Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

NYC Skinhead Rock & Roll

Okay folks, it's about time to do finally at least a little post up here again and so I'll do it but it's damn late and I hate my alarm bell ringing in something like five hours tomorrow again and thinking about it makes me want to smash someone's head in because damn it I really desperatly need the weekend. Now you get a great live clip of the almighty 45 ADAPTERS (you know them, one of the best Skinhead Rock & Roll bands ever and one of the very best NYC Skin bands still around today, and don't miss the interview I've done back then with them and all the best greetings from me going out to the guys in the band), and you see them playing their great anthem "NOT ONE MORE DAY" (the title track of their debut 7'' and this one as well as their second 7'' I also reviewed back then up here, and you need to call both your very own, and I'm desperatly looking forward to see finally a full length album of them coming out) and it's also a damn great performance. So just check it out and then soon more again. Sleep well tonight and Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!


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