Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

If you like this crap then you're reading the wrong blog, period.

("Network Music Group" / "Sonic Seducer Magazine"; CD):
Here's the next CD (and also a CD EP) where I wonder why the hell some may think they could make me a pleasure with giving me stuff like this as a gift... strange world we live in... Okay, like you all see this is also some sort of a "SONIC SEDUCER" release and it really seems like this magazine now-a-days also owns its very own record label or at least record distribution company. But also with this one here I don't know if it just came as a free promo CD garnish of an issue of the magazine or if this one here is also in one form or another a CD EP of the commercial kind that you can go and buy if you want to. I really don't know it. Anyhow... And as you all also may can think by now, this here is again to be located somewhere on the Gothic or what-the-fuck-else-ever side of music. Okay, first of all I wonder what should be anyhow dark here at all, and then I wonder also why to name this here any different then what it is and this is nothing else than just melancholic and 'bitterly' sweet Pop music, nothing else, and even not really anyhow good Pop music. An 'angel-like' whispering sweet female lead singing voice, relaxed chilled laid back beats and some other more or less acoustic twee gew gaws frippery, you'll find many if not all stereotypes that you now may expect on this one here. Nah, I have enough of it, and I really don't know what to write here more, maybe just that this stuff here reminds me more of mainsteam superficial snuggle chart pop shit than of anything else and even this music proclaims to be oh so packed up full with emotions, feelings and passion, etc. pp. you (will) find nothing of this in here so don't just search for anything of it. Ah, and just for the record, the artwork is okay and the production sound also, too. It's hard to believe that this really shall be the band that was formed back then in 1987 or so as a side-project of the pretty FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, hard to believe... But after all and all in all: Nah, fuck it, this is junk, musically and lyrically, and maybe it could be possible that if you like this stuff and comparable shit then you're reading the wrong blog, period. (0 of 10 points)

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