions before you buy it. Don't know if there are still copies floating around and/or from where the hell you can get it, and I also don't know if SUCCUBITCH are still around or have released something new since this one here back then, but how-ever it may be, this is solid good Trash Metal, hm, and if you like this stuff then test it. (7 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011


Hey folks,
closing time for today and tonight, and you now get a little video clip of the almighty TECH 9 via a 'Videos' posting for ya!!! TECH 9 are really a damn great band and another proof that the Netherlands when it comes to Oi!, Streetpunk, Hardcore, Punkrock, etc. pp. are one hell of a great nation!!! You now get their(which means TECH 9's) "JOHNNY WENT TO WAR" track and if ya now or latest when pressed play think that you know this song anyhow already then I would bet that you are right and more I think I don't have to say about it here and now. A damn great band, TECH 9, point and fact!!! I won't say anything more here and now, just enjoy this great song and then we will read us again pretty soon or so. Cheers & Oi!


Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

"Violence isn't inborn, violence is provoked!"

("Core Tex Records" / "Bad Dog Records"; CD):
Okay, my first posting somehow connected to the almighty TROOPERS from the german capitol city of Berlin and this is also my first review of a record of them that I do up here. After the TROOPERS are a pretty lazy band (maybe we shouldn't really talk of the TROOPERS as being a proper band anymore since all what I've heard and read it seems more like the TROOPERS are Atze, the mastermind of the band, and several different musicians he chooses to record and play with under the banner of the TROOPERS) and beside the DVD they've released some-time back in 2010 (or so... hm, or wasn't it already back then in 2009...) this album here is still today their current album release, even it's from 2007, and so you see that there are still enough reasons to review it up here also today. (And even if all the reasons would be non-sense I would do the review of this very record up here anyhow, yes, but you knew it all the time, I know, I know, I know.) My first contact with the TROOPERS was back then when they released some-time during the mid to late 1990's their infamous masterpiece "GASSENHAUER" (I'm currently to lazy to reach behind me, grab the CD and take a 'proofing' look at the release date or year, sorry for that...) and from that time on I became a pretty big fan of this roughnecks from Berlin. This album here isn't a anyhow new album... Hm, okay, okay, okay, I can see your faces and read your thoughts: "It's from 2007, damn it, so how the fuck could it only be a little bit a 'new' album today...?!?" But no, I mean not the release date or year, I mean that this album here is a not a real or a proper or a regular album (a 'new' album by all means) but instead of this it's just a best of compilation record. So you get a 16 song best of comp, and on this disc you find 15 songs and one of them, their total anthem "GEWALT", also in a live version. All the songs cover a large time period from the beginning to the latest proper regular full length album, "MEIN KOPF DEM HENKER", and you just find hymns followed by anthems and then anthems followed by hymns. Here are some songs that you can find on this one here (and this are my personal favorites): "RESPEKTLOS, SCHEIßE UND JUNG", "MÄRCHENPRINZ", "GASSENHAUER", WIE ES UNS GEFÄLLT", "GEWALT", "GELIEBT, GEHASST", "TRITT, KRATZT UND BEIßT", "SCHEIßEGAL", "TAUSENDSCHÖNCHEN" and "KOMM MIT UNS". Okay, would I maybe have wished some other songs on this disc that somehow didn't make it on it? Yes! But is this something oh so bad at all? No! So... If you still don't know the almighty TROOPERS anyhow then imagine a harsh, brutal, bestial (of course also this) and damn angry and pissed off and non-p.c. mixture out of heavy BÖHSE ONKELZ influenced Deutsch Rock (/German Rock), power filled and street charmed heavy Thrash Metal, roughnecked Oi! Oi! Oi! music (especially the german style of playing Oi!) and bulky and massive (Street-) Punkrock, all melted together by Atzes pretty Hardcore styled lead vocals. Very present and marking is especially the guitar work and in particular the stoic and brutal stomping, heavy and massive guitar riffing, as well as the bulldozer pace and rhythm of the songs, not to forget the already mentioned lead vocals. The rhythm section is a devastating artillery machinery that pushes every song again and again onward into the battle zone. Above all we get damn great lyrics, street wisdom pours out of every single line of every single song. The production sound is made round for this album here, so that all songs fit perfectly together, thumbs up for this. The artwork isn't really that much 'creative', pffff, but it looks great and 'stylish' anyway. On top of it we get some pretty cool linernotes written by the mighty Bomml of the legendary "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine. Ah, and the CD itself looks like a vinyl LP, and that's always pretty cool. Okay, after (beside the "GEWALT" live song) we get nothing new this is maybe not a totally necessary album and maybe more something for collectors or newcomers (and that's also the reason why they didn't get a single point more for this disc up here) but it's still a CD packed up full with damn good and also great songs, point and fact. So, yehp, nothing left to say here and now, but: This is Streetmusic for Streetpeople in its purest form, this is battle scarred and battle proofed reality set to music, yes, so you all should know what we get here and so you should also know that you better get it if you're into Streetmusic that gives a damn about any specific genre clichès. Get it!!! VIOLENCE!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(PS: There are different editions of this disc out, one in a digi-pack- that's the one that I have, bought back already in 2007 when this record came out- and one in a 'normal' jewel case and I don't know if there are any differences existing when it comes to the songs featured on the disc or to the artwork or what ever and I also don't know if it are maybe only different 'release-date-editions' or something like this but so you now just know about the different editions of this album... if it's important or not...)
Now you get the great anthem "GASSENHAUER" of the almighty the TROOPERS, one of my total favorites of them (read through the review and then you maybe know the reasons why - and this song is so incredible strong and it also brings me so many loved and just great memories to my mind), via a more or less 'true' or 'real' little video clip, so just enjoy it and swell down a brew or two. Cheers & Oi!