Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Belgian Wave'n'EBM'n'what-so-else-the-bloody-fuck-ever...

("Daft Records" / "Sleepless Berlin" / "Sonic Seducer Magazine"; CD):
Okay, this is a strange sort of music for me to listen to and maybe I should ask myself why the hell ever friends of mine think to make me a pleasure with bestowing me stuff like this. Okay, I also always stood for the fact that I love THE SISTERS OF MERCY and that this very band is one of my total favorites of all time (no matter what specific particular music genre now may come to your mind) and that I also once liked (and sometimes in some cases still like) to listen to some Gothic'n'Wave and also some Industrial (and Techno Metal) styled stuff no matter of which specific sort it ever may be like for example such different favorite acts of this genre of me like THE 69 EYES, MINISTRY, KMFDM, NEW ORDER, TYPE 0 NEGATIVE, DIE KRUPPS, DAS ICH, GOETHES ERBEN, THEARTRE OF TRAGEDY, TIAMAT, and some only very few other bands like this may demonstrate (to) ya and I also always stood for it, no problems with that, but I'm really totally not familiar with this kind of music and that simply because of the simple fact that it never was, that it isn't and that it will never be a sort or genre of music that offers me something precious with weight that really gives me something (or at least anything at all) and so don't expect that much knowledge of this sort of music presented here in and with this review. So, yes, that's it, so now okay and onward to the review of this record: This CD was a bestowment (don't know if I really should say thanks anyway) and for all what I do see I would say that this was a free garnish or something like this of one of the last issues of the "SONIC SEDUCER" magazine (for all what I know- and that's not much when it's about this kind of music- it's together with the "ZILLO" magazine the longest and best established Gothic etc. pp. magazine at least here in Germany) or this zine now-a-days also owns its own record label recording company, who knows, but if not that's here some sort of a Promo CD or so. Okay, anyhow, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL is a duo from Belgium that's dedicated to some dark 'gothy' and especially 'wavy', melancholic Electronical Music, and so maybe we should all call it EBM (which means, at least if I'm right with that, Electronic Body Music and is maybe to describe as something like the dark variation of Techno music for the black dressed depressed and melancholic dudes called Goths and their specific sort of retarded slow-assed style of dancing to their music). So, okay, we get at all six songs but this songs are in fact four songs at all, "INTO THE LIGHT", "SATURNIA CALLING", "SHATTERED ILLUSION" and the title track "SORROW" that comes here on this one to us in three different (mostly remix/-ed) versions like btw all tracks on this one here come in remix(/-ed) versions, so that this is a remix CD EP. But after also the official EP version of "SORROW" (the only regular released song version on this one here) is also a through and through electronical affair or 'just' an EBM track the above mentioned genre description of EBM (or something like this) is a correct one. Anyhow, mostly relatively (strong) releaxed partial one upon the other laid beats and some ''sinister'n'dark'' sound dalliances and baubles and other accessorily atmospheric instrumentations are added to it to create a at most as possible close networked and condensed 'aimed to be dark' atmosphere and maybe it's also all done pretty good but if you ask me then it all just works out only with one song and that's the opener of this CD EP and that's the (official) EP version of the title track of the name of "SORROW". This one is really a cool and also a truly damn good song, I won't argue on this with anyone, but the rest is more or less terrible and bloody lethargic electronical music crap without any heart or soul or passion and also without any dynamic or energy or power and force or 'just' story-telling-abilities. The artwork of this disc is okay but also nothing special anyway (ah, btw, the cover is originally halted in black and yellow and I don't know why my scanner is spoiling it all and didn't get it done to scan it in the original colors), the lyrics are what you may expect to get from a band of this kind respectively out of this genre with song titles like "SORROW", "INTO THE LIGHT", "SATURNIA CALLING" and "SHATTERED ILLUSION", and the production sound is pretty okay. So, yehp, I know that I'm not in the target audience of this band and music, ha, and you know what, I'm damn happy about it. So, yehp, I don't know if you are into this kind of music and if you are so a part of the target audience of ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL and acts like this, hm, then maybe check it out because maybe then this is some somehow anyhow anyway good stuff or at least something comparable to this but if not then... Okay, let me say it this way: I think it's good that this CD is more or less for free because I wouldn't waste a single cent on this one, period. (1 of 10 points)


  1. Dont they know you like metal and punk!!!!!
    Hehe me myself i am quite open to all music and i have come to like some EBM acts like poupee fabrikk. Just listen tot his track

  2. @ Bernando:
    That sounds damn good, and it's really dark and als heavy and intense as fuck, so THANX very much for pointing me into this direction!!! And it's damn far, far better than the here above reviewed crap!!!
    Btw, that's damn right, I also use to be pretty open to various kinds of music, hm, even some preferences are pretty clear, like this blog here maybe shows, haha, so you're right with 'them' not knowing 'bout 'my' music;-)!!!