Montag, 6. Juni 2011

*** HARDCORE ***

Hey folks, time will tell if and when I'll be able to put here today or so the next proper thing up (you know that I'm currently work my- and yourself/-s through the big bunch of records that are still lying here around waiting to be finally reviewed by me for you) but after I've got currently some free time to spend I decided to give ya all now at least another little 'Videos' posting for ya. You now get a live video of the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE in action live on stage some-time around in 2008 in the german city of Hamelin. Giving us a damn cool live performance and playing their song "NOT FOR ME" (so it's at least announced at the beginning of the clip... even this song under this title can't be found on any of their records released so far... but hey, the clip is an original 2 DIAS DE SANGRE clip and when they call it so at the beginning of their very own clip I will call it also so here and now...;-)............) and as usual this is also really a great bonecracking anthem of one of a kind. The guys have some new and pretty cool band shirts out (just take a look at the picture at the left of the beginning of this very post) but due to some (positive) 'real life issues' (Jan became a proud father, Angelo is taking the next big step up in business, etc. pp.) we all shouldn't wait for any new record of them being released all too soon. How-ever, just you enjoy this clip and this damn great band (that will hopefully be live on stage anyhow as soon as possible again) and song, and then we will read us as soon as possible again. Have a great day!!! Cheers & Oi!

2 DIAS DE SANGRE - "NOT FOR ME" (live, Hamelin, 2008)

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