Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Walking down that boulevard of broken dreams...

Hey folks,
after doing two 'Videos' postings for or of the legendary and just great STRAY CATS, and then today the review of the still current release of THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA, yehp, now I thought that I could (or maybe should) also do a nice little 'Videos' posting for it and I found the cool video clip of the (yes, damn 'sweet-romantic' but also anyhow just damn great) "BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS" song, and, da-da-da, it's no STRAY CATS and no THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA (and no GREEN DAY...) song anyhow but a solo BRIAN SETZER song. Won't say or write now that much more, it's a great song and clip, even it's really damn close to be your typical 1980's Rock love song, haha;-), but who cares, it's a great song and a cool clip anyhow, so damn fucking just enjoy it. More will come as soon as possible up here from me for you.
(Please don't ask me why I want to write all the way BRYAN SETZER instead of BRIAN SETZER... if I've done it wrong in some of the posts before please 'overlook' this mistake/-s.)
(PS: And, btw, if you're also a fan of the STRAY CATS and all connected to this great band then make sure to check out this great blog here and enjoy reading through it!!!)


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