Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

"Violence isn't inborn, violence is provoked!"

("Core Tex Records" / "Bad Dog Records"; CD):
Okay, my first posting somehow connected to the almighty TROOPERS from the german capitol city of Berlin and this is also my first review of a record of them that I do up here. After the TROOPERS are a pretty lazy band (maybe we shouldn't really talk of the TROOPERS as being a proper band anymore since all what I've heard and read it seems more like the TROOPERS are Atze, the mastermind of the band, and several different musicians he chooses to record and play with under the banner of the TROOPERS) and beside the DVD they've released some-time back in 2010 (or so... hm, or wasn't it already back then in 2009...) this album here is still today their current album release, even it's from 2007, and so you see that there are still enough reasons to review it up here also today. (And even if all the reasons would be non-sense I would do the review of this very record up here anyhow, yes, but you knew it all the time, I know, I know, I know.) My first contact with the TROOPERS was back then when they released some-time during the mid to late 1990's their infamous masterpiece "GASSENHAUER" (I'm currently to lazy to reach behind me, grab the CD and take a 'proofing' look at the release date or year, sorry for that...) and from that time on I became a pretty big fan of this roughnecks from Berlin. This album here isn't a anyhow new album... Hm, okay, okay, okay, I can see your faces and read your thoughts: "It's from 2007, damn it, so how the fuck could it only be a little bit a 'new' album today...?!?" But no, I mean not the release date or year, I mean that this album here is a not a real or a proper or a regular album (a 'new' album by all means) but instead of this it's just a best of compilation record. So you get a 16 song best of comp, and on this disc you find 15 songs and one of them, their total anthem "GEWALT", also in a live version. All the songs cover a large time period from the beginning to the latest proper regular full length album, "MEIN KOPF DEM HENKER", and you just find hymns followed by anthems and then anthems followed by hymns. Here are some songs that you can find on this one here (and this are my personal favorites): "RESPEKTLOS, SCHEIßE UND JUNG", "MÄRCHENPRINZ", "GASSENHAUER", WIE ES UNS GEFÄLLT", "GEWALT", "GELIEBT, GEHASST", "TRITT, KRATZT UND BEIßT", "SCHEIßEGAL", "TAUSENDSCHÖNCHEN" and "KOMM MIT UNS". Okay, would I maybe have wished some other songs on this disc that somehow didn't make it on it? Yes! But is this something oh so bad at all? No! So... If you still don't know the almighty TROOPERS anyhow then imagine a harsh, brutal, bestial (of course also this) and damn angry and pissed off and non-p.c. mixture out of heavy BÖHSE ONKELZ influenced Deutsch Rock (/German Rock), power filled and street charmed heavy Thrash Metal, roughnecked Oi! Oi! Oi! music (especially the german style of playing Oi!) and bulky and massive (Street-) Punkrock, all melted together by Atzes pretty Hardcore styled lead vocals. Very present and marking is especially the guitar work and in particular the stoic and brutal stomping, heavy and massive guitar riffing, as well as the bulldozer pace and rhythm of the songs, not to forget the already mentioned lead vocals. The rhythm section is a devastating artillery machinery that pushes every song again and again onward into the battle zone. Above all we get damn great lyrics, street wisdom pours out of every single line of every single song. The production sound is made round for this album here, so that all songs fit perfectly together, thumbs up for this. The artwork isn't really that much 'creative', pffff, but it looks great and 'stylish' anyway. On top of it we get some pretty cool linernotes written by the mighty Bomml of the legendary "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine. Ah, and the CD itself looks like a vinyl LP, and that's always pretty cool. Okay, after (beside the "GEWALT" live song) we get nothing new this is maybe not a totally necessary album and maybe more something for collectors or newcomers (and that's also the reason why they didn't get a single point more for this disc up here) but it's still a CD packed up full with damn good and also great songs, point and fact. So, yehp, nothing left to say here and now, but: This is Streetmusic for Streetpeople in its purest form, this is battle scarred and battle proofed reality set to music, yes, so you all should know what we get here and so you should also know that you better get it if you're into Streetmusic that gives a damn about any specific genre clichès. Get it!!! VIOLENCE!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(PS: There are different editions of this disc out, one in a digi-pack- that's the one that I have, bought back already in 2007 when this record came out- and one in a 'normal' jewel case and I don't know if there are any differences existing when it comes to the songs featured on the disc or to the artwork or what ever and I also don't know if it are maybe only different 'release-date-editions' or something like this but so you now just know about the different editions of this album... if it's important or not...)
Now you get the great anthem "GASSENHAUER" of the almighty the TROOPERS, one of my total favorites of them (read through the review and then you maybe know the reasons why - and this song is so incredible strong and it also brings me so many loved and just great memories to my mind), via a more or less 'true' or 'real' little video clip, so just enjoy it and swell down a brew or two. Cheers & Oi!


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