Montag, 13. Juni 2011

*** SNAKEDRIVER *** - *** Little Rock *** - *** Arizona *** - *** Sludge *** - *** Hardcore ***

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is some great shit that I discovered (once again) by reading the last months through the almighty "AVERSIONLINE" blog (and again I just got thje review ready and up so late, two months after getting the demo, fuck, I should maybe not so intense analyse the records I'm about to do reviews of... but maybe I shouldn't change the working schedule anyhow...) and there I saw and got the 2011 demo D.I.Y. recording (should be also the debut stuff) of this great band of the name of SNAKEDRIVER that comes from Little Rock in (I guess) Arizona (right?!?) and this here is also (maybe solely) released as MP3-Download, officially made up for free by the band itself and you can get it via visiting their Bandcamp page (and after this is official and for free you will get the download link at the end of this review, as usual in cases like this here and now). And if you ask me, ha, then you really need to have it, and that's a damn fucking fact!!! Okay, it's already pretty late and the next day of work is coming tomorrow far too soon and so I will try to keep it short this time, yehp, and so now here we go: SNAKEDRIVER play some damn great Sludge Core music that's blended and cultivated with a sick Blues feeling and plenty of Southern Rock and Metal marks to it (just listen to the guitar riffs) and is also enriched with a lot of Hardcore impressions (from fast raging and sometimes even grinding Up Tempo parts to 'fluffy' fist in the air slamdance moments to groovy Mosh parts and some very few and very, very dirty Beatdown notes the journey goes) and some very few Grindcore bloodshed also in it, not to forget some awesome PANTERA like Metal parts in it with that all is enriched. So that it really makes sense to not just only talk about Sludge or Sludge Core but of Sludge Hardcore, hm, and maybe also Sludge Hardcore Metal would make sense somehow... but I think with Sludge (Core) or better Sludge Hardcore all necessary is said. Dirty and heavy, 'groovy' as well as incredible angry and aggressive raging guitar riffing and some great lead and solo work by the guitars (remember the Southern attitude), this is really the center of SNAKEDRIVER's musick, as well as the damn charismatic sick and psychotic, neurotic and aggressive harsh scream vokillz (the lead singer also sings in DEAD CITY, if ya maybe know this band that could or should be interesting for all of ya). The rhythm section then is a phenomenal hard and incredible heavy, a damn massive and every thinkable resistance into the ground crushing war machine that pushes the music delivered here to us really acroos any boundaries and truly over every resistance, awesome shit. Also in this inferno we find also a lot of suprises and the songwriting abilities of SNAKEDRIVER are really above any doubts (just listen to the brilliant "MOON'S BLOOD", that's awesome), as well as their abilities as musicians in general. What is also damn great is the fact that the atmosphere and attitude is not just 'dopesick' but also damn battle scarred and gladiatorial and this is making this Sludge inferno even more great!!! The lyrics are some crazy sick great shit (not printed respectively not a part of the download but you get it when you listen intense to SNAKEDRIVER, and that- listen intense to them- you should do anyhow), the artwork looks great and the production sound is just pure dirty, earthy and crusty gold. So, yes, what shall I say more (remember that I'm trying to keep it short this time... but I think that so really I didn't managed to do so...), just get this great demo via the download through their Bandcamp site and I'm really, really hoping to get very soon far more to hear from them... very soon. Awesome shit that anyone interested in Sludge as well as Hardcore (in general) should check out, I highly recommend this stand-alone band to all of you. Get it!!! Now!!! Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)

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