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("Klangkreis Thueringen"; CD):
Back in the days when I still used to be a student (it must have been some time around 2007 or so, in one of my last years as a student) a friend of mine gave me during a university-seminar this CD and in the band that recorded it, SUCCUBITCH, another student friend of mine played (the guitar/-s as well as the vocals used to be his duty). This times are now for already some years history and the contact to all the guys ended, somehow more or less with the examinations we all did more or less at the same time back then, hm, but I think that's just the way the story goes (or in this way: went...) and so how-ever, this CD remained anyhow, haha;-). Okay, SUCCUBITCH had been a three piece band (I really don't know if they are still around as a active band) from somewhere near the german town of the name of Helmstedt (for all what I know). Ah, and the guys who play in SUCCUBITCH also play in the (I would also guess) Metal band of the name of OCCVLTA (but don't know if this is really true or not and I also don't know if this band- OCCVLTA- is still active or not). If you now think, by looking at the cover artwork, this here is a Metal band and record then you're damn right, and also a Metal band and record packed up full with truckloads of your stereotypical clichès of this genre, and it all is done in a pretty 'it's-all-not-too-serious' and 'self-ironically' way, yehp, and that's some nice cool shit. And yes: Like it or not, but that's the way it used to be here. I got this CD, listened to it as soon as I could, yehp, and decided that this is some pretty funny and damn cool stuff. If you grew up or if you like anyhow the good old school of german Trash Metal (and especially DESTRUCTION and KREATOR, and I mean the early works of both bands, and then also- for sure, too- some very old, very early SODOM impressions are also to be recognized here and there) then you will truly love SUCCUBITCH, and this even more if you are also a fan of the old school Metal Satanists of the name of VENOM (and I talk about their early records 'till- including- their "POSSESSED" album, hm, I think it should be the fourth VENOM album ever released and the last one that's maybe necessary in some ways) and again also even far more if you like also some alcoholic Trash'n'Roll Metal like GEHENNAH and METAL DESECRATOR, yes, and if this all describes you and your taste in music pretty good and if you then also know about the greatness of MOTÖRHEAD and add some MOTÖRHEAD marks to it to make it all round in the end, yeahr, then make sure to check out SUCCUBITCH. Fast and dirty, noisy and a little bit 'punky' guitar riffing, weird solo work and all done pretty heavy and always fast and straight ahead forward, and all in all damn old school styled and all not too packed full with melodies (if you know what I mean). The guitar work is the most marking stuff on this one and it also dispalys already a pretty strong own identity. Then there are the vocals, nice throaty and aggressive Trash Metal screams, and the rhythm section is a permanently onward pounding Trash Metal battery, thumbs up for that. Some nice back ups and also some nice 'Metal-Bitches' influences are also here and there to be recognized. Good to see that at least some scenes seem not to think about to intense what's maybe politically correct and what not, haha;-). Two big problems I have with this one: 1.) No fault of the band, but this is really not 'my' music, nah, really not and so it's pretty hard for me to get myself into it but thank the Metal gods ;-) for the fact that SUCCUBITCH don't take it all too serious and so it's some great funny and cool party-affair-thing; 2.) The fault of the band, and this is that SUCCUBITCH really lack the ability to write some truly and really grapping and interesting songs, and so we have a load of around ten songs and it all are more or less solid and better which means good songs, but not one single really hit or hymn or anthem you'll find on this album and beside the opening song "SATANIC SAUFROCK" also not one of the other songs comes even close to be something like this, a hit or hymn or anthem, and this means that the guys for sure know how to play and so but when it comes to writing songs they really lack a bit of the abilities to do it all grapping and so on. Okay, beside this all we then get a nice load of non-sense Metal clichè lyrics that are all done damn funny and 'self-ironically' (dealing mostly with Satan, hell, demons, (heavy, heavy) boozing, fucking, Metal, the "BITCHES OF METAL", being "THE CALLBOY FROM HELL", standing on the bus stop and waiting for the bus that will take you down to hell, being the "HAREM KEEPER OF THE DEVIL", and so on and on and on, or to say it short and precise, hehe;-), being a "HEAVY METAL MACHINE"), a pretty cool artwork, and a very dirty and noisy production sound, and so you see, it all comes pretty good together anyway. If you like already above mentioned bands then you should make sure that you know SUCCUBITCH because then this very band here will really serve your needs, and this is also the case when you like the band GODDESS OF DESIRE. If you're not in the currently described target-audience you should first take one or two listening sessions before you buy it. Don't know if there are still copies floating around and/or from where the hell you can get it, and I also don't know if SUCCUBITCH are still around or have released something new since this one here back then, but how-ever it may be, this is solid good Trash Metal, hm, and if you like this stuff then test it. (7 of 10 points)

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