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*** German Boys *** - *** Really fighting for the benefit of their nation and people in the stadiums of this very nation...?!? ***

("KC Music Limited"; CD):
Okay, now here's the review of the new KATEGORIE C album (released this very year, last month or so) and again I would bet that some guys outta there start to cry about a review of a record of such a band like KATEGORIE C... 'Evil' and even more 'evil' things start to become up here, haha;-). Nah, just kidding;-). We don't need to discuss the politics behind this band even over the last years they started to change that a little bit (at least in the public), maybe to catch some more success also in the mainstream music scenery and it's today self-proclaimed 'rebellious' offspring called Deutsch Rock (/German Rock), who knows... Okay, this album is much more outspoken then the last stuff by them I have had listened to, so you find a big bunch of Nationalism and Xenophobia in the lyrics. To say that "Soccer is soccer!!!" or "Politics are politics!!!" and "Music is music!!!" that's on the one side damn right, but if then on the other side a band (or at least certain members of this band) play (or sing)- for example- live on stage at a solidarity show for the benefit of the jailed singer of the german NS band of the name of LANDSER, and if you then sing in songs about (which means: Against) colored and/or not 'naturally german speaking' players of your favorite soccer team and all this stuff, yehp, if ya ask me then there's really no need to discuss here anything when it comes to the politics of the band, point and fact. Btw, to show the middle finger to the AFA via your lyrics is damn right and usually in our times pretty necessary, yes, no doubt about it, but if you're really a non- or unpolitical band that's not positioned on one specific side of the fence then you should maybe also sing about the also fucked up counterparts of the AFA on the radical/extreme right, because this bunch of stupid brainfucked nutjobs deserve it anyhow also as much as the AFA jackasses, point and fact. So, yehp, no need to discuss here anything of the maybe or maybe not politics of KATEGORIE C the band. So if you use to listen to KATEGORIE C then stand for it that you are listening to a pretty radical right wing band from the very far right. No problems with that, just listening to them don't mean(s) that you necessarily have to agree on (all) their standpoints and it's definitely not making you a Nazi or what the hell ever (like to listen to leftwing bands don't make you to Che Guevara or Mao Tsetung), just to get this straight (and this should be logical to or for anyone out there), but to put yourself into the firing line for a band like this to 'defend' them against any cutup of their (pretty much proofed) political positions, nah, come on, if you do so then you make a clown or a joke out of yourself (and maybe we should also discuss if it's really that good or if it's not far more bad that someone/anyone needs to be defended or needs to defend him- or herself for his or her- always personal- political agenda, I mean you don't have to understand or agree or just tolerate on or to anything and everything, but maybe you- which means everyone and all of us- should be at least that much free- in thinking and speaking, at least in that- to stand for all that you think needs to be your ideological and/or political weltanschauung and that no one should justify or defend him or her because of his or her weltanschauung because still everyone calls it more or less a democracy we live in and in a democracy the here mentioned freedoms should be the common ground of every 'together-living-humans-in-huge-communities', that and nothing else and especially nothing less should be the bottom line- at least if you ask me- and that's how it- which means a or the idea of democracy- once truly was meant and so it should by any means it all still be- even it's not that way today anymore for quite a long while now already-, and I mean who- for example- am I to judge- for example- KATEGORIE C because even I think the politics they express here through their music and lyrics are total bullshit- and that's exactly what I think of it- I also don't own the key to ultimate wisdom and don't what's right and correct in the end, I don't know it as much as KATEGORIE C, you or anyone else know/-s it and so why should anyone justify or defend him-/herself and his/her political agenda to anyone else... maybe you got what I mean... hopefully...). If there's any blank space left for any discussion then maybe just and only about how deep they stuck into it, but that's also not the point here. The point is this record and its review, and after this is a record review and not a debate on politics I think that it's already enough said about the politically background of this band. So, okay, now onward to the record and its review: I liked a lot of the old songs of KATEGORIE C and always stood and still stand for it (and that's also the reason why I've already posted a 'Videos' post about KATEGORIE C some months ago) anyhow and I also liked a good big bunch of their 'newer' stuff and I also didn't think that they've become bad over the years with changing and opening their music and lyrics quite a bit to some more varying different influences and topics, okay, that said I have to say that anyhow this album is some damn weak crap stuff, fucking lame and also quite a bit ridiculous (lyrically) and totally fragmented (musically), and yes, it's really pretty weak and damn boring gammy. A lot of Rock and even more Metal is mixed into the music of KATEGORIE C, and especially the guitar work as well as the drumming are very much inspired by Rock and also Metal music, no Oi! and Punkrock or Hardcore in it, nah, not a single little bit, but (like already mentioned) a lot of Rock and even some more Metal and so it's also pretty funny that KATEGORIE C sing today (after playing basically nothing else than heavy metallic German Rock music and after going pretty straight totally in the German/Deutsch Rock department to grab some of the FREI.WILD, etc. pp. fans and to catch some nice success and fame from them and there) against the German Rock music (and) scene and all the bands that tried and still try to reorganize the fan potential of the BÖHSE ONKELZ while walking in the footsteps of this german legends (like them or not, but legends they are and had been and will be, point and fact) and grab up the potential by their own and for their own benefits. Yes, that's very funny of KATEGORIE C, really damn funny after all. So, okay, we get rocking metallic guitar playing, massive riffing, long solos and some more or less marking leads, as well as a tight in time working and hard playing rhythm section, the typical throaty caterwauling lead vocals, some crew chants, and also a lot of pretty orchestral and pompous marks (with a piano and so on). All played really damn well-versed, no problems here. But the songwriting is so damn boring and lame and unattractive and also uninspired and uninspiring and also so damn fragmented that it all also don't really flow into each other, and you've heard it all already at least a thousand times before, that you won't find any real highlight on this one here (and that's not really much...) and then there are also (again) a big dose of pretty long songs on this album and latest after two or three minutes of each single one it's becoming hard and 'harder' to stop yourself from pressing skip (if not stop) promptly. And this incredible big sesquipedalian pathos (that's marking most of the songs) is just some damn terrible and fucking disgusting crap. No, guys, this is nothing anyhow necessary or just good. And the total (musically and lyrically) non-sense track "KALTES EISEN" (to be translated with "COLD STEEL" or "COLD IRON") is really the crown of this album (I hope you get the irony), KATEGORIE C sound here like RAMMSTEIN mixed with some few strange Black Metal impressions, damn, and that's done so ridiculous and 'crappy' that I don't find the right words to express it here. But, hey, it's really damn hard and evil and tough... What a bunch of garbage crap!!! Also lyrically this is so ridiculous that the guys can't mean it serious, ha, but the problem is they (seem to) mean it serious. I by myself am a guy who's pumping iron as often and as intense as I only possibly can, but this lyrics with propagating to take some steroid crap for your benefit and other almighty wisdom spreaded by the band are just nothing else than totally fucked up non-sense clichè garbage crap that is so incredible ridiculous (like already mentioned some words earlier in this sentence). Also the other lyrics aren't anything special, a bullshit cocktail out of soccer, hooliganism, emotions, true love, politics (read above), etc. pp., and nothing you really need anyhow. The artwork is the typical KATEGORIE C stuff (but looks pretty cool anyway) and the production sound is a nice job (even it could use a bit more power, also like the music, too). So, okay, after all and all in all this album is a bunch of crap songs settled together as one full length album and it's a total dissapointment and nothing else. Only at least a little bit somehow good songs so far are "ANTIFA HALT'S MAUL", "RUHM UND EHRE", "DU BIST ES" (nice lyrics, maybe a little bit a clichè of a love song in any way- also musically-, but anyhow a damn good song, lyrically as well as musically, despise all the pathos in it) and "EUER 12. MANN". But KATEGORIE C once used to do it far better than they did it here, just thinking back to legendary albums like for example their infamous classics "G-SPORT" and "SPORT FREI!" (just to name this two albums of KATEGORIE C. And compared with the (as an example) mentioned two albums I also miss here totally the enthusiasm and also the passion and something 'fresh' you might could call the 'X-Factor' or something like this. So, yehp, forget about this album and don't ya seriously think about buying it, and maybe KATEGORIE C should invest much more time again in writing good songs and compiling good albums instead of making oh so 'cool' poseur band pictures and throwing a big new merchandise assortment on the hard embattled market... A big dissapointment, but after KATEGORIE C seem to release every year at least one record maybe pretty soon they will do better again. The rating here it gets because of the mentioned songs, and that's it. I was really expecting much more... far more... Maybe you might could still somehow call it Hooligan Rock, hm, but I think that just Deutsch Rock (/German Rock) fits KATEGORIE C far better today, even KATEGORIE C by themselves regret this in their new and current songs ("RUHM & EHRE") today desperatly and 'bitterly'. Ah, btw, after KATEGORIE C never had been an Oi! (or Skinhead) band and are today lightyears away from being an Oi! (or Skinhead) band anyhow I think I don't have to say anything about the totally non-relevancy of KATEGORIE C when we're talking about Oi! (or Skinhead), just to get this straight at the closing point of this very entry/post(ing). (2 of 10 points)

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