Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011


Hey folks, great saturday it truly was, just came home some minutes ago and even I'm now damn tired and really just want to go to bed and fall a-sleep I anyhow feel the need to finally bring something new (even it's only something very little) up and ready online here for you and this time it's (again) a nice little 'Videos' post and this one now finally brings again one of the best and most important and most influential and just one of the very few greatest ever bands up here for you and I talk about no-one-else than the legendary, unforgotten, immortal and just larger-than-life WARZONE and their total anthem "WAR BETWEEN RACES". This band really deserves more up here and one day it will finally come and this song also deserves more words about the message, the music, the lyrics, the release date and the releases it's featured on and much more stuff like this but currently here and now I really don't have the ressources left today (currently, at least) to do anything more up here so now just enjoy the clip and the song and then that will be all for now, even it's not anyhow enough to do justice to this band and song (I know it) but for now (I'm very sorry) that's all what's left in my tank for now, so now just enjoy it and then sleep well (or soon get up well, but I just wanna and will only sleep) and we will read us soon again!!! Cheers & Oi! and "DANCE HARD OR DIE!!!"


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