Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011


("Anagram Records"; CD):
I love this band and they had been one hell of an important band for me, musically and lyrically, and I will always hold them dear to my heart no matter what all the nutjobs from the left to the right may agitate against them and how far they will run their shithole mouths about them. This is a very old album from 1993 that used to push me back then in the days through even the worst school weeks and it was and is a non-regular album release and like the title pretty well says it it is a live album. It features a big bunch of their infamous classicks from their legendary debut "PUNK'S NOT DEAD" to their "HORROR EPICS" slasher and this means that it also covers songs of their two maybe most prominent albums "TROOPS OF TOMORROW" and "LET'S START A WAR". So this means that we get hard, fast, loud, heavy and aggressive U.K. '82 Hardcore Punk of its very, very best straight in our faces. Raging and sawing angry and aggressive guitar work, in-your-face screaming and spitting damn charismatic vokillz, a brutal beating and cracking bass at work and pounding and stomping massive drum playing, and all cultivated with that special battle-scarred and gladiatorial as well as sick and morbid atmosphere that always was a trademark of THE EXPLOITED that also always set them far ahead of other also great legends of this era and style of Punk like fo example the mighty G.B.H., yes, and that's why we always talk about the almighty THE EXPLOITED. All made round by the typical "Anarchy!", "Chaos!", "Violence!", "Riot!", "A.C.A.B.!", "Punk!", and also "Sex!" in your face beating and screaming lyrics, a very cool raw and dirty recording sound, and a nice artwork, ah, and that the tracks/songs are taken from different concerts and/or are compiled a little bit different then they seemed to have been played by the band at the concerts don't really damages anything here. Some tracks featured on this one are for example "LET'S START A WAR", "COP CARS", "HITLER'S IN THE CHARTS AGAIN", "ALTERNATIVE", "U.K. '82", "TROOPS OF TOMORROW", "SEX AND VIOLENCE", "DAILY NEWS", "S.P.G.", "EXPLOITED BARMY ARMY", and "I BELIEVE IN ANARCHY". You see, non-stop nothing but amazing immortal anthems of this awesome band. So, yes, I don't know if and when from where the hell you still can get this album but if you see it somewhere still being around waiting to be bought by you then you should really desperatly make sure to finally grab it. Great stuff and a great band!!! I love this shit!!! CHAOS!!! Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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