Freitag, 10. Juni 2011


Okay, after I can't really sleep currently I decided to give ya now a nice little 'Videos' posting and ya now get the great anthem "WORKING CLASS" of the still mighty but once (and back then) even almighty PERKELE from the country of Sverige. It's a great song, with great music and even 'greater' lyrics and full of attitude and pride. The video (as so often it's a non-official clip thing) by itself is maybe a little bit strange with all the AFA propaganda used in it when it's about PERKELE and it's pretty funny seeing this video and knowing that the german AFA nutjobs still defame and always defamed PERKELE as being some sort of at least a pro Nazi band, yehp, but so you see different people different views on life and politics and how wrong the jackasses of the german AFA also in the case of PERKELE are I think I don't need to tell anyone of you out there. And, btw, if the AFA stuff makes you feel uncomfortable (I mean if that's already enough for you) when you're watching the video you should maybe start to think one or two times about it especially when you turn around and grab a ENDSTUFE or even a SKREWDRIVER album from your shelf and proclaim that you have nothing to do and nothing in mind with politics beside this all... But okay, anyhow, now just enjoy the great song and its lyrics and message and attitude, and then I finally wish ya all a good night for today respectively tonight. If you ask me then we will read us pretty soon again if you like to. Sleep well for now!!! Cheers & Oi!


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